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Tuesday February 27th 2007

Tuesday Acoustic Jams

Last nights hosts were Jack Charlton, and Kristine Jackson the original host of the Tuesday night jams. They started the jams in February of 2005, so it was an anniversary of sort. KJ has started playin some slide, and whipped out some new originals. If you weren't there, you missed alot. Here's what you said:

  • 2nite my buddy KJ played with me. The first time we played together here, someone gave us these beanie caps, so I wore mine 2nite in honor of my friend KJ. thanks also to Kimo - Jack Ass
  • Shit head and asshole together again, we love you KJ and Jack - Suzy
  • If I can defeat my Penis, I can rule the world - Jack
  • You all missed a great show with Jack and Kristine Jackson. That's right Kristine Jackson, you snooze, you lose - the Libonator


Sunday February 25th 2007

Sunday Jams

The whammer jammers whipped out some new tunes. Thanks to the jammers who turned up: Claire, Danny, Jon, Tim, Jonah, and Poop. Here's what you said:

  • The whammer jammers kicked some major ass - Ted
  • Jam nite is way more fun than sitting injail, but not quite better than sex...well I guess that depends on the sex - Deacon
  • If you are reading this, you have no life. Get off line and go make love to your woman. Pleasure her with your tounge and make her smile . Or check out - Burns
  • One word - professionalism! If you are a talent scout from anywhere in the world who is looking for musicians, whether you want to hire them, or just hear them play, check out Verlie's Cafe. You will not be disapointed - Danny
  • and she screams like a bobcat in heat, the music is her only outlet for the unrequited passion - the girl
  • I love Verlie's, and the jams on Sundays - Tina


Saturday February 24th 2007

Vital Mines

Last night Vital Mines made thier weekend debut. It's like having a flashback every time these guys played. Since we all went to school together in some form or another, it's always like a highschool reunion. Thier sound is reminiscent of music from that era, most notably Dylan, and Tomm Petty. This band has a great energy, and cohesiveness as if they are one entity while they are playing. A great time, look for the return of Vital Mines soon. Here's what you said:

  • Happy Birthday Kimmy1 - Witchy Poo
  • Great sounding band tonight to help celebrate Kimmys Birthday - Georgeanne
  • Kimmy, happy birthday - your friends PR Joe and Georgeanne
  • I lived in Cleveland all my life. When we play here we see familiar faces. The people we grew up with or knew or said hi to. It is Cleveland - Brian Vital Mines
  • Verlie's has an awesomely welcoming vibe. Vital Mines has played here at least 3 times now, and each show has gotten more involved with the band. I've felt more and more accepted. Great bar, you guys rock - Leslie Basalla (back up singer, Vital Mines)
  • West Park Boys came to visit brothers @ Verlie's tonight! The band: Vital Mines. This band really had quality music. Full bar, sat in front to watch the talent. It's hard to believe in the down part of Cleveland, you get serious talent! Verlie's is a darken wooden bar, the music bounces off the walls. I can actually feel the beat in my heart. It takes away the hard week behind me, and the one I'm not ready to face.
  • And my brother helps me out. Though he's from the streets, he still knows what honor is - integrity
  • Verlie's one of the best places to be - PR Joe
  • Verlie's is the place over the rainbow - Chris
  • There's no place like Verlie's. there's no place like Verlie's, there's no place like Verlie's...
  • I gave her a ring, and it wasn't a phone call - Mr Eman
  • That's what this city is turning into, another strip mall - Marty
  • Whenever i feel like all is lost, and peoples have no soul, and I just wanna die, I come to Verlie's for a spiritual fix, for a reality I can stand and endure. and we all rock on like the moon, and the stars, and the sun - Christy
  • This place has good bones, good sound, good vibe, and great people. Like Brian said, this is real Cleveland in every way. A big thanks to all who took care of good 'ole Vital Mines on the February night - Dan


Friday February 23rd 2007

Blues on Fire

Last night was the return of Blues on Fire. Fronted by Reese of the Whammer Jammers, and including our old friends Jamil, and Fred, and Eric on drums. Blues on Fire is yet another example of a band that I have had the pleasure of watching since the beginning. They have progressed so much, with tons of new material, they are really coming into their own, and finding thier groove as a band. A really fun night. Here's what you said:

