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Friday August 31st 2007

Nothin Fancy

Another installment of Nothin Fancy aka Reese and Jeremy. They've picked up some new songs, and are really starting to blend together as a unit. Here's what you said:

  • Happy b-day Josey and Rose, big 50 - Witchy Poo
  • Jeremy and Reese are candy to my ears. Reese, you rock, Jeremy I love you always - Sue
  • RU stroking your post? - Ostrich
  • Band was awesome PBR on tap!
  • The guitar person was great, had an awesome time!
  • I'm gonna hit you up side da head wit my tray! - Psycho meat lady
  • The meatball subs @ Verlie's are heaven! The meatballs are fat and juicy, and the buns are hearty! - Jen
  • It's Shamus over be-donk-ki-donk any day! - DMofBC
  • Verlie's makes the world go sound! - Rob Dusky
  • Live entertainment was great, and there was pints of Pabst
  • I miss singing harmony with Jeremy on chorus corner - Sista B
  • World Series of rock......I wonder what ever became of the leprechaun dude?
  • First rule of drumming....can you keep a beat? 1,2,3,4,......First rule of music! Period!!!! - Josey
  • They're after my Lucky Charms, their magically delicious - Shamus O' Bedonkeydonk (the big asses one)
  • What's the password? - Dickey
  • I had an awesome time with all my friends @ Verlie's. Long live rock! - Grasshoppa

Sunday August 26th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

We were a little light of jammers, but never light on good vibes, and good jams. Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Josey, Russ, and John. Here's what you said:

  • Check out Eddie doing the happy humpty dance here, everybody do the Eddie!
  • Josey finally gets a bunch of players that "get it' Nice. I finally heard him play his sound, and it rocked - Russ
  • Sleepy Reese earned his nickname tonight....wake up!!!!!
  • How did we go from B minor to A major??? My left hand is killing me - Witchy Poo
  • My grand-baby's Daddy's, Mammy's a lesbian - Denise
  • Everyone is crazy!!! but they still can have a good heart - Ostrich
  • I played that one, screwed this one, used and humiliated that one, isn't that hilarious?!!! - Skanky Hoe
  • I would rather be drunk in digital, than sober in analog - TR Walsh
  • Did I ate the bug off of your finger!!?! - Taco Tina
  • This corner does not deserve it's rep. There's too much love - Deacon


Sunday August 19th 2007

Sunday Jams

Rain rain go away, come again some other day. The Whammer Jammers want to play. And play we did. Thanks to all the jammers Shawn Hapney, Josey, Lego, Poop, Dale, Bob, Jay, Frank, Otis, John, and Drummer Mike. Here's what you said:

  • Relax Missy - Ostrich
  • GLOV = the gorgeous ladies of Verlies - Jon
  • Maggie in the house. Verlie's rocks
  • Eddie was doing the happy humpy dance - Teddy
  • It's good to see Otis outside of his natural environment - Joan Embry
  • We are the best little garage band out of California
  • I love watermelon - Lego
  • Verlie's is what we live for! and that's the truth, really!! - John and Chris
  • Nice to hear some soul on a Sunday. I'm sure Noble had something to do with it - Otis
  • Verlie's, remedy for me!!!1
  • If the institution of marraige never existed, would you invent it? In other words would you say to a potential boyfriend or girlfriend: What we have between us is so great, we gotta get the government involved - Booper John
  • Sometimes it all just comes together...usually when it happens, it's here. Welcome Becky - deacon Blues


Friday August 17th 2007

Rosella, Faded Hope, Finest Hour

Opening the show was Finest Hour from Mansfield a young band on the rise. They had so much energy, it was exhausting just watching them. Next up the return of Rosella. They've improved alot since the last time they played here. Rosella is on my list of the top 5 bands in Cleveland. Finally, Faded Hope from Wooster. Modern Indie rock with a great sense a melody. Here's what you said:

