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Wednesday June 27th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Brian Trask, You're among Friends, and Worst Case Scenario

Wednesdays with Cleveland Homegrown, showcasing Clevelands' original talent. Opening the show was Brian Trask a solo artist who was a throw back to the 60's. Music with a message with alot of humor thrown in, he had everybody clapping, and singing along. Next up You're Among Friends. A pop trio also very 60's like, though the singer sounded like Elvis Costello. I could hear the Beatles, Tommy James and the Shondells, the Faces, and Tom Petty. Still in their own style, a band to watch. Finising the night was Worst Case Scenario. More modern, a little heavier, a little Seatle, a little Hard Core, a little Punk, and a lot of Rock. A consummate evening of Cleveland original music. Here's what you said:

  • You're among friends and worst case scenario kicked ass!!!
  • Verlie's is a whirly!
  • You're among friends and worse case scenario, very cool upbeat show! - THe Gothfather
  • Vickie is great! hands down - Lego
  • If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space - Bubbles
  • Did Lego really write a blog? Or was it all my inagination? Lil Homie! - prisioner of the Beast Mistress
  • This is the Crazy Bitch Corner...enter if you dare! - T
  • This was our first time playing here and we had a great time! it was nice to cut loose and play a long set. Our last few shows we were restricted to short sets. Verlie's is the perfect place to try new material, and throw in some tunes that we haven't done live for a while. The audience was nice and supportive. This is rare on the Cleveland scene these days. We felt very much @ home and can't wait to come back!!! This is our new favorite club. THanks for having us - You're Among Friends
  • I really love the cowbell....really, no joke - Sista B
  • Great bar with great music - just f#cking great!!!
  • She is a tigress who's appetite hasn't been met for a long time. Boiling and seething like a volcano ready to erupt - The girl
  • Wild Stallions...Beast Mistress.... - Bill and Ted
  • They don't have a f#cking clue! They are some dumb hicks that totally lucked out
  • Funk 49 does not belong on "the list" - Witchy Poo


Sunday June 24th 2007

Sunday Jams

Sunday night jams, the best night of the week. Thanks to Shawn Hapney for filling in on drums. Thanks to all the jammers: Dave, Curt, Eugene, Lego, Hockaday, Andy, Vel, Roelondo, David, and John Paul. Here's what you said:

  • Thank you Verlie's - Andy
  • Kristle stuffs and the Bob wears cosco PS - there's no place like home - KJN
  • As they are leave be...
  • Love is in the air at Verlie's
  • They're a bunch of texters!!! - Witchy Poo
  • I love Kristle and this bar!!!
  • I like Reeses to pieces - Sista B
  • Rhino = ruler of the 6 string. Just when you think you are down and out a jam comes along with so much inspiration you can't help but love life - Lego


Saturday June 23rd 2007

Keyboard Mania

Last night was the much anticipated debut of Keyboard Mania. Thanks to the players: Bert Balagot, Andy Bassinger, Joe Hartsel, Vickie Verlie, and Steve Masek. Thanks to special guests: Jason, Betty Jean, Nate, Borys, Dave, and Chuck. Here's what you said:

  • Fire-good, keyboard-very very good, friends - very, very, good, life very, very, very, very good - Cookie
  • There's no Verlie's in Seattle - Bert
  • When you see good in man emulate it
  • Keyboard maniacs!! Do it again!!! - Mr EMan
  • Musical home away from home - SW
  • I live in Lakewood, and in all of Lakewood there's not that many talented people - sexual chocolate
  • Where's the ball sack???!!! - Dirty Pirate Hooker
  • I can't believe I've seen so many keyboards - AKA


Tuesday June 19th 2007

Corinne Noelle and friends

Last night was the debut of our new Tuesday night featuring Corinne Noelle and friends. Corinne has been around the Cleveland scene for some time. Founder of Corinne Noelle and friends, they play their own brand of contrified folk. Featuring Andy on keyboards, Lego and Rusty on guitars they welcomed guest players J. P. and Dave. The band has found a new home @ Verlie's on Tuesdays so come down and check it out. Here's what you said:

