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Saturday September 30th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Corinne, Frank "Silk Smith", Sonny PC Williams, Tout Sweet, John, Josey, Rusty, Shaun, Dallas, Drummer Mike, and Whyatt. Here's what you said:

  • It was nice to hear Frank Silk wailing again - Sista B
  • Drummer Mike is mondo Evan - Rhino
  • Oh my goodness - Ostrich
  • The Meters would be lucky to have Vickie in the band - H Robert Stevenson III
  • Tuning forks, open the door. Join the new frequency revolution! Harmonics unite! Forking hard!
  • Thanks for letting me jam Sunday nights. Tonight may have been the best I've played @ Verlie's - Lego
  • Who's path do you want to follow in? Eric Clapton or blue Oyster Cult dude? - Hippy Dippy Weather Man
  • your poy squid ain't got shit. Why do you try. F#*k your Mary had a little lamb bullshit. No talent, no skill, stupid ass licker, hey let's all play video games and get stupid. Why not, you've got nothing else to live for, f#*k you!!! It's a whole different kind of shit on the interweb - Jon
  • Whammy is the opposite of hoooey - Witchy Poo


Saturday September 29th 2007

DOHM, Olio

DOHM, these guys never cease to amaze me. So tight, so intricate, so mind blowing @ times. I think that Cleveland has the talent to be the next break out music city. And DOHM is one of the bands that will be leading the way. In addition they do a remake as it should be done. Not just cashing in on someone elses songs through sampling or re-recording it exactly the same. But instead, almost unrecognizable from the original ala Green Manalishi. Finally Olio came down to finish the night. Formerly known as Last Six Days, these guys have come a long way. They were tight as hell, and rocked the house out. Here's what you said:

  • DOHM, someone please sign these guys - James Palek
  • Thanks for the great time. DOHM was awesome as always, and the bartender was fantastic. It's always a great time here & I can't wait to come back for the next DOHM show - Kristen
  • Verlie's is home for us! It's a pleasure to bring our most unique and diverse material to share with you. We truly appreciate the support!!! - love DOHM
  • V-town, thanks for having us out once again. These aren't "shows", they are family reunions. You're new bartender is hot, nice work. until next time, much love and keep ragin. - All our love, DOHM
  • The bass player looks like he's been a naughty boy - WWOX
  • The drummer playing the cowbell is hot!!
  • Olio, need to get a better demo and yes they are 'better than butter"
  • Butta, parkay, butta, parkay, butta, parkay, OK Olio
  • OH Leee Oh, OH OH - the witches soldiers
  • Let the music live....and so it shall be - Witchy Poo
  • I'm a bad monkey - Ostrich
  • Before you go back to smoking cigs, hit this joint - T
  • Is somebody cooking sausage? - Rhino
  • I don't want no rice and beans, or no gabbagoul, it's snitzel and German potato salad here - Brunhild
  • I hate trying to outdo DOHM, especially when we follow them - Grover
  • You always do your homework when it comes to finding good music to put in here - Rob
  • I don't want no twista Sista - Khali
  • THe most irritating sound ever! The sound of someone eating something crunchy in the phone!!! - Max DOHM
  • Damn! I missed DOHM again! I need to get here earlier - Deacon



Sunday September 23rd 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Roelondo, Josey, Jeremy, Drummer Mike, Rusty, John, Ken O, and Don. Here's what you said:

  • The music is mind blowing. In fact, it's almost as good as the bartenders. The beer was cheap. In fact, it's almost as cheap as.....well me.
  • Verlie's, the best way end a weekend and start off the work week!!! - Sandy and Tree
  • Maintain low tones - the Coneheads
  • Rusty is a hot bitch on wheels. A firey sex tornado - KJN
  • We should probably start seran-wrapping my passenger seat now, before we go - H Robert Stevenson III
  • I swear if I gotta hose my car tomorrow morning my girlfriend's gonna be pissed off! - Sexual chocolate
  • If it's true that the hardest rock is a diamond, then could it be that the hardest rock is the best rock? Rock on - John
  • Here comes the wacky meatball gang....we're meatballs!!!
  • There is "time" when you serve somebody, selling, giving, denying someone what they need. Then there is a "time" when you are free to do, live, and be what you want. Verlie's Sundays - Lego
  • Get your funk off of me - Witchy Poo
  • Hello Verlie's! Long time, it's nice to see you again. I feel humbled every time I come here...the music is so good (yumm) Thanks for letting me use your stuff Jon, and putting up with my antics - Ken O
  • I was so drunk i didn't even see the cops - Chris
  • Verlie's is the best jam in town, Vickie you rock. Peace, love, and music. I'm happy Jeremy is back. He's home - Sue
  • Reese what are you gonna wear at the next jam night? i want to match this time! This Sunday @ Verlie's, everyone had their "jammin" hats on! Thanks you Sue for bringing me back home - Grassshoppa
  • A man's only possession is when he finds his place in life, and where he belongs - George


