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My computer was down for a while, so we'll be combining two weeks worth of blogs.
Bands that played over the last two weeks include: Nothin Fancy, Brendan Kelly, Josh Narramore, Joe Buescher, Cassie Higgins, and 30.80.
We had 2 jams thanks to jammers: Joe Brunetti, Jon Nobel, Chris Reese, Ken, Chris, Josey, Tim, Al, Pete, Pat, Kenny, Joe, Jeremy, and Roelondo.
Here's what you said:

  • another great Friday night @ Verlie's. What a band Nothin Fancy -the Libonator
  • Sue, thanks for being my soul mate, my true love. I love you so much. Vickie, thank you for being my friend - the Slinger
  • Keep movin and groovin. Plant the seeds of love, and get back to green, Recycle!!!
  • Happy birthday Jeremy, I love you so much. Thanks Vickie, you're awesome - Sue
  • Tonight just feels right. Thank the good spirits for your protection, kindness, and presence - Grasshoppa
  • don't let the spirits bite you on the toe!
  • I can't poop in public places, if I drop a log the toilet might clog - Cassie
  • Damn poop songs! - BK
  • Brendan Kelly, thanks for being part of the soundtrack to life - Anon blond
  • there's really three things you should never discuss in a bar: Religion, Politics, and Child support
  • Sue's cupcakes were scrumptileishous! - groovin Glen
  • once again it's out with the old and in with the new, that's the nature of Pluto, wheel keep on turning - HP
  • The Sunday night jams are Back @ Verlie's - Maggie
  • Stop trying so comes naturally
  • Kimmy is the most incredibly sexy beverage goddess, south of Clark, and north of Storer - Billy
  • Cool, Hip, Diverse, all welcome, which is awesome!!



This week brought the end to a long drawn out process. I went to court this past Thursday, and the case was dismissed. Thanks to all of you who wrote letters on my behalf. I am looking forward to continuing to bring good music to all who want to hear. Now on to the weekly revue. Friday was the debut of the Ben Barrs. They are a tight melodic original band with a lot of dynamics. In addition to the whole band, Jen and Jeff were showcased with short solo acoustic sets. A really good band to check out. And last but never least the Sunday jams. Thanks to all the jammers: Joe, John, Josey, Jeremy, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • The Ben Barrs rocked out at Verlie's tonight!!!!! Jen was jammin on the mandolin. Fun, great music and more!
  • I can truthfully say that I've never "Ben Barred" from any place in my life - Linda S
  • When I'm awake, I'll be happy - Ben Barr
  • What are you looking at? the joke is in your hand - Joe
  • I think the Verlie's spirit overtook Jen, she was wailing! - Sista B
  • Another night @ Verlie's!!!!! With my son, great music, fun, and friends...I've got it all! Thank God for Verlie's - TMC
  • Sluts drink for free. - Mrs Ooblong
  • Two bitches at the same time - Jen
  • Verlie's rocks! great bar, great people, great music - J Gunde
  • Ooga Booga can't you hear me talkin to ya, and the band played on
  • She believes my lies, but she just can't take my truth - Deacon Blue
  • So many jammers, and so little time - Maggie
  • Tonight was awesome! John, Josey, Derek, Reese, Roelondo, Vickie, Joe, Grasshoppa, wow what a jam! Verlie's is like a box of chocolates. ya never know what ya gonna get!
  • They were even jammin on the freeway! what a bunch of slingers! - Reese
  • The jams were fantastic...people walked in from the streets, the music called to them and drew them like a moth to a flame. Fat funky grooves, and deep south ostinatos. Once we hit stride at the end, I was energized and ready to play for days. Everybody in the band listened, and the crowd glistened. Another great time @ Verlie's. I hope to see you here again - John
  • Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be sound, and there was sound. let there be drums, and there was drums. Let there be keys, and there were keys, let there be guitar, and there was guitar. Let there be Verlie's and there was RAWK! - Anon Blonde
  • When it's my time to throw the next stone, I'll call you beautiful, if I call you at all - Chris Cornell



Fourth of July weekend turned into one long jam. With Nothin' Fancy on Saturday, and the jams on Sunday. Thanks to all the playas: Roelondo, Fran, Josey, Andy, george, Mike, and Elgan. Here's what you said:

  • Hey Fla....listenening to good tunes on 46th street. Good time when your here toot - Lyn
  • Follow your bliss - Sue
  • Puttin through the park, what could be betta on a summer day - Sista B
  • This band frickin rocks! Good place, good people, good times - MJ
  • Just chilla and feel the rhythm
  • This band is off the charts, with Jeremy on lead you can't go wrong - M
  • These days i gotta get my groove on where I can find it
  • What a treat from Florida to Cleveland. You Rock
  • PA's area afraid of us!!! Love ya Verlie's Cafe! - Grasshoppa
  • The Kick Azz Band!!!. THat's all I got - the other Jeremy (white meat)
  • We jammed damn it! Whooooeeeee! These blues is killin me! - Deacon Blues

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