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Sunday July 29th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

There was a little full moon fever @ the jams last night. Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Toby, Josey, Walt, Mike, Buddy, Jonelle, John Paul, and Rusty. Here's what you said:

  • Once again I returned to Verlie's and the service was outstanding and the music was out of this world - Maggie
  • Amber brought Ganesh to the jam, and all the good vibes came through - Sista B
  • You never know how much you miss someone til they're gone for a while, welcome back Walt. I'm wasted!! - Sleepy
  • Evan's got a brand new dance - Witchy Poo
  • I'm getting Vu jade - Reese
  • It's a blog it's a blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's blog it's blog it's better than bad it's good! Ren
  • It's like wearing corduroy pant without the pant - H. Robert Stevenson III
  • Jon always has to get the last note in - the organist
  • That's not a crack pipe, it 's my slide! - Amish boy from the Hood
  • I love my co-workers and my bar!!! I am blessed! - Ostrich
  • Momma music, I am seeing double so I gotta go. Great time, I love this bar - The Libonator
  • Verlie's seems to have very friendly and interesting people. "real rock and Roll" Great guitarist, amazing drummer, and sexy owner/keyboardist woman!!! We'll be back! - Wilson
  • Thank you cum again. Pull up to the next window - Ostrich


Saturday July 28th 2007

Vital Mines

Last night was the return of Vital Mines. It always seems like a reunion when they play, and yesterday it was doubly so. I attended the Verlie family reunion earlier in the day, and some of the Verlie clan showed up to see the bar, and a little piece of their family heritage. In addition to that, Vital Mines drummer Mark had a reunion of his own when his son Ryan returned home from serving overseas in the middle east, and stopped down to see his Dad's band play. So there were reunions a plenty. Look for the return of Vital Mines this fall. Here's what you said:

  • Vital Mines absolutely blew my mind - Lego
  • We're glossy - K
  • Vital Mines are great! The drummer's son just came back from Iraq too. Welcome home! - Ostrich
  • It's a full moon, I may bite - KJN
  • Polo anyone? - Buffy
  • Where is the purple limo? We need the purple limo!!! - John
  • My river burned this morning, it may be time for a dental dam
  • Some reunion are not gonna happen in this life - Othfar
  • Scott passed out in someones yard last night trying to find our house. Go pampers!
  • You got the high balls ya high ball!
  • Double V's and Double M's could go together well. I think I may be ready to find out. In the mean time I guess I have my usual date
  • I came to the show tonight in a rotten mood, having just come off the second day of 2 @ work that was to understate disastrous. Thank god for hospitality, good cheer and the generally loose- limbed atmosphere at this place. If I get through the day @ work tomorrow with my smile in tact, I'll have rock and roll, and of course Verlie's to thank - Leslie
  • The jello shots are just for fun, try one! LaFindu Monde, the end of the world. France aka the south pole
  • End of the month....uuuugggrrrrhhh - Omish Boy in the Hood
  • And so we descended on this full moon Saturday. We came, we rocked, we sweated, we laughed, we tried. In the end we were satisfied, as usual. Huge thanks to Vickie and Kenny for one cool place! Til next time, let us give thanks for our friends - Dan


Sunday July 22nd 2007

Sunday Jams

Another Sunday, another jam. Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Russ, Josey, Dono, and Whyatt. Here's what you said:

  • Shok f#*kin Paris, the Hidden. The new Bartender is hot! You should come to Verlie's - Jon
  • You're a little glossy - Damn Yankees
  • Lego used his time for the 29th per the 22nd - Sir Lixalot
  • Vickie, Jon, Sleepy Reese, Rhino, Evan = the best band in Cleveland hands down! - H Robert Stevenson III
  • Is there a more gorgeous bartender in Cleveland than Kristle? No - Lego
  • Jam night is awesone -Ostrich
  • Donovan and Jon. Yessir they was like peas and carrots - Gump
  • I was @ Verlie's on Sunday and Maggie was there. Verlie's Rocks - Jose
  • Lego my Ego my Dego is my bitch - Evan
  • And I said to myself, "self this is gonna be good" and it was so - Deacon Blues
  • I've been away from the "Verlie's scene" for a short while but they are better than even. Whammer Jammers rock - Maggie
  • Some day baby we're all gonna die - Derek Trucks


