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Sunday April 29th 2007

The Sunday jams bring the bar alive with music and creativity, what could be better? Thanks to the jammers: Anne, Patty, Denise, Car, Lego, Alex, Poop, Andy, Christy, Bob, Russ, Scott, Tim, Les, Sebastian, Sim, Fredo, Stanton, Corissa, Parker, and Matt. Here's what you said:

  • Love me some Verlie's on Sunday night! Whammer Jammers kick arse! Denise still has it! One love - Christy
  • Aaaaah...dreams....let's not play that one again - Annwah
  • Jammer whammers!!! Jam the Wham
  • The Emperor lost his clothes and showed some crack!!
  • It was fun to play old latin thing with the old band - Bosh Tomash
  • Friendship is like pissing your pants. Everyone can see it, bit only you can feel it's true warmth. Thank you for being the piss - Sandy
  • I don't usually don't come in here, on a Sunday. But I'm telling you I felt like I was back in the 70's when a smoke was a smoke. Thanks alot I was here longer than I should have been
  • Verlie's it was great with the jams, I'll be back for sure
  • Latin thing once again - Car
  • Andy you are the keyborg maniac!!! - Sista B
  • Yes i am - Andy
  • Things looked nice @ Verlie's, the birthday cake was speaking my name!!! And it wasn't my birthday!!
  • Later days better lays 69 different ways
  • Whammer Jammers rule the universe. 3 more sets of shredding guitar and wailing keys...please - Lego


Saturday April 28th 2007

Jakeway, Venom Lords, Dead Letter Room, Weener

Jakeway made their 2nd appearance @ Verlie's. They are a high energy rock band, and they put on a great show. Next up the Venom Lords from Chicago. They are a power pop/rock foursome with two chicks out front. Next the return of Dead Letter Room. David K was joined by his new drummer Jonathon, always a favorite @ Verlie's. Finally Weener finished the night. This band is a Weezer tribute, and had everybody rocking out and singing along. Here's what you said:

  • I didn't even want to go out, but I stopped @ Verlie's, always worth it. After 4 bands, I feel like I've been on a musical journey - T
  • Jakeway is always better @ Verlie's
  • I love Jakeway
  • I'll Jake your way - Mori
  • I will Ver your lies - Abby
  • The Venom Lords are cool - Chick Rawk
  • Oooooh do I love those little cheezy things - Bubbles
  • We don't even drink this much @ practice - Weener boyz
  • True friends - you cry, I cry. You hurt, I hurt. You fight, I fight. You jump off of a bridge, I get a paddle boat and save your ass - Sandy
  • I don't even like Dortmunder, must be the morphine
  • Rock and roll @ Verlie's! Can't wait until next time - David K


Friday April 27th 2007

Blues on Fire

Last night was the last night that Carol Aumok worked at Verlie's. So we had a surprize retirement party for her. Who better to host it than Blues on Fire. They had the house a rockin and everybody dancing in the isles. Don't miss the return of Blues on Fire on July 20th. Here's what you said:

  • My ode to Carol: she sure is ode - Cissy
  • Carol, may angels guide you one day at a time - Linda
  • WHen I first met Carol I had to leave the bar because I had no ID. I worked all day and wanted a cold one. I came back next week with my ID, and boy that beer was good. She put up with me after that! Carol knew how to get us all going and have a good time, she will be missed! - Stella
  • I so loved Carol as a bartender, and I will miss her forever! She always made me feel welcome in this bar, and was always my friend and someone to talk to. She was the best - Mary B
  • Happy Trails to you on your new career - JD
  • Ding Dong the bitch is gone - PR Joe
  • Ode to a bitch: Carol Aumok worked at the bar for 15 plus years, Verlie's was home. But the time finally came, shee got a good job! And told everyone to kiss her ass! - Larry
  • It was a nice party for Carol's retirement and the band was great. I'm so glad that everybody showed up, and the food was good too. It couldn't have been any better. Good luck Carol - Bitch Club member
  • Fuck you Carol, I love you - JD
  • Oh Carol, oh Carol where for art thou Carol - the Graduate
  • The Blues are on fire, the reds are cooling down, the greens are having sex in the fields, and I'm leaving town - Doug's Bro
  • My father was a rolling stone, wherever he layed his hat was his home. He really loved to hang it @ Verlie's - Dorothy
  • Let the good times roll and rock with BoF @ Verlie's on a Friday night, it's all right - Razzamataz
  • We are gathered here today to
  • We love the bands @ Verlie's, come join us! - Rose, Deena, JR, Tony, and Phoebe
  • Tomorrow they blow up the Fulton Rd bridge @ 8:00am, and we usher in a new era - Miss Kitty
  • I love this bar, good tunes - Stella
  • This was fun, I'm tired! But we let our soul shine, then we wiped out - Deacon Blues
  • The day is done, the time has passed, we made it back to Verlie's at last. It occurred to me as we played through the night, I love it here, it's out of sight. I don't sit here much, I don't know why, I'm glas that we're back here in June or July. So until then when the band begins to play, I'll savor in my heart the memory of today. Thanx Verlie's - Jamil Blues on Fire