  • What a night, non-stop music - great - PR Joe
  • I hada great time, the band rocked. We love this place - Faded Hope
  • Groovy is due for a revival
  • I had such a "decent" time man! Always solid! THe music was so far out. Takes me back to psychedelic rock n roll! It's always a good time chillin. With my cuz Vickie, peace - Georgeanne
  • Blawg, blawg, blawg, bel ba boo ba blawger. Rosella is the most daring band ever. We're fucking nutz! And we bring it no matter what - Sean
  • Howdy!!! I've infiltrated the big city - the Naughty Otter
  • DRUNK -Rosella
  • You marry a music become a roady
  • Rosella c'est bella - Adella
  • I was gonna clean my house but I was either drunk, tired, or getting ready to get drunk - Bubbles
  • To anybody, Verlie's is the spot. No muss, no fuss, just chillin - PR Joe
  • PR Joe has the nicest penmanship - Sista B
  • Owww....dude you almost poked my eye out with your hair
  • Finest Hour great - MRD
  • To be @ Verlie's with the one I love is like being in the sea of love. Go there it is the best place around - PR Joe
  • I am not a crook! - Tricky Dick
  • Faded Hope is door shot worthy - Witchy Poo
  • We came, we saw, and we rocked Verlie's again. Only our 2nd time, but we're so comfortable it felt like the 1000th time. Love the atmosphere - Ben Rosella
  • Thanks for having us. We love playing Verlie's! Rock out! - Chris Rosella



Sunday August 13th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Shawn Hapney was back filling in on drums again while Evan is still recovering from a broken hand. It was an awesome jam last night, partly because Kenny and I went to see Dream Theater the night before and were stoked to play. Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Russ, Frank "Silk" Smith, Mello, Ron, and John. Here's what you said:

  • Just when you doubt the hoooey.. in walks Frank "Silk" Smith and Mello with a sick-ass Maggott Brain. The Music Never stopped - H Robert Stevenson III
  • Never knew he was so talented. Glad I stopped to hear Russ play and the house band rocked! - TLB
  • And now Stoned boy will play the drums - Captain Cave Man
  • I don't rub up on my friends like that....that's my Mother! - Lego
  • Go to Haiti UFO video and see your tax dollars fly by as a holographic alien hoax! A must see!
  • My name is Rachael Sinsation and I am coming out!!! - Rachael Sinsation
  • It is my 2nd time I've been here. This bar is probably the coolest ever! True Story!!!
  • If it wasn't for drumming @ Verlie's, I'd be 300lbs - Crazy Broken Chair
  • I can't believe I'm not dead yet. Maybe this is keeping me going. Maybe I just needed to see Frank again. I love that man - Deacon Blue
  • It's been about four months since I've been @ Verlie's. For me it's always like coming home, especially getting a chance to play with good friends. Good being back - Frank "Silk" Smith


Friday August 10th 2007

Hayshaker Jones

Last night was the Verlie's debut of Hayshaker Jones. if you like country music, with great vocals, and steel guitar, you will love Hayshaker Jones. Look for the return of Hayshaker Jones this fall. Here's what you said:

  • The band Hayshaker Jones was fantastic!!! I love them! This bar rocks!!! Worth the drive - Antonella
  • She's a text message wonder my fingers are sore
  • This bar is tits. Hayshaker Jones rocks! - Johnny Cock Rock
  • Verlie's if you made biscuits and gravy, I would live here!!!! - Clint Hayshaker Jones
  • This place fuckin rocks!!! - Amy I just peed
  • All things old are new again - Cookie
  • Awesome! Verlie's is the greatest - Pat (Hayshaker)
  • So 25th street is trendy now....who would have thunk it???
  • I am gonna do what ever the f*#k I wanna do here, and I don't need you or anyone elses approval! So blow me Beotch!!! - Sista B
  • Quality never goes out of style - Bruha
  • Happy Birthday Bonnie Vomit - the Bitch Club
  • Bonnie, I love her - Bone Crusher Mike
  • Your jello shots are out of this world! - Monica
  • Truth is not an opinion - Roxoa
  • Hayshaker, naysayer, bass player, heart breaker, LA Laker, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker - the Faker
  • I love this place! Please invite us back, it feels like home, and the clientele is so cool - Amy P
  • We may be "out of the way" but the people who are meant to find us, will - Witchy Poo
  • The drummer of Tool claims he has summoned a demon thru his specially made drum set. Now this demon is reciting parables in "the Book of Lies" My question is: How can he tell the Demon is telling the truth? If he lied it would constitute a double negative, thus making it "the Book of Truth" Go chew on that for a second. - Russ
  • Shut up and suck, and get to steppin - BR549


