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Sunday May 27th 2007 Memorial Day weekend

Sunday Night Jams

One of the best jams of the year. New faces and old. Blues, to rock to all out jams. I love it when this place is alive with music and's magic. Thanks to all the jammers: Josey, John, Pedro, Poop, Mike, Gene, Christy, Andy, Lego, Sean, Mello, John, Jon, Bill, Songbird, Brendon, Byron, Drummer Mike, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • Blues, metal, granola...must be Verlie's jam night!!! Wurd up - One love - Christy
  • And the jams played on
  • I just thought to don't come here that often, but you always have a great time when you do - Jill
  • Tonight @ Verlie's was a total "dance mania" and Saturday June 23rd will be keyboard Mania. Be sure not to miss it - Maggie
  • My grandfather used to drink here back in the day. Now I am going to bring my Dad to play @ keyboard mania - Bill
  • Heaven and earth, Verlie's is the place to be - ici
  • Up from the gutteralls of Storer Ave, comes a hero beyond compare...the beast mistress
  • Vickie can not rap - Howie Feitersnatch
  • Seven day itch? Come to Verlie's for your fix
  • It behooves us at Jane Dough to inform the general public that Verlie's is the place to rock. Thank you for your cooperation in listening to this statement. We strongly ecourage anyone who reads this to agree
  • Got granola?
  • Rome had the Coliseum, and Cleveland has the Verlainium - Andy
  • Verlie's is the best. There is no better place on earth Sunday nights!!! - Lego
  • Where'd ya get that bass player, holy shit he's off the hook - Mello
  • A true Cleveland rock venue, always something new, the diversity is great - Randy


Wednesday May 23rd 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Mike Christopher, Red Bear Moon, Out of Print

Opening the night was Mike Christopher. He was very political with songs like prozak for Iraq, and fight the power, he made a strong point. Next up Red Bear Moon. They were much more liad back. A duo, they used alot of unique instruments including mandolin, and a therman. It was tribal but electronic as well. Finally the return of Out of Print. Another band that has been playing here for a while and are getting better every time. Don't miss the return of Out of Print on July 4th, here's what you said:

  • My first experience with Verlie's. Good music, cheap drinks, and cool people - Mike Christopher
  • Your skin's like leather - Oop
  • The lower west side is alive with music tonight - inocent bystander
  • Verlie's on a Wednesday night in Cleveland...warm, humid and filled with cool tunes...protest rock from Mike Christopher, Trip-hop indie from Red Bear Moon, and Power pop angst from out of print, don't miss a great show on July 4th
  • Verlie's Cafe, we had no idea where it was. We had never heard of the place. But man, what a great place. Like a diamond in a coal field. Such a friendly, and relaxed, and welcoming plae...even for the weird shit we play - Matt and Joe the Red Bear Moon


Sunday May 20th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

The Whammer Jammer's have finally made it to myspace, if you are on there invite us as a friend. We will be posting some jams soon. Thanks to all of friends who came out in person, and all the jammers: Josey, Lego, Denise, Andy, Russ, Songbird, Brendon, Jamil, Sebastian, and Mike for coming out. Here's what you said:

  • Happy b-day Lina Lou - Witchy Poo
  • Kenny...Kenny...Kenny...Whammer Jammers are the best band around!!! You guys are awesome - Lego
  • Whammer Jammers = the last bastian of the real Cleveland Rock n Roll
  • Verlie's + Sunday = fun!!! Look out for Keyboard Mania! Almost a month away!! The international keyboard assoc. will begin shortly!!
  • I want a pabst - Carl


Thursday May 17th 2007

Open Mic night with Corissa

Another night with our resident songstress Corissa. The open mic night is getting better every week. If you are a singer songwriter be sure to stop down any Thursday night. Thanks to all who participated: Lauren, Davis, Parker, Allan, Alison, the Smoop, and everybody who was jammin at the end. Here's what you said:

  • The atmosphere is open, accepting, and inspiring. Great service and music!
  • Verlie's Cafe is the best!! The owner is great and Corissa runs a fantastic open mic -Rob Dusky
  • Great to be back and playing here again! Great to see you guys, cheers! - Allan and Karen
  • Suprized, I've lived behind St. Rocco's for a couple of years, and didn't know this chill spot existed so close! - Attila
  • The band was pretty good, a little fast for me, but if you like that stuff, it was real cool - Aaron
  • It's better to play dirty than to lose - Joseph Ponikvar
  • Vickie...shhh! Wow Rob! I only got to hear a few, but already I'm a big fan. Great sound, man - Deacon Blue


Sunday May 13th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

It wasa one mutha of a Mother's Day jam. The whammer Jammers where joined by Shawn Hapney, and John Noble. Thanks to all the jammers: Josey, ALberto, Lego, Russ, Andy, Christy, Roelondo, and Wyatt. Here's what you said:

  • Happy Auntie Mommie's Day from Uncle Daddy!
  • For your pleasure I'll do anything. I'm one step higher than the freebird - Wise
  • Vickie, you rock lady!! Love the flying V Kenny - one love - Christy
  • Cool Blue Moon nites of asture here at this place playing Blues Astor. He came and went, came back and said Verlie's, Verlie's, Verlie's, cool place of blues and Astore
  • Vickie rules the keys, Kenny is the baddest guitar player around. Verlie's is it, there is nothing else - Lego
  • Whammer Jammers are the real deal Cleveland Rock and Roll! Keyboard Mania!
  • That's prog jazz with balls....not to be confused with jazz hand - Cheezy P Martini
  • Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier, Ooh-oo child, things'll be brighter
    Some day, yeah We'll put it together and we'll get it all done
    Some day When your head is much lighter
    Some day, yeah We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
    Some day When the world is much brighter - Stairsteps Five

Wedenesday May 9th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Tightrope Kaleidoscope, the Buildings, the Colouring Books

Opening the night was Tightrope Kaleidoscope, a solo artist (Joe). He was singing playing guitar, and even drums at times. At one point he even looped the sqeaky mic stand, and did some improv stuff over it. Next up - the Buildings, a indie rock band with a chick bass player. Finally the return of the Colouring Books. This unique duo combine guitar and keyboards, and some sequencing to fill out their sound. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's, never knew this place it's unforgettable - Carolina
  • Great bar, the colouring books are the sexors! one! good sound!
  • Captians log: day one: our crew went out to sea today. They are all good fruilful. brb, I must go mop the poop deck. Day 2: smooth sailing so for we've only had to make one person walk the plank. Tonight we drink rum and exchange stories of the deep sea. Day 3: OMG, I'm like so hungry. I don't know what I did last night but I may have fooled around with another male pirate. The rest of the crew better not get word of this. Day 4: Today we battled with another ship. There were casualties on our site, but we sank their punk ass ship. We're running low on gunpowder. Day 5: One of the crew members is sick. I think it's scurvy, if so I don't have long. I got not one comment on myspace today
  • "Buildings" proves that both booper John and Kajodo dragon exist
  • You would have been better, if the drummer was wearing a pink cowboy hat
  • The singer is hawt!!
  • The lead singer from "colouring Books" was trying to sell his organ to the keyboardist from "Buildings"
  • Drummer should be new kid
  • More cowbell!!


Sunday May 6th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Special thanks to ex-whammer jammer Sebastian for