Wednesday April 25th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Sean Benjamin, Dan Kearsey, and David Ullman

It was a singer/songwriter triple header st arting with Dan Kearsey. Dan is an up and coming songwriter inspired by Jack Johnson, Everclear, and Foo fighters. Next up the return of Sean Benjamin. Sean has a great voice with an amazing falsetto. He's even started throwing in some beat boxing, a very entertaining set. Finally the Verlie's debut of David Ullman. He played with alot of passion and emotion. I shot some video of them all. You can view last night's performance as well as many other artists on our video page, or on our You-Tube channel. Here's what you said:

  • Cleveland Homegrown Wednesdays are awesome! - Shala
  • I really enjoyed playing on Wednesday. Just playing out is great, and playing with great musicians like Sean Benjamin and David Ullman is what makes this fun - Dan Kearsey
  • I heard Dan Kearsey play here tonight and it was awesome! The sound was great and the lyrics were amazing. I hope you guys have him back soon so I can come and see him ASAP!!!
  • Girls have a unique magic tricks, they get wet without water, bleed without injury, and make boneless things hard
  • Libby, you are the tops. If it was our choice, you're #1 - PR Joe
  • I am very tired and also hungry, but if I get something to eat tonight and then go to sleep, and continue that pattern, I will get really out of shape. So I'll get some baked lays and sleep off my Verlie's show. Hopefully I'll dream of playing my urban acoustic pop at the club, and wake up with some new fans @
  • Great place, thanks for all your hospitality, and for making music a priority
  • Ding dong the bitch is gone...this Friday - PR Joe
  • Verlie's was a cool little bar, with good sound for live music - J Gray
  • Verlie's was great, it has a great atmosphere and people. They encourage local talents, which is awesome - Rusty


Sunday April 22nd 2007

We had two guest players hosting with the Whammer Jammers last night. Shawn Hapney on drums, and John Noble on bass. Thanks to all the jammers: Denise, Andy, Josey, Jose, Russ, Christy, John, Ed, Otis, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • It is so good to see Nancy back in action. We love you sista! - Witchy Poo
  • Verlie's makes me want to tear off my clothes and roll around on the floor - TT
  • Freeway jam can only last for 15 min. carpe diem - Max
  • I am happy to see Nancy - 2 say
  • It is 11:03 ......where's the Pink Floyd - the oldest living barmaid
  • You gotta bleach your tidy whities, or you can't have any pudding - THe Freaks
  • Marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries, but kimmie sometimes i wish I was - S Wallace
  • I started my garden! I got my dirt, my seeds, my water, all I need is a hoe. You busy? - SW
  • You've got to check out the Sunday jam night. It's all vibe!!! - John
  • You know you are stoned when freshly baked has nothing to do with cooking - SW
  • You know you are stoned when....uh....I forgot
  • I got lollypops and ass whoopins, and I'm fresh out of lollypops - Sandra
  • 4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions! - Albert Einstupid
  • Whammer Jammers are my favorite band to see play live! I just enjoy them so much. Such a great friendly musician vibe. I can just chill and listen like no other band! - Andy Basinger


Saturday April 21st 2007

The Square Casanovas

Opening the show was Bert Balagot formerly of Doc's Ferment, and currently of Sky Check. He was scheduled to play with a trio, but two of the members got sick at the last minute, so Bert played solo. Don't miss Bert when he plays with myself and the rest of the crew @ Keyboard Mania on June 23rd.
Next up the long overdue return of The Square Casanovas. This was their last performance before they take some time off to record a new album. They've added a rythm guitarist, which filled out the sound. Derek is a TRUE artist, a TRUE original. He is not afraid to speak his truth, which is a rare thing in this day and age. Besides being an awesome musician to boot, with a kick ass band whch has been up-graded to the Square Casanovas Inc. It was a night to remember for sure. Here's what you said:

  • Square Casanovas, worth checking out! Only Verlie's brings us the best - T
  • The singer is an amazing performer
  • Square Casanovas rock! Verlie's is the best place in town. They pour a good drink, and really make you feel at home! SQ groupie
  • Square Casanovas are the shit!! We are wet!!
  • I reject your reality and substitute my own. I agree with that "Mythbusters" statement - Stefan Diego Ravello
  • I will go talk to the chief in the cone of silence - Hymee the robot
  • Thank you Vickie and Kenny for the best time - Rick


Wednesday April 18th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Fireside Symphony, and Evil Robot Kevin

Last night was another installment of the neo-hippie love and music fest with Evil Robot Kevin, and Fireside symphony. Evil robot is a solo singer songwriter. Kevin inserts alot of humor, but he is truely an awesome guitarist, and one of the best male vocalist in the city in my opinion. Fireside symphony is not describable by words, you must experience this band to feel the vibe. You can watch some footage of last nights show, as well as some other bands on our new video page on our site. The love train will be stopping by Verlie's again on June 9th, see ya then.

  • They were fantasic, I love the music - Mary Bel
  • Tonight was the night that surpassed all others. The vibe @ Verlie's was just right - Brandon
  • Evil spelled backwards is live - Sista B
  • I am a fellow Evil Robot spawn, however I stand as a latter of the littler. I love ERK with all of my metalic bones - Anna
  • On this strange plateau I stand, without direction and additionally without need of
  • Verlie's is the bests! Home of the analogue blog and homegrown yummies. I can't ever get enough, and will play here 'til I die! - Dr. Robo Sexual
  • Wo-hoo! I love Verlie's, best live music! Verlie's is the place for night life! Verlie's is the only evil robot venue! Gotta love it - Natalie
  • Dearest Verlie's, my heart opens with the door as we enter. The Verlie's family is ever warm and receiving of the best positive energy!!! Love, peace, and happiness - Brandon E. Kocher
  • Verlie's is Nashville north!! Evil Robot kevin made the place rock. If you have not been here, you have missed the essence of real music - Poppa Robot
  • I am gonna Folk your brains out - Kevin
  • Boogie, Ooogie, Oogie til you just can't boogie no more - Stella got her groove back


Sunday April 15th 2007

Sunday Night Jams cold beers and red hot jams!! Sunday lovely Sunday. Thanks to the jammers: Denise, Russ, Andy, Corinne, Christy, Zak, Roger, Matt, Poop, Botchie, Bob, Scott, and Alberto for coming out. Here's what you said:

  • I was at Verlie's on 4-15-07. I saw Denise the bartender from my old days in the 80's. We talked about old times, felt great. Friends are forever - Denise
  • Hot n dirty in the hole. Just like I like it. I am the boilermakers bitch for life - Blue
  • Reese is a bitch. At least that's what the guys down at the boiler makers union call him - Burns
  • Yo Verlie's. This Sunday night was "tits"!!! - Zak Mills
  • Keyboard mania is going to be awesome - Andy
  • Pepto bismol and 2 best friends - Sleepy Steinway
  • We had drummers galore, and 2 kick ass girl drummers to boot - the society to prevent ass rash
  • As a female drummer I want to say I was happy to see another female drummer (Christy) perform. keep rockin - Denise Thomas
  • Thank you Verlie's for a kick ass open jam night! Always great to see other female drummers! One love - Christy
  • I give Kenny 12 kudos! - Zak
  • Tonight @ Verlie's was a TRUE jam filled with improv and energy!!!!! It's never the same night twice! - Witchy Poo
  • Verlie's is "the spot" on Sunday for spontaneous acts of jamming and random acts of Rock - Love Corinne


Saturday April 14th 2007

My Sky Tomorrow

Here it is mid-April and it's snowing in Cleveland....still. The snow did not deter My Sky Tomorrow from returning to rock Verlie's. Yet another example of a band that we've had the pleasure of watching come along over the past few years. Tighter than ever, with outstanding vocals, My Sky Tomorrow is a band to catch today, before they hit the big arenas. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's is great, great friends, great times, great drinks, great bands (my sky tomorrow)
  • Loved the band, I'm sold!!!
  • Whip crackin, lip smackin, beeeootch!
  • I love Verlie's and I love keyboards! Rock on in a cool place for cool music!
  • The best thing about Verlie's anre the people! We love playing for you guys. We'll see you again in the summer, thanks - John My Sky Tomorrow
  • Holy shit!!! it's Miller Mike! ... they all come back eventually - the oldest living barmaid
  • Another great night at Verlie's!!!!! My Sky Tomorrow, awesome worth checking out!!!
  • I love view from everest - Jimmy is 40
  • It makes me wonder.....I had a shitty week. Negativity was around me like flies on shit! Well the band sang "doesn't it make you wonder" A cold drink, a good band, and alot of laughs! Bartenders on top of our needs, Vickie's drinking her glass of wine, I'm home, it feels good and the negativity can wait til Monday! - Linda L
  • Verlie's rocks, our home away from homr - Mikey Buzz
  • Ma num anum, ba tea pa tipi, Ma num anum, ba tea pa tipi tea
  • Thank you from Uncle Rick, for your kindness, music, people and all. Don't stop. Thank you Vickie, Kenny for your hospitality - Uncle Rick
  • Good music and lots of fun is always on the menu @ Verlie's - Witchy Poo
  • Having played many places in Clevelnad, Verlie's is by far the most receptive, ready to rock establishment around. Verlie's = rate! Thanks you Vickie - Jimmy C


