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March 30th 2008

The week in Rock

Jabb made it's Verlie's debut last Wednesday, featuring our favorite keyboard maniac Andy Bassinger. Also on the bill was Corinne Noelle, TJ Broscoff from Dallas, and a rapper named skinny Jack.
Friday was the rescheduled SSA show from the blizzard a couple of week ago. It was John's b-day and the 2nd time they celebrated @ Verlie's. There were alot of b-days being celebrated that night including John, Cube, Groupie, and Stephie.
The Birthday vibe continued through on Sunday as it was our bass player Derek's b-day this weekend as well. Thanks to all the jammers: Shawn Bennett, Roelondo, Jeremy, Lego, J. P. Here's what you said:

  • Happy B-day Big Lenny, 10 years
  • Good time Rock and Roll with Romeo - Juliette
  • My Crocusses are coming up, it must be spring, and everything is new again - Sista B
  • I been places, and I know things - Lego
  • Another night @ Verlie's and I met some new regulars, Mike and Phyllis. the band was cookin - T
  • Verlie's is a great bar in my new neighborhood - Mike
  • The organ bench makes a great drum stool too
  • Whammer Jammer! everybody was awesome tonight. Viva la Verlie's - Grasshoppa


Easter Sunday

Another week of music with Nothin fancy, and the jams on Sunday. Thanks to jammers Lego, Mello, Andy, Roelondo, and Shawn. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's, thank you for an awesome time as always. You make it so easy and free to be an artiste and affisionattos. peace, love, and music - Grasshoppa
  • Set my people free!!!! - Moses
  • I wanna smash the faces of those beautiful BOYS those christian boys so you can make me cum that doesn't make you Jesus - Tori Amos
  • Drinking Guiness in the morning is like doing acid for me - T
  • I love you and Kenny
  • That guy used to "lay on me" - Bubbles
  • is that where the expression "get layed" came from? - Witchy Poo
  • If you catch her on a good night, chris ain't so bad. verlie's is still numero uno after all these years - Lego
  • Te-ilk is a Jafa. Servicing the Ga-uild - Sci Fi nerd


Sunday March 16th 2007

St pattys day weekend kicked off with Hartwig on Friday, followed by Brendan Kelly and the Border Collies, and Daniel John on Saturday. And finally the Sunday Jams. Thanks to jammers Jeremy, Mike, Jack, and Jason. Here's what you said:

  • He's got the mark of the Leprechon, he does
  • Ride the painted pony let the spinning wheel turn
  • What a show, what a great time, the best kept secret on the west side
  • The lead singer was hot!
  • It's so wonderful to be at a bar where it's clear everyone believes in talent that exists in Cleveland. I had a great time and the music was wonderful!
  • Evan's goin down, singin and drummin, and I"ve only been here 5 min. Sweet! - Grasshoppa
  • Try the new McGorilla with cheese - Simean
  • The invisible airwaves are crackling with life tonite
  • The psychos are my family, what am I supposed to do? - Irma
  • The Briskets are a must be St Patty's - Irish Colleen
  • Come on let's get happy!!! - T
  • I love Sundays - Cookie
  • Don't interfere, let the chaos ensue -Theresa
  • I am having flash backs to freezing my ass off on St patty's day, and winter in general, because until the 5th grade (in my case) girls were not allowed to wear pants to school. And today we could have a woman President - Sista B
  • Vickie rocks! - Melissa
  • This jam sticks to yer ribs, and if you like that, they have corned beef tomorrow for St. Pattys Day...and yes...I have the best radio - Jeremy
  • We got some bicostal hoooey going on - Judy Blue eyes
  • i can't access those files right now, I'm high girl
  • They're always after my lucky charms, they're magically delicious, like the jams @ Verlie's! happy St. Pattys Day begorrah! Rock on!!! - Mr Emon
  • May St Paddy's green fill yer heart full o cheer and may the green in your pocketbook be plenty thru the year! - Mr Paddy O' Furniture


Sunday March 9th 2008

Cleveland was hit by a massive blizzard that immobilized the entire city this weekend. Friday night, the band cancelled understandably, and Saturday we tried to no avail to dig the bar out of the massive snow drifts. Finally, Mother nature won out, and we were not able to open. After spending most of the day digging out on Sunday we were finally able to open for the jams. Thanks to all the jammers that braved the weather to come to the jams: Josey, Dono, Lego, Danny, and Freddy "the cat in the hat".

  • Wow, that really was smooth as silk - kessler drinker
  • I'm not gay, but if I was, i would do Evan - snare Drum
  • No green hoes, only white hoes around here tonight - Lego
  • Hoe Hoe Hoe and a bottle of rum
  • I will miss this so much...I can't begin to explain - Blue
  • I met a guy from West Virginia with a british accent, and he said be nice no matter what - HRS III
  • Lego gets the award for the most dedicated jammers - Witchy Poo
  • Kessler is very smooth, Ouzo is not. bad ouzo, bad! Jam night is good! Chris is trying to get me drunk! I am good though. Trying to stay out of trouble, everyone around me is doing bad, I don't want to join them. I trying to be good like most people, if I'm bad, it's my own fault. so i'm being responsible, I'm trying to at least


Sunday March 2nd 2008

The week in review. Wednesday we had an awesome homegrown show featuring The Gothfather Jeff James, Jason Meyers of Redwater Rojo, and the Verlie's debut of Greyscale. I will be posting some videos of that show on our you-tube channel later today. Partygoers came out Friday to celebrate Hotmouth Dan's b-day. Antenna Head rocked the house on Saturday, and finally, the jams on Sunday. Thanks to Shawn Hapney for sitting in on drums, and all the jammers: Bear, Roelondo, Lori, Heston, Mike, and Andy. Here's what you said:

  • You're not the only one indeed! Awesome vox! A real treat, thank you Lori! - mr Emon
  • My replacement just showed up - Deacon Blue
  • Go right to the source, of course, of course - the Amazing Mr Ed
  • Gotta let it go, and get on to the next thing - Louie
  • I can't face you, because i have a dick nose! - unregistered voter
  • Hippy Pop pop corn, fun for the whole family!

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