Wednesday August 8th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Brandon Oliver, and Brittany Murphy

Last night's host was Brandon Oliver. It was his 1st time playing @ Verlie's and he did great. He brought some friends to help him out including Brittany Murphy, and Pete Rodgers. Look for the return of Brandon Oliver soon. Here's what you said:

  • L. I. F. E. It's the same as it ever was thanx - Pete Rodgers
  • I can't suck no more, my sucker's broke - Nae Nae
  • Mardi: the bartender, the local legend. I feel privileged to have met Mardi, the sixty four year old cougar that bartends here. After years of bar tabs and long nights, she seems to have the same spunk as any 20 year old. She's as hot a momma that you'd find @ Cleveland's trendiest bars. Never mind her pain in the ass son who lives next door. Mardi doesn't let anything phase her. She is what every woman should aspire to be. If she was here right now, I'd ask her to spoon. We love you Mardi!
  • What started out as a reason to set out of the house and support a friend turned into a reminder of the importance of music in my life. And the realization that it's not the size of the venue, the popularity of the band, or even the number of people there, but the love of music. And when the people who love to make music come together with people who love to listen...magic can happen. And that's how I felt. Old friends mixed with new. Cool songs with originals. A cool bar in the middle of nowhere. It's all a reminder that live music hasn't disappeared. It just went and hid @ the local bar.
  • It was hotter than an after hours of a Tennessee family reunion when I rolled into town. Walking through the door was refreshing as a tall glass of sweet tea (long island style of course) If I panned away my life I couldn't have found a more precious gem. The people were friendly and the whole damn place was ready to jive. I was sweating out yesterdays good time and strumming what I felt. All of this so surreal yet all authentic. An oasis in the desert. If you missed any moment at this joint, you don't know how sorry you should be - Brandon Oliver


Sunday August 5th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Evan broke his hand so ex-whammer jammer Shawn Hapney is filling in on drums for a couple weeks. Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Josey, Rusty, and drummer Mike. Here's what you said:

  • The music never stopped, it does however take short breaks! Intermission is half the fun, go find a beer!
  • Absolutely nothing, no one can hold the Whammer Jammers down. You better believe it - H Robert Stevenson III
  • "wow" I'm so cool, "actually" I think I'll stand outside and chain smoke all night. "wow" later I'll cough up half a lung "wow" maybe I'll die of lung cancer soon "wow"
  • Why should I hire a working "man" with a family to support? How absurd! Entertainment money is more important
  • Mmmmm doughnut, I like killing the weak
  • Your clothes look good on my floor. Sex-murder-art. Under your bed is my favorite place at night. I keep the hair out of your face.
  • Ok, it's time to notice a few things in your midst, first the sky and clouds, next the areas of wood grain. (patterns of logical content) also your skin can "pulse" out symbols, like runes on rocks. Flip out, relax, over compensate. Forget about it, tell a friend. It's your universe!!!
  • Peace, love, and hair grease


Saturday August 4th 2007


Another installment of our brother luv mother. He brought the whole band which is always a treat. These guys don't just stand there playing songs, they bring an energy, and experience. Not too many bands you can say that about. Don't miss Xela when he returns on October 6th. Here's what you said:

  • Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a Xela - Harvey Finkerstien
  • Verlie's is one of the most inviting, well vibed jam bars in the city of Cleveland - Ostrich
  • I break for Verlie's - shady KD
  • I got juice, I got soooo much juice - Leroys frosted uncanny and Xela's Gremlins
  • Ridiculously hot, where the f**k was the fire department???
  • The Uncanny Snakebites, we saw Canada out dance everyone!!! - the Wallflower
  • Xela, where's the beef...? luv to the house
  • Xela rocks! - Ma Barley!!!
  • Sometimes a man and a woman have an understanding that no one else understands - Alphie
  • Xela rocks hard core - KJ


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