Sunday April 8th 2007

Sunday Jams

While Cleveland was still digging out of the snow on this Easter Sunday, we were digging on some cool jams. Thanks to guest bassist John Noble for sitting in, as well as all the jammers: Mike, Josey, Poop, and John. Here's what you said:

  • Jon Noble....are you f*#king kidding me? I've never heard anything like that before! The Summit is proud - Deacon Blue
  • I guess men really are a fool for any stockings. But tis Easter and the light is getting stronger all the time
  • Ode to the new batch. I came, I ate, I smiled - Cookie
  • Whammer Jammers @ Verlie's Cafe. I live 7,000 miles from here, and out of nowhere Reese shows up, my night is made. Then Kenny cranks up and lifts the drummer to new heights. The keyboard player was smokin, and she shoots a mean stick. They were Jammin and Whammin, it was a snowy night in Cleveland, and Verlie's was the place to be - Borris
  • I think everyone here has tasted the delights of the new batch - Cheech
  • In this weather, I thought the jam would be dead tonight, but boy was I wrong. God bless the faithful! - Deacon Blue
  • I am not an Octopus! - Maggie
  • Step away from the hot dogs - the Creatons of Storer Avenue
  • Happy Easter Verlie's - Linda Lou


Saturday April 7th 2007

Stark Hot Assassins

There's an old saying that every Clevelander knows: if you don't like the weather in Cleveland, just wait a minute. That was never so true than this week. We had 80 degree temperatures one day, then over a foot of snow the April no less!! No matter, because last night was the return of our old friends Stark Hot Assassins. They kept us all warm with rock and roll. Here's what you said:

  • Cookie, Cookie lend me your comb - J
  • I always date mutant creatons...what of it? - The oldest living cheerleader
  • Which twin has the toni? Only her hair dresser knows for sure - George Roundy
  • Are you a hustler Amos? - fast Eddie
  • OK, my blankets would have been nice, but to miss a chance to hear quality music, drink with the regs, and have a blast - NEVER! Bring on the snow in April!! No one stops me from getting to Verlie's! - LLL
  • Twas the night before Easter and all was jammin @ Verlie's! I pushed through the snow just to sit with the regulars @ Verlie's. The band was a blend of 3 bands. They played alot of different tunes. I danced a little, drank alot, and had a blast


Sunday April 1st 2007

Thanks to all the jammers Richard Longfellow, Russ, Poop, Pete, and Whyatt for sitting in. Here's what you said:

  • Jammin @ Verlie's tonight among the guest jammers was none other than "Whyatt" from Ponte Vecchio's. The blues filled the air with sweet sounds - Maggie
  • Haven't you ever seen an aoooshh roshhh before?!!! - Even
  • Eye to eye, ear to ear, it's all good music @ Verlie's on Sunday night. Face it, see it, hear it Verlie's - B H
  • I love disco and the funk that everybody plays on Sunday! - Richard Longfellow
  • Love is a many splendor thing - Bubbles
  • It seems that I have celebrated many important events in my life here. Life seems odd just now. Dunno why. World appears doomed. No hope penniless today, but well off tomorrow. You can have it all and end up in the gutter. But i like to belive in karma. Of course, sometimes we can give it a little nudge - Christine
  • Open, close, dump poop
  • I'm in love with Kimmy, don't tell - Secret A
  • So is this the real spring forward now??? - Father time
  • The only thing that could make this better is if I lived closer - Cookie
  • What do you say to the man who invented the vibrator? If you build it they will come !!!
  • Trading the Red house. Nothin like a bar blues. Tonite, we got it all. Johnny B Goode even showed up. Thanks for the boost - Deacon Blue
  • I love the Sunday night jams so much, I can't contain myself!!!! - Girl Sunday


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