Saturday July 21st 2007

Stark Hot Assassins

Yet another installment of hybrid band Stark Hot Assasin. As far as I know Verlie's is the only place they play in this configuration, and we love it. Louie Sticks opened the show as always and brought bass player Jason along for something a little extra. A really fun time as always, look for the return of Stark Hot Assassins soon. Here's what you said:

  • We're gonna get down to bidness on 2sday - Rhino
  • I'll get that dog!!!- Sir Lixalot, Sadies arch nemesis
  • 2 eyes, 10 fingers, 10 toes, OK lets go!
  • Kristle makes me smile. No matter what kind of music, (because there is all different kinds) I end up having a wonderful time. Because everyone @ Verlie's is so sincerely awesome - Lego
  • Blog this - KJ
  • Everything is wet around here - Sir Lix alot
  • The adventures of Rhinomeister and the Beastie be continued
  • Dan loves lesbians - the Queen
  • I love my job - Ostrich
  • We are gonna make history with the 1st ever live interenet broadcast from Verlie's with Hostile Omish on 10-20-07! Be there or .....listen to it at home?


Wednesday July 18th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Lunavelis, Colouring Books, Pictures in Braille

First up Lunavelis a modern rock band. They had nice harmonies and the keyboards gave it an 80's flavor. I was surprized how good they were because they're all young. If they're this good now, I can't wait to see them in a few years. Next up the return of the Colouring Books. This band get better every time they play. One of the only bands to put distortion on an acoustic guitar. Finally Pictures in Braille. A band out of NY passing through on their way to Indiana. They brought alot of energy and threw in some tasty progressive changes. Here's what you said:

  • I love the variety of music. All the bands were great. So full of Spirit. I am looking forward to upcoming shows - Eileen from Lakewood
  • We're from Orange County where there's no oranges, but lots of apples - Pictures in Braille
  • Verlie's Cafe is the best bar in Cleveland and the world!!! - Brendan
  • Great atmosphere, we had a to n of fun. Our first time @ Verlie's, we'll be back soon 4 sure - Kyle
  • Damn the man, save the empire - Ben
  • Thanks for clouding my Lunavelis, rock on! - Mr Emon
  • Do you know what GOLB spells? - Random X
  • Wow! Who need Braille? I can see clearly after that jam - DM
  • Verlie's proves Drew Carey right - Cleveland Does Rock!!!! - Mikiki pictures in Braille
  • And Ian Hunter too - Sista B
  • Silence in golden
  • Virgil from the Colouring Books is the greatest bass player ever. Flea who? Patrick is a great songwriter and has pretty hair. Unavelis is super fun and adorable. I used to really dislike Pop punk, but these dudes are cute as kittens, and great artists to boot! - Cthulu


Sunday July 15th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

This week was a little different than usual.... In case you haven't heard American Idol is looking for the next great band. So some of the girls from my old band Valkyrie wanted to give it a shot. We had a couple rehearsals and pick our new name - Mental Pause for obvious reasons. So we shot the submission video last night before the jams. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and be a part of it. Afterwards it turned into one awesome jam night. Thanks to all the jammers: Christine, Car, Anne, Denise, John Paul, Lego, Josey, Pat, Curt, Derek, Bobby, Jim, Rick, Sean, Roelondo, Pozz, and Rusty. Here's what you said:

