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Wednesday's homegrown show featuring J. El. eye, Josh Jesty. Friday Brendan Kelly, Saturday Hotmouth, and Sunday Jams with John, Jeremy, Mike, Andy, Pete, Jon, Chris, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • Did you know you've got a dick on your straw? - Monty
  • Tough crowd - BK
  • hey! buy me a drink so I can scream in your face for another 20 minutes
  • Brendan Kelly is so sexy. I want him to play every day. Some one give me his phone number -AH
  • Things are gonna change now... to be how they're supposed to be - Carlos
  • The music sounds like rain drops - Judy blue eyes
  • Get the Led out Verlie's - Grasshoppa
  • Cardinal rule...don't get your meat where you make your bread - Peg
  • I think it's time to get busy living - Sista B
  • I can't come out right now, I'm watching educational tv - the girl
  • The music is sounding good, the PBR and Jack is smooth. Verlie's on Sunday, one more time. Keyboard mania's home!
  • It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine - Michael Stype



Glass Audrey and Bliss played this week's homegrown show. Friday Bottle, Saturday Joe Brunetti, and Sunday the jams. Thanks to the jammers: Mello, Pete, and Josey. Heres what you said:

  • A fun surprize: "Bliss" joined the stage with Glass Audrey tonight @ Verlie's for a pleasant invigorating and musical night. There was a great deal of syncronicity this evening. Flowers in her hair apple seeds planted here tonight - Meganne
  • Glass Audrey rocks. The band with airy vocals, sing along melodies, and four kick ass musicians rocked the stage for most of the night. We (Bliss) came upon stage for 50 minutes of loud quiet tunes. Macaroni and Cheese for all! - Bliss Berdt
  • A horse is a horse of course of course. But a rose by any other name is still a rose.
  • gimmie my bottle!
  • She keeps her mouth shut and bides her time, like the black widow waiting for the right time to strike - Bubbles
  • We're not gonna have any electric cars around here! we're gonna make a fortune gouging the American public! - W
  • This is a case for....Robert Stack
  • You walk out the back door, and you're in Tijuana - George
  • I miss this! Martini bars suck! Verlie's saes me from the emptiness - Deacon Blues
  • I played long and hard, I saw people that I've met before, they enjoyed the music and it gave me the inspiration and energy to continue to rock out on a high level. I will see you Sunday Verlie's
  • It's not all fun and games when cocoanuts start flying around
  • Made up my mind to make a new start, goin to California with an aching in my heart - Robert



Wednesday homegrown saw the return of Gary Nelson. Last Thursday Andy keyboard maniac Bassinger brought his new band "Bottle". They will be playing every Thursday for the rest of the month, so come down and check them out. Friday Nothin Fancy played, and Sunday the jams. Thanks to all the jammers: Chris, Gary, Andy, Josey, Mello, Cat in the hat, and Pete.

  • Let the games begin! 8-8-08
  • Thanks to all the friends who made 8-8-08 a great night - Jeremy
  • I am the meanest SOB that ever lived - Shorty Rutledge
  • I like Vickie
  • Happy Birthday Bonnie Vomit


Wednesday's homegrown show featured Holden Kovach, Liza Bundy, and Alan Dodd.
Friday my old buddy Tom Brady played. He has an incredible range, and is one of the best male vocalist in town. Saturday Xela and the luv mutha bruthas layed a couple sets on us. And Sunday the jams. Thanks to the jammers; Chris, John, Andy, Luke, Dave, Corissa, Andy, and Chris. Here's what you said:

  • It's 12midnight, the 12th inning, and the score is 12 to's 12:21, and the score is still 12 to 12
  • We are the hooey masters, we give good tela-hooey - Judy blue eyes
  • Hi, i know you don't want to talk to me - Alf
  • Turn fear into excitement - t girl
  • Jingo ba ba lo ba ba lo - Turtle
  • Chris is suck a powerful vocalist, he doesn't need a mic - Witchy poo
  • from a pagan festival in NY, to Mike's barn, to Costa Rica, people came from all over the world to converge on Verlie's jam night - Sista B
  • Kimmie is the bomb -Sassy Assy
  • Oh Verlie's, oh Verlie's, Sunday night jammin. Keyboard mania, like pac-man mania
  • why are gas prices so high? Hmmmm.....let's see, what high powered world leader come from a family of oil men, and doesn't give a shit about you or me......tough one THE EMPORER HAS NO CLOTHES!


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