  • Blues on Fire was great, I'm so glad I got to see more of them - Jeremy
  • I think I'm finally getting used to Reese with hair. He looks like Peter Frampton, and sounds like Jr Wells - Witchy Poo
  • Your ass in my face gives me gas. Don't come too close or I'll have to blast you in the face. Your half moon should really be de-faced - Erin
  • It was so much fun and down right funky - Cat
  • Free your mind, and your ass will follow, Free your mind, and your ass will follow...
  • I can't find my f*#king hat - Deacon Blues
  • Hey Verlie's, thanks for having me. Was' up with Spanky Ray - BR549
  • Tip toe through the tulips with me - Tiny Tim
  • Why do we live in this frozen tundra anyway?!!! must be for the music - Zazu Pitts
  • What a great vibe. We rocked Verlie's and had a ball doin it. I can't wait til we're back again. Don't miss it - Blues on Fire


Wednesday February 21st 2007

The Powerhead Kids, Claire Stuczynski

Opening the show was Claire Stucznski who made her Verlie's debut. She is a good singer with good songs. Her voice has a very pleasing tone, and as a writer she has a great sense of melody. Next up the return of the legendary Powerhead Kids. These guys are a must see. Under the guise of a comedy routine lies a punk inspired rock band. With solid songs like the classic "Hard Hat Man" or "Don't F *#k with Foghat", the Powerhead kids brought down the house. Later in the evening Nate from Irreality layed some original singer songwriter tunes on us. We know him as the front man for Irreality, but he showed us a different side. He is a talented songwriter, and has a great falsetto. I think he is one of the best singers in Cleveland today. He was joined by Jimmy from the powerhead kids, and they debuted a couple of tunes from their yet un-named side project. Another unbelievable night of original music, if you weren't there you missed alot. Here's what you said:

  • Are you lonely, or in dispair? If so than you can join the Pwerhead Kids - Lucy
  • Olive Juice you
  • Hey shit happens when you drinkin motor oil out of a sippy cup. My Blog took 20min to write - Austin Powerhead
  • You say f*#k the man...I am the man, so f*#k me if you can - Powerhead kids
  • Hello Blog or Blahgod, or Blohog, blowhog? What - Jenn
  • I drink to sobriety, then I wake up and wonder who the hell this is sleeping next to me (my Mom)
  • F*#k Chirst, have you found Nate yet?
  • Verlie's is the only place they feed you drinks and give you a place to sleep (on the floor)
  • Verlie's, thank ya for having my fav band - the powerhead Kids. The lead singer is dreamy. Your bartenters are so personable. I love it. This is a great place to see Cleveland bands...Love You! - Na
  • Dear Verlie's you were very kind to us. Thans so much, I recommend all bands to play here. Thanks again. Rock on, great music - Love Claire Stuczynski



Sunday February 18th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Former Whammer Jammer Shawn Hapney filled in on drums for Evan who was out of town. We've been playing with Shawn off and on for a couple of years now. He was always a good drummer, but he has improved by leaps and bounds. Thanks to all the jammers: KC, John, Dave, and Albert. Here's what you said:

  • One word, amazing! - Mel from Lakewood
  • Coming to Verlie's on Sunday night jams is better than work on Monday - John in Garrettsville
  • I jack off into cups and sell my cum for $111.00 an ounce on e-bay for a living - Burns
  • It comes so easily, just like it should be. That's what draws you to me - Witchy Poo
  • Sometimes I feel so high, I want to cry. Get lit up and touch the sky. Floating on a cloud, never want to die. Listen to some jams and ask yourself why. Why are there so many stupid assholes trying to f*#k me in my cornhole? - Erin


Saturday February 17th 2007

Bully, Bobby Pennock, Dead Letter Room, Negativity Killed the Cat

The night began with Bully aka Cory from the Drone Machine. He played an acoustic set that was so far removed from the drone, more on the line of Dylan. A pleasant surprise. He also handed out roses to all of the ladies in the house for Valentines day, and who doesn't love flowers? Next up another acoustic act : Bobby Pennock from Detroit. He had some good songs, kinda on the mystical side, with alot of dynamics. A very talented singer/songwriter. The night shifted gears from acoustic to electric with the Dead Letter Room. David K and new drummer Jonathon kicked it up a notch with some punked up rock done in Dead Letter Room fashion. Finally we had the Verlie's debut of Negativity killed the Cat from Akron. They did a high energy set. Punk inspired power pop, bordering on the screamo side. But the singer could really sing. With a strong falsetto, and acapella harmonies, they even whipped out an accordian at one point. Another awesome night of original music. Here's what you said:

  • I was "bullied" into submission! Thanks for the rose Cory - Simone
  • I don't like the shaved head but, Bully (Cory) is still the Bee's knees!
  • Dead Lead Room is hot! - D
  • David is so sexy, I want to hurt him - Mistress Cleo
  • I needed my socks rocked off, and Dead Letter Room did it for me! - Bully
  • Dead Letter Room is greatly they should get a record deal!
  • Negativity may have murdered my cat... allegedly
  • And now the moment we've all been waiting for...the man on the accordian!
  • Accordian drone, it's on baby - GC
  • Negativity killed the cat guys seem to be fond of feedbck - Elaine McFly
  • Negativity killed me and my cat
  • The singer reminds me of Prince - Linda Lou
  • The bartender is like a toasty marshmellow ; )
  • Came and enjoyed the bands. My fiancee says "". Make sure there is plenty of milk on Thursday. I plan on drinking many white Russians when Drone Machine plays!


Friday February 16th 2007

Chase the Tale

Chase the Tale started playing here over a year ago as a duo. They had various jammers sitting in with them from time to time. Now they have evolved into a complete band with their CD release on the way. Bluesy and soulful, yet still a solid rock and roll, Chase the Tale is a band to watch. Don't miss their return to Verlie's on April 20th. Here's what you said:

  • Jeff's band is great and it's really cool. I love Chase the Tale - Joe
  • Jeff's band is awesome, they f#*king rock!!! - Maria
  • The snow is high, but the beer is cold. It's worth coming in for our gathering here. Verlie's got the band you can sing with!!! Come in and see. We jam here - LL
  • I'm glad you're feeling better Vickie. When you're not here this place is only half a bar - Rob
  • The band is good. The service is great and the atmosphere is the friendliest I've ever seen - Rey
  • Hello, my name is not Johnny Cash - Jeff
  • Daniel son, sand the floor! sand the floor!
  • We are the Borg. Keyboard mania! Watch out! Resistance is futile! - Andy


Sunday February 5th 2007

Sunday Night jams

After the Colts won the super bowl everyone came down to the jams. Thanks to Adam for filling in on bass, and all the jammers: Ethan, Pam, Dan, Ronnie, Steve, Whyatt, Ron, Danny, Kevin, Kimo, Donzo, and Georgeanne. Here's what you said:

  • Woke up in Memphis, landed @ Verlie's. The music was better @ Verlie's - Charlie
  • Go Colts! - Maggie
  • To be here on Sunday night is like ice fishing on lake Erie and catching the big fish. What a place. Vickie, you are one of the best bar owners in the city, you care - PR joe
  • Amond is the monn on the bass, hooh! - Tuna
  • Tina looks like the sexy librarian - Booper John
  • Can't wait for keyboard mania, Vickie rocks da Korg - Steve M
  • Keyboard mania is going to rock. Show up or die, bitches - Adam
  • The kids are allright! It started with a smolder from a spark...caught fire quickly, and burned through the night - Deacon Blues
  • The F#*king Asshole Rocked us out - Luv Momma
  • There's no head biting in Verlie's - the coach
  • That's why Alan looks different, he worked today - Sista B
  • I got wicked bad cooties - Ronnie
  • To meet people from different places is to meet people from different worlds - PR Joe
  • I got lotsa bros' and plenty of crazy bitches, but no peeps - Jonathon
  • Awesome music! It's great to be here always. Vickie you're awesome! My favorite cousin! Rock on! - Georgeanne



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