Saturday September 22nd 2007

Vanity Crash, Baby Shaker, Velvematics

Baby Shaker kicked things off with their blend of melodic 60s inspired rock. Everyone sings in this trio, and good songs are the icing on the cake. Next, Vanity Crash - one of my favorite bands in Cleveland. Just when you think they can't top their last show, they do, every time, a must see. I finally got to meet our east side counterparts Nick and Lisa from the Maplegrove. As Nick's band the Velvematics closed out the night. The men in black reminded me of the Romantics, and rocked Verlie's for sure. Here's what you said:

  • Happy Birthday Jenni! - Sista B
  • I love Verlie's always. The best time especially when Vanity Crash plays! yea yea yea - D
  • Verlie's is the Cavern club of Cleveland Ohio!!! - Captian Nemo
  • Verlie's defines Clevelands real underground music scene - FDR
  • You can always tell that Vanity Crash has been here, because they leave the tell tale trail of feathers behind - Witchy Poo
  • Top notch hospitality! - Fetchin Gretchen
  • Sweet Bar, lots of visuals!!! - James K
  • 2 singing drummers, and one flying Nun - Zazu
  • Verlie's is so real and down to earth, like home away from home. I love this place, good people
  • As always Verlie's was the best. I played here at least a half a dozen times...and every time it gets better. Everyone here is fantastic, and Kristle couldn't be any hotter if she tried! Forever in your debt - Dan Folino Vanity Crash
  • Verlie's is an institution - Mr Anon
  • Great time tonight. Kristle treated us very well, we are all happy. great bands yeah!!!! - Brian
  • I had a very nice time playing @ Verlie's. Thank you for being an oasis of Rock and Roll in a land of no Rock and Roll. My name is Jason, and I am not an al-co-hall-lick. I just wanna rock out Verlie's. Thanks again for the good times. Vanity Crash will be back soon to rock n roll - Jason Giaco
  • I had a really fantastic time, and I didn't even pee my pants. Verlie's Cafe rocks like nobody's business - Andy from the Velvematics
  • Verlie's this is the Velvematics...we couldn't believe what we saw!!! All of the mahem, all of the commotion!!! What a bad ass place, and what a bad ass crowd!! Thanks for having us!!! And for us having you!!! - Jail


Sunday September 16th 2007

Sunday Jams

We had some old faces and some new. Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Roelondo, Mark, Jeremy, Josey, Jeff, and Drummer Mike. Here's what you said:

  • Whammer Jammers are pretty hot and tempting! - H Robert Stevenson
  • Don't miss the return of the Tuesday acoustic jams this Tuesday! Hosted by Reese and Jeremy aka nothin fancy - Sista B
  • It's not my job to blow sunshine up your ass - have a great day - Jon
  • I am not Ono, and they are NOT the Beatles. Grow up and get over your childhood fantasies asshole! Your missing the boat!
  • Verlie's. I love you. What an awesome night! Everyone looks and sounds so very.....splivy! - Grasshoppa
  • Big Love Obtains Greatness


Saturday September 15th 2007

Evil Robot Kevin, and Fireside Symphony

Another installment of Troubadours of Love: Evil Robot Kevin, and Fireside Symphony. These guys are are another example of bringing a vibe, and an experience. I don't know what it is about these guys, but they always make me smile. On another note, it appears we've been nominated for best live music venue by fox8. If you would like to vote for us, follow this link.