  • Corinne, what can you say, a ray of sunshine...reflections of hope....simply irresistale...long flowing brown hair. The heart of a lion, and the deep love for her children embedded in their deep brown eyes
  • Beside the lovely effervescent Corinne. Save a Horse Dave walked in and the rest is history - your friendly bartender Libby
  • Pretty much any day @ Verlie's...awesome. Vickie it is great you have music all the time! - Lego
  • Keyboard mania is this Saturday!!!!!!!
  • Good fun, great music and cold beer - Chiara
  • Verlie's I absolutely love your bar. You never fail to make me feel at home! I love that you never give up on the talent that's in Ohio - save a horse Dave ( McKeever)
  • What does BLOG mean? Bunnies love orange grass? Bullfrogs live on grease? Bats listen off ground? Buster Lipshitz on gack? Beer loosens only girls?
  • What a fun place! - Corinne


Sunday June 17th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

The jams got off to a slow start, but by midnight we had a full house. Thanks to all the jammers: Pat, Christy, Lego, Derek, Jim, Christine, Andy, John, Rusty, Josey ,Car, Denise, Anne, Poop, John, Scott, Shawn, Vel, Corissa, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • There never was a pussy that could quite compare with her. Pretty as a picture with her long and silky fur. I you have a pussy that you wouldn't trade or sell. Never let it wander.....that's Anne - Delores
  • Wanna make some spaghetti? - the stranger
  • Happy uncle Daddy's Day! - Andy
  • I love that I get to witness musical feats of genius up close and personal every week. What a life - Sista B
  • Tonight's show brought to you by Skittles bite-size candies! It's like a party in your mouth, and everybody's invited to come!!! Metaphorically speaking, of course!
  • It' s hard out there for a pimp - Big Al
  • You should play freeway jam 2 times - Annewah
  • That may be the best bass solo I EVER heard! (and she wonders why I do this) - Deacon Blue
  • It's always awesome to jam with J Scott Franklin. Vel is a kick ass bass player - One love - Christy
  • This club belongs on Beale Street, Damn! - Deacon

Saturday June 16th 2007

That was Something, Brandenburg, Cosmosonics, Vanity Crash

Opening the show was Detroit band That was Something, and it certainly was. The singer reminded me of a combination of Adam Ant and Scott Weiland. High voltage and spastic at times That was Something put on a great show. Next up Brandenburg also from Detroit. Super tight power pop with 80's undertones, these guys delivered an awesome set. Next up the return of our favorite band from Pittsburgh, the Cosmosonics. Glammed out dudes in make-up, they play straight ahead rock and roll with a vengeance. Verlie's loves the Cosmosonics! Finally the long overdue return of Vanity Crash. One of my favorite local bands. The band has moved beyond their initial Bowie-esque fare to a style all their own. Tighter than ever, with outstanding vocals and harmonies Vanity Crash never puts on the same show twice, a must see. Here's what you said:

  • VC = Verlie's Cafe, and Vanity Crash, cosmic mon - Very Cool
  • The Cosmosonics were Hot n Nasty rockin Verlie's on Saturday night in Cleveland - Zazu Pitts
  • ANAV, Another night @ Verlie's. Wow how amazing it can be. T he people, the MUSIC! This is the best place for original music in town!!! - T
  • The bands are rockin', The bartender is hott, the chicks r slammin, we are ready to ROCK! - OH-IO
  • Enjoyed the music! Good atmosphere and easy to mingle. Drink prices were great. My friends and I were glad to experience this bar for the first time... we will be back again! - Mann
  • Kristle is the hottest bartender ever - Megan
  • Out of all of the cities we travel, Cleveland has some of the loudest greatest fans! - Harrison
  • Excuse me while I go outside and smoke like a big monkey bird - Rhino
  • I never got touched, I never got touched, I never got touched - VC
  • True story - On entering the Carlos Jones show last week... high school friend: jah-bless, unemployed female: job-less! - Corinne
  • Do it, do it, do it, do it on the pavement - Chrissy Hynde
  • Thanks for another fantastic night. Verlie's is the best - Brian VC
  • How much can I say? Vickie and Kenny are awesome! I love them and I love Verlie's Cafe! Great people, great bar, great bartender, great bands. Looking forward to doing the DVD with the girls - Christine
  • Verlie's... June 16th. The smell of french fries permeates the neighborhood...But cike.. Ian Hunter mumbled years ago...Cleveland Rocks! We, the Cosmosonics blasted through a set of the finest rock n roll this side of Toledo!!! and we do it again next week in Pittsburgh!!!
  • eat, shit, love, fuck, work, die - DF
  • Who wants it? you do! It's all about the Dego-ness!!!
  • A little salty, but I got this cool scarf - Nae Nae
  • I love this bar!!! Best club in Cleveland! Vickie, you are the bomb!!!
  • So I guess I look like AJ Soprano? I haven't heard that one before, but I have heard Joe Pesci. Personally I prefer to think of myself as more a Jaquin Phoenix! - CS
  • I don't care that you miss the "theatricallity" I want to play I'm going to. Verlie's still remains at the top of my "favorite places to play" list - Dan Folino
  • On W. 46th and Storer storer sits Verlie's Cafe. You may see boarded up houses, people standing on corners. But amid this century old neighborhood lies a secret. Verlie's got history! You've got the pictures of those who came and went on the walls. Some familiar faces still crowd the bar. You can even spot some great dancers on a good night! but mainly, you've got music. Quality musicians who play with spirit. Venus is out tonight in the sky shining down on Verlie's. What more could you want - Linda Long


Sunday June 10th 2007

Sunday Jams

It was Kimmy's last night and we had a party in her honor. Thanks to all the jammers: Denise, Anne, Car, Christy, Lego, Russ, Danny, Josey, Kimo, Poop, Pat, Geogeanne, and drummer Mike. Here's what you said:

  • Kimmy, I hate to see you go, but I did like you more that Carol - Big Al
  • Verlie's on Kimmy's last night. What a show, all the people, the band players, then Valkyrie. Wow - Pr Joe
  • The band menopause for the cause will play tonight - inocent bystander
  • There surely was a whole lotta shakin goin on @ Verlie's on Sunday, we luv you Kimmy - Witchy Poo
  • Denise is a kick ass drummer! Vickie is plain sick on keys! Kenny is awesome! - One love Christy
  • What did the hippie say when he ran out of weed? ...this band sucks
  • Another great night of awesome music! I loved playing moondance and locomotive breath again. Cheers to Kimmy on her last night! See everybody again soon! - Georgeanne
  • The End of an era. Good luck Kimmy. Vickie rules...keyboards never felt the same - Lego
  • I am leaving physically but my soul lies @ Verlie's - Maggie


Saturday June 9th 2007

Fireside Symphony Evil Robot Kevin

The Magical Mystery Tour rolled into Verlie's last night. Fireside Symphony, and Evil Robot Kevin playing alternating sets. Later in the night they played together. An awesome night of music. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's Cafe is sooo cool. I wet myself everytime I come here. Kristle rocks. Evil Robot Kevin is awesome - Viva la France
  • I love my new bar! It's kinda like home - Grabbit
  • I wear my sun glasses at night - Borys
  • Evil Robot Kevin = evil. Fireside Symphony = smokin. Viva la France = priceless
  • I think I spent the dog food money - Kevin
  • Woo me, wow me, do me
  • My brother told me to hold it with 2 hands, it takes 2 hands to handle the jingly, jangly thang - T
  • Everybody has a devil and an angel in their sholder, who will you listen to - Zazu Pitts
  • It is great to hear young men and women singing their songs. kevin Hoffman is one of my favorites - Borys
  • Creepy guy with the pool stick playing the piano, to songs we want to sing - Meg and Kate
  • Meow meow....Louie and Charlie say fireside symphony rocks. Mary jo and creepy piano guy poured their hearts out. Tonight will be forever remembered for it
  • is there something better than Verlie's? Pool lessons? dog treats? outdoor cigarettes? However, music is king here. The staff is unparalled. Too awesome for words. yum. - Dr. Dangerous


Wednesday June 6th 2007

Cleveland Homegrwon with Kari Scott, Brad Walk, Claire Stuczynski

First up Kari Scott. An outstanding vocalist she put her own spin on some cover tunes, as well as some originals. Next up Brad Walk. He brought his whole band. Fronted by Brad on an acoustic guitar, they had a dynamic warm mellow sound. Finally Clair Stuczynski. Another great singer with some catchy upbeat indie tunes. At the end of the night all 3 artists and band members were jammin together. Look for the return of all 3 later this summer. Here's what you said:

  • Great sound, very friendly service, and jusst a good overall atmosphere. Thanks for letting us play, I had a good time and I'll be sure to make it back out! - thanks Kari Scott
  • Yeah Verlie's! We love this place, the music, the staff, the food - Love Claire Stuczynski
  • I loved the girl music - Dotie
  • Everybody is flawed, that's the human condition - the Beast Mistress
  • We had a great time eating and drinking, listening to our friends play
  • Jah-bless - Corinne
  • Boy what talent at Verlie's last night. That's homegrown @ Verlie's on Wednesdays - the Libonator
  • I can talk, but I can't write! Let her do what she wants to do - Andy
  • Thank you for all the good times - Uncle Rick


Sunday June 3rd 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Another fun filled Sunday night jam. Thanks to all the jammers: Rob, Pat, Denise, Dave, Danny, Buggar, Andy, Josey, Christy, Russ, Lego, Borys, Roelondo, Matt, Eric, Rob, Poop, Drummer Mike. Here's what you said:

  • Do not touch sensitive tissue when eating habaneros - Inigo Montoya
  • I had a flash back after viewing Alexis' handbag - Witchy Poo
  • It's Pat! - Evan
  • I wrote you a letter in the Poop shoot - the Shit
  • Verlie's + Sunday = orgasmic - one love - Christy
  • Poop, balls, and urine. Why can't I sing songs with the people I love
  • Elephant garlic, or elephant man...they all need to be accepted. Flat wound strings...yeah! Take the pain! I am in a world of shit
  • Vickie rules. Even as the beast mistress. I've met the nicest people in my whole life in the past 2 months @ Verlie's - Lego
  • Porpoise played a fantastic set of three...we need to hear more of them. "Song, song" had a fantastic edge. Good job guys xoxo - Devan
  • Chuck Hymlick says "up with food" because "the revolution will not be super-sized!" Jebron Lamez? Nope it's Russ
  • They Rock hard ass - Porpoise corporate
  • From my broken side view mirror, to the bashed in bumper, I still find myself back @ Verlie's. One of the most low down dirty blues bars I've ever been to, and I can't get enough!!! Music=life - Matt
  • I'd like to sink my teeth into a nice steaming pile of Verlie's!!! This place f##king rocks!!!! - Eric
  • Moondance was really good tonight. Thank you Whammer jammers - Andy
  • Blogify the bloging blogtarianism
  • A psychedelic breakfast: Steak and existentialism, to go after you lego my ego beeeotch!!!!
  • If you thought the Cavaliers were jammin last night, you should have been at Verlie's tonight - Maggie
  • After all's been said and done, it's still all blues, no matter how you look at it. Kimmy, I will miss you sooooooo much - Deacon Blues


Saturday June 2nd 2007

the Uncanny Xela, Marvin the Robot, Fercho and the Ferchos

First up Fercho and Ferchos formerly known as Leroys Frosted Rocks. A trio consisting of 2 guitars and a drummer, they did some prog stlyed instrumentals. Next up Marvin the Robot a solo singer guitarist playing with a sequencer. If this guy could bottle his laugh, he'd make a million. Finally the return of Xela. As always he put on a great show. Look for the return of Xela on August 2nd. Here's what you said:

  • Any time she goes away...she goes to Verlie's to party and jam. Xela, you guys rock! - Mr Emon
  • That was the best Christian rock band i ever heard in my life!!! - Nutsack
  • It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a plastic bag!!! -Little Hawk
  • Summer is coming, and I'm gonna hang out @ Verlie's every night where it's cool - Cookie
  • I want a jello shot, and I'm not drinking alone - J
  • Old people used to do opium
  • I love the archie Bunker song, or is it the Muppet song - Hoop
  • Billy Bob Thorton is not as cool as Jebron Lames


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