  • Mental Pause is the hottest new/old band out there! - K
  • Mental Pause ya really rocked tonight! Fling one baby! - Boogarita Douche
  • Mental Pause rocked Verlie's! Watch out all you crazy bitches! - Vasclitia Bunsenlickem
  • Tell Me and Latin thing were real crowd pleasers - Denise from Mental Pause
  • Mental Pause totally kicked ass! Girls rule, boys drool - SJW
  • Well...I donned my mini skirt doesn't quite fit the same, things have shifted a little since the 80s - Witchy Poo
  • Mental Pause gets the 21 buggar salute - Bosch Tomash
  • Man that was nerve wracking! But now when we screw up we can say " I had Mental-Pause" I can see that getting old real quick! Thanks to all our fans, new and old for helping out - Annwah
  • If anyone had to pick how to spend his last two days on earth before they went to la la never never land, they couldn't have picked a better place to make their peace with the earth than at Verlie's and the great Cleveland musicians. Thank you Victoria and Kenneth - Borys
  • I'll wear my rhinestone cod piece into the declining sunset. The Beast Mistress hath given her boys the freesom to roam - H Robert Stevenson III
  • I have played in lots of places. I have to say that Verlie's is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Thanks for a grand time as always!!! - Jim (Lucky Numbers)
  • Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at Verlie's. Rock Cleveland keep on jammin on - BH
  • Beast Mistress rules!!!! - JK
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Gotta keep it fresh. The jams were smokin tonight! - Sista B
  • When Vickie asked me to front the American Idol Band I was honored I thought. Yeah, what the fuck! It'll be fun... A chance to meet some rock chicks, play originals, and a chance @ fame! 3 weeks and 2 practices later..... I had a great time, met some cool women, played great songs, opened my mind even more and had a great time recording the DVD. New avenues are opened and we are talking about expanding ourselves as a band and becoming closer to these 4 awesome women! Thanks to the girls for having faith in me, thanks to our friends and family for coming and showing their support, and to American Idol for giving me an opportunity that I would never had without them. Rock On! - Christine
  • Thank you, come again - Kristle


Saturday July 14th 2007

Nothin Fancy

Last night was the debut of Nothin Fancy aka Reese and Jeremy. It was a reunion of sorts since they both started out here. Reese with the Whammer Jammers, and Jeremy (or Grasshopper as I call him) played his first solo gig here, as well as hosting the Friday Happy hour. They brought up a couple of guest players including Drummer Mike and Kimo. Here's what you said:

  • It was good to have our Grasshopper back home again - Witchy Poo
  • Here Birdy Birdy - Lundy
  • Saturday @ Verlie's. I had a great time. Always awesome music, great service, and a lot of fun - the Libonator
  • I'm having a flash back to Tuesdays with Jack CHarlton and friends, Deja Vu mon - Sista B
  • There aren't too many paraplegic cheer leaders - Sexual Chocolate
  • Make love at home not in a pool! - Old Man
  • Hey what's up, it's me. Silly Jill OK. Once again I have had the greatest time. Especially because I saw Reese, oh yeah baby love ya - Jillian
  • Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Oh well I guess it's onward and upwards? You go rock stars - Sista B
  • I can suck a jello shot dry... bitch - Tuna
  • I hump for sport
  • Don't make me get the hose! - the Dan
  • Here is your assignment if you decide to accept it. It will give me something to do while I'm measuring men's crotches - Shady KD
  • Jeremy who? I Piteo the fool who don't know! - Don
  • And he sits watching to make sure his trained monkey doesn't get away, run monkey run!
  • I can't feel my face! - Holly
  • Take your time! - Jason and Holly
  • My eyes is itchin but I ain't bitchin. Tonight was cool, I'm such a tool. I'll be back tomorrow to drown my sorrows. The music knocks me out. I'll play til I'm stoned then I'll go where she waits for me, patiently - Deacon
  • Wow feels good again! THanks Verlie's and Jeremy and Reese of Nothin Fancy. Kimo sweet jam! Just like ol' times! - Mr Emon
  • Although I plan to marry Jeremy I am his biggest fan. Who ever he brings into his musical circle is as amazing as him. Awesome night - Sue
  • Awesome time @ Verlie's. Nice to be home again. Long live rock and roll! - Grasshoppa