  • I am sitting by the ice machine with the stinky meatball boyz. Life couldn't be sweeter - Katie
  • Dairy Farmers, and musicians have the hardest live - Oliver Wendal Douglas
  • Fireside + Evil Robot + crowd + affordable booze + amazing staff + rockin tunes = my favorite place - The Robot, Evil
  • I'm thoroughly cookified!!!
  • It's like a smorgasbord up there!!!!
  • This was such a nice little gem to discover in Cleveland! Nice atmosphere, friendly service and amazing live music! I will definitely do my best to get the word out about this place. Come here enjoy, soak it all in and leave with a smile on your face.
  • We're goin way out, way out, that's where the fun is way out - the way outs
  • this music sounds like camel poop - Ahab
  • There's something happening here, what it is ain't perfectly clear - Johnny the Fox
  • What do you want from life? To try and be happy while you do the nasty things you must - Fee Waybill
  • We got pizza, fruit, and cookies, along with some sweet jams...what more could you ask for? - Rhino Meister
  • They call me...Doctor love, I am your Doctor of love - Bubbles
  • You CAN do it in a Volkswagon - La Beotch
  • Chicken on the run - Ostrich
  • If you don't put gas in the tank, the car won't go
  • Verlie's is the sweetest little Cafe in Cleveland. Their live music is fantastic. Thanks for the great beer, great prices. We'll be back soon
  • Where else can you be 5 feet from the future of music. Any day of the week, take 90 minutes and sit face to face with Cleveland's own stars. A corner bar atmosphere, reminiscent of the 60's, you will hear quality, and meet new friends - Poppa Robot
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to let these great musicians have room to explore themselves. You have no idea how important this venue is to them, or maybe you do, for this we thank you
  • Out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train. Peace train take this country, everyone jump on the peace train - Cat Stevens


Sunday September 9th 2007

Sunday Jams

Sunday Jams, the best night of the week, reallly spiffy. Thanks to the jammers: lego, Russ, Roelondo, Sonny, Adam, Kimo, Whyatt and John. Here's what you said:

  • The best times I've ever had have been @ Verlie's - T
  • I'm chokin I love this joint - Reese
  • You're not feeding off of me anymore.....I'm not giving you any more energy
  • THo da bitch out Charlie! Git rite, git happy, just go sailing instead
  • Jay Leno aka Adam on the keyboard, we'll be here all week - K
  • If only every day could be Sunday - Lego
  • AC and PC, Boy!!!! that was fun - Deacon Blue
  • Evan please pick up the white courtesy phone - Jon Noble, Jon Noble, Jon Noble
  • Spontaneous laughter ha ha ha - Ostrich
  • I need a lover soooooooooo bad
  • Shit, I'm almost happy - Evan
  • All of the sudden, they're off in tinky tinky land - Sista B
  • My boy James calls from the blue. We search and try to figure what to do. Finally our time was met when I saw a girl with dreads. Little did I know we were surprised when our world was met. We knew that it would be a good night - Derek
  • Und das wazz oone goot jam!!!
  • Among the words, melodies, tempos. There eventually comes a groove, where you lock in and can only be what you are, nothing more, nothing less- H Robert Stevenson III


Saturday September 8th 2007

Torn Days

Torn Days a straight ahead rock n roll trio from NY, with a chick drummer. They had some problems with their agent, and the show almost fell apart. The band showed up and played anyway, which says alot about them in my book. They even whipped out an impromptu acoustic set to fill in some time. A really spiffy band, here's what you said:

  • I think you guys rock! The drummer's sistser is a hottie! - Mike
  • Verlie's rocks! It's a trip to jam here! Way to take care of the bands - John aka DUI weatherman
  • Awesome performance. I'd come to see them live again! - Jess
  • The acoustic set was sweet @ Verlie's - Joe Po
  • Hi Eddie, Lisa Marie, and John. Great show as always. Good luck and reach for the stars. Love ya - Mom and Dad Costella
  • Hi Torn Days You guys were great. love your favorite nephew - Lyle
  • I think the lead singer is a cute guy who can sing. John is a hottie who gets with the music, and the girl hot is she. Talent and beauty, it must run in the family! Have you seen her sister? She's hot. Love you all - your little Sister
  • Man you guys were great! WHo's the cutie bass player?
  • Hey Ed, Lisa Marie, and John. You did an awesome job again! So glad I could come see you tonight! Good luck on your tour! i'm really glad you did "Fade Away" that's one of my favorite songs you do! Torn Days rocks! - Love Stephanie
  • Torn Days you rocked the Cleveland Show. Have fun on tour. I'm going to miss ya'll! Ed, John, and Lisa Marie, keep on rockin! Your friend - Adam Po
  • No tighty whitie's in the garden - Twitt
  • The person who asked for the comments on the band was hot!
  • Verlie's rules, and everybody else drools - Ostrich
  • Go down the street and make an ass out of yourself with the rest of the hoodlums and goons. This is a no-Springer zone - The Perogi Queen
  • And here we are again.....under the Willow. The planets and stars around us. Fireworks, Super Novas, the ever expanding Universe - the girl
  • We're not your average asshole band - Torn Days
  • I wished for Tristan, it took almost 5 years. But alas I think I went down the wrong path. What am I wishing for now???? I'm ready to live!!!!
  • The band was tubular - Spife' Spiff
  • Yowza, Yowza, Yowza, we're smokin cigarettes, and we're gonna die!!!!
  • Making Urban Art from found objects: MUAFFO, Creating Urban Art from found objects: CUAFFO, Society of Urban found Art: SOUFA
  • I think we were waiting in heaven to be born together - April O' neal
  • MuwaaaaHaaaHaaa!!!! I'll break all the glasses, and blame it on Zep dude! - Dr. Evil
  • Torn Dayz!!!! Awesome band! Great people! - Ostrich


