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Wednesday was the debut of Charlie Mossbrook. Charlie is a throwback to the 60's/early 70's. An excelent vocalist, I could hear hints of Jim Croce, and James Taylor. Also on the bill Shawn Brewster. Another excelent vocalist, Shawn brought a trio along this time. special thanks to Jen for sitting in on Mandolin. Saturday we had the acoustic duo of Jeremy and Don. And Sunday the jams. Thanks to the jammers: Poop, Ken O, Fred, Bob, Andy, Dave, Christy, Steve, Mike, Jeremy, and Kevin. Here's what you said:

  • Charlie Mossbrook broke my eyes...they started leaking
  • Take your tampon out and play something! - Jen
  • 20 years ago when he still had a brain left we had some hot mad lovin - Bubbles
  • Turn that jungle music down - Steely Dan
  • It is the weekend....and we got to, got to, got to, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, GET DOWN DAMN IT! - Murray Saul
  • Free your mind and your ass will follow
  • You got any sausage sandwiches - GF
  • i'm having a mid-life crisis so I got married 2 weeks ago - Professor White Hair
  • Sunday night @ Verlie's, the creme of the crop, top of the bill, pick of the litter.....what I mean is IT ROCKS. Cheers to a free country



What a week of Music. Wednesday's homegrown show was hosted by poet/singer songwriter acoustic Tuma. Chris invited some guest players which made for a fun night.
The weekend brought bands from all over the country starting with the Cosmosonics from Pittsburgh on Friday. I've seen this band go through some changes over the past few years, and I think this is the best line up yet. Lucky Numbers opened the show. The band includes Whammer Jammer Derek, and my Mental Pause sista Christine, along with Jim and Dino they rocked Verlie's once again.
Saturday Burden of Proof from LA rolled into town. These guys were tight, and had great harmonies.
Finally the Sunday Jams, and Evan's birthday. Thanks to the jammers: The Punk Necks from LA - Polly, Jason, Woody, Lefty, Andy, Al, and Drummer Mike. Here's what you said:

  • When we're sharing brain cells, when we're sharing jail cells - Acoustic Tuma
  • Smell me - Evan
  • We're all just trying to make it happen - Angelo
  • I am woman hear me roar - T
  • This seems more like my real life - Witchy Poo
  • please don't squeeze the charmin - Mr Wiffle
  • We lost our virginity @ Verlie's - the Punk Necks
  • Jason and the Punk Necks rock! Great jammin with you guys, and gal Thanks - Drummer Mike
  • Thanks Verlie's for the great time, folks, and more. The hospitality made us feel right at home!! - JP
  • Verlie's is the 1st place we played in cleveland. What a diamond in the rough. I do mean diamond, and I do mean in the rough! - the Punk Necks



This Wednesday's homegrown show with Gary Nelson, and Joe Landers. Joe is an awesome dobro player, and reminds me of a young Glen Schwartz. Friday was the return of Nathan Corsi band. Nathan is a great rock/soul singer. Saturday brought our old friend Joe Brunetti, another great dobro player. I sat in for a few with Joe, and it was a flashback to the old Tuesday jams with Jack and Joe. Finally the Sunday jams. Thanks to Shawn Hapney for filling in on drums, and all the jammers: Ken O, Poop, drummer Mike, Roelondo, Dave, Andy, Mark, Walt, and Jeremy. Here's what you said:

  • Happy Mothers Day to all you Muthas - Witchy Poo
  • Happy Mothers Day. A wonderful ending to another shitty day. Thanx to all -Sue
  • It's Sunday night at Verlie's, and I am proud to say I've been planting seeds of love all week. Life's a garden, dig it - Grasshoppa
  • Where's the time machine? A few years ago and your guitar player (Evan) would have been mine!
  • I like vegetables and hair!
  • Everybody was Kung Foo fighting, those cats were fast as lightning
  • Walt gets the award for the most dedicated jammer for tonight - Sista B
  • Diverse set with astounding vocals and shimmerings harmonies. Nathan Corsi band rocked Verlie's with their very own tasty brand of indie power blues/rock
  • Welcome to "Mystery Date" brought to you by Michelob. When is my dream date coming?
  • instant party animal, just add beer
  • you hang around here long enough and you're gonna meet lots of future rock stars. You can say I knew them when they played @ Verlie's
  • am I not turtly enough for your turtle club? - young Ben Franklin
  • There's no certainty in this world. The stock market could crash, our whole world could come crashing down around us. One thing that always holds true is the buzz you get from a shot of Jack Daniels - Moose



The past week brought a host of fabulous music starting with the Gothfather's new band Quadraphonic Desperation on Wednesday. QD is the best incarnation of this band yet. Also on the bill was Glass Audry. A female singer songwriter joined by a drummer on a few. Friday was the Verlie's debut of my old friend Tom Brady doing a solo acoustic show. Tom's voice and range is amazing, and I think he rivals Bill Hach for the title of human juke box. The highlight of the weekend was the debut of Detroit bands September On, and Scott Thompson and band. Finally the jams on Sunday. Thanks to all the jammers: Jeremy, Roelondo, Andy, and Derica. Here's what you said:

  • Of all the places we could go, we wanted to come to Verlie's - Mary
  • She wanted to be a woman - Babbalou Bobbit
  • I think Carlos is a shape shifter - Witchy Poo
  • Alan is a wanna be boy toy - Rose
  • Every time you celebrate you birthday, you're celebrating with 9 million other people - C
  • I wanted to say this my whole life.....Hello Cleveland! - Scott
  • hey Verlie's! thanks for all the hospitality and enthusiasm! What a great crowd! -Gringo Czar
  • fueled by taco bell and schooled by Satan, we did it all tonight right here at Verlie's! - Gary El
  • Even though we may have a female President soon. It doesn't change the fact that I still like boobs - Socrates
  • What a fun night! Roelondo sounds awesome. My guitar's goin' home with Evan and it sounds alright to me! shake it Verlie's - Grasshoppa
  • Verlie's Cafe is home to a truly magical spirit. We thank you for the great reception, and the perfect setting for out last show on this tour! - Scott Thompson


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