Wednesday July 11th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Con and the Mongols, and Curfew

Opening the show was the Curew from Medina. A really tight indie rock band with some progressive under tones. Next up Con and the Mongols. Indie rock, avant guarde and spacy at times ala Pink Floyd. Another outstanding Cleveland Homegrown night. Here's what you said:

  • I came to see the Curfew! i had a great time. I want to date the drummer, too bad he's taken - Lola
  • I love the Curfew! wooo! - Rhonda
  • The Cerfew is my favorite band ever. They should definitely play here again! The Drummer has a beautiful smile - Noelle
  • The Cerfew was totally awesome. They really rock! They will go to the top, so watch for them!
  • Verlie's Cafe was really hospitable. The atmosphere was great and the bands were amazing - Brent
  • This bar was so nice! It was the friendliest I've ever been. The atmosphere is so welcoming. THe Cerfew played excellent - Steph
  • Verlie's is so cool. It is a great place to hang out and listen to bands. I love the purple pool table. I saw the Curfew on Wednesday, and I got hooked! Thanks! - Jackie
  • This is a really cool place, and everyone is friendly. The sound was awesome, we will definitely be back again - Jess
  • Verlie's is relaxed and personable. i had a blast playing here - Sam Con and the Mongols
  • Verlie's is superchill. Glad we played - Ben Con and the Mongols


Sunday July 7th 2007

Sunday Jams

There's been a whole lot of happenings this week. Forth of July concert, open mics, and even a movie premier on Friday. Stop down to Verlie's any night of the week to find live music and creativity flourishing. None so true as Sunday night jams. Thanks to the jammers: John Paul, Lego, Andy, John, Bobby, Josey, and Tom. Here's what you said:

  • What do you get when you cross four musicians and a harp player? I'm not sure but it felt pretty good! - Deacon
  • Take that Xena warrior princess!!! - the Beast mistress
  • Whenever I walk in this place I'm in heaven
  • She's my cherry pie
  • Great band, good service, great time
  • Get that hooker off the pepsi! - sexual chocolate
  • Uncle Daddy maybe strong, still no match for the Beast Mistress!!!! - Andy
  • Verlie's is a good time. Keep music alive! - Nett
  • Everyone please come join us on jam night - Kristle
  • Next week...Mental Pause live recording! 9:00pm - Witchy Poo
  • On my 2 month anniversary of coming to Verlie's I had one of the best times I had in my whole life. Thank you Vickie, and Verlie's for making it possible - Lego
  • To find the beauty in life you always need a plan - Kwaz


Sunday July 1st 2007

Sunday Jams

The Whammer Jammers had a guest bassist last night, Lego. Thanks to all the jammers: Denise, Pat, Ishmael, Lonn, Corinne, Josey, Poop, and Russ. Here's what you said:

  • Indie boys are neurotic, makes my eyes blue. Tight black pants exotic, some lovin is what i need - #9 Horay
  • Had fun jammin with all the musicians nad friends on Sunday nights. Great musicians play here - Bosch Tomash
  • Bases are loaded and George is at bat...time to change the batter! - JW
  • There is an amber alert in my pants - Evan
  • It's not ooomp pa, it's da da - Chick
  • It was those blond chicks, Mago's tropical fruit
  • Here @ Verlie's, it's always better late than never to hear some great music! I'm glad I stopped - Grasshoppa
  • I still say Rickenbackers are the best sounding basses ever - Witchy Poo
  • Vickie has the best jello shots ever!
  • We had another good jam night, now we need a good BBQ - Inocent bystander
  • Charlie is a Ralphie Parker clone - Zazu
  • Mirror in the back of my brain makes these hot pant feel great!
  • I'm a blogger, you're a blogger, he's a blogger, she's a blogger, wouldn't you like to be a blogger too - DM
  • I know how to do 25 push-ups! And I love you! - Kristle
  • We're not disturbing the peace, we're disturbing the war - The Relelator


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