Sunday September 2nd 2007

Sunday Jams

Although the Equinox is over a month away Labor Day Weekend always feels like the end of summer, and the last jam of the summer is always a good one. Thanks to the jammers Josey, Kimo, Russ, Don, John, and Kevin McCarthy. Here's what you said:

  • Aloha Mahalo! - Kimo
  • Vickie rocks and rolls!- Stephanie
  • Happy Labor Day, only women bleed - The Crone
  • Verlie's is the jam spot
  • Every time you do that, my teeth hurt!!! Owww!!!! - Sista B
  • It smells like balls and vomit, and that's the way we like it - Dr. Zaius
  • Synthesized, organized, Zen Rifferized
  • Maggie returned to Verlie's where the music is better than ever, and Evan is hotter than ever - Maggie the Hussie
  • When it comes, it'll come - Evan
  • I hear tell that Verlie's is jammin!!! - Ruby
  • Here's to Bud light beer, and prostitution! here's to the bull riding revolution
  • Kimmy get your boyfriend under control!!!! I don't want your sloppy seconds Sleazy Hoe
  • Whammer Jammers is the best damn band in the land!!! It's a treat every Sunday night! - George


Saturday September 1st

Derica, the Formula, Acoustic Tuma

Opening the show was acoustic Tuma. A rock and roll poet ala Lou Reed, or early Dylan. Look for the Acoustic Tuma to host a homegrown show soon. Next the return of Derica. Joined by Tim from the Formula for a couple of tunes, Derica is one of a kind. Someone asked me to describe his music, I would have to say: old school punk meets bluegrass. Finally the return of the Formula. They get better every time they play. Here's what you said:

  • Derica Rocks - John
  • What i woulodn't give for Cissy's, yelling and hollering tonight! I need to hear more Cissy - Danager
  • There's a huge Puerto Rican festival going on around the corner.....huh?....Oh! You mean St. Rocco's carnival, grease pole baby
  • What happened to the neighborhood!!!!! - Brenda Nicole
  • Derica rules - Ostrich
  • Make like Curt Colbain and help your career - KD
  • Bend over and let me snake you out baby - Josephine the Plumber
  • In the basement, in the ol' mans Ford, behind the bushes, hear her screamin, more, more, more! - Brett Michaels
  • Here comes some more music lovers, and cool people in general - Sista B
  • If you love live music, Verlie's Cafe is the place to be. From Rock to blues, it is a must see!! This place is happenin - Old School 80
  • Every weekend's a holiday @ Verlie's - Amon
  • Here's to the girl in the little red shoes, who spends all her money on young Men and booze. She has no cherry, but that's not a sin, she's still got the box that the cherry came in - Lee
  • Derica is OK, but he's no Tiny Tim - Brenda
  • Please don't squeeze the Charmin - Mr Wiffle
  • So I want you to run after the car banging on the car with your stop sign paddle, with a deranged look in your eye - Psycho lunch box Lady
  • I really like Verlie's, it's service, it's vibe, the patrons. I played a show, and would play any day of the week - Acoustic Tuma
  • I am a Mushroom man baby - C A T
  • It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose - Buffalo Bill
  • Pappy said sit down and shut up son - Nuf said
  • i shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun! - George
  • Vickie and Kenny are friends in my heart and soul. Brother and Sis 4 life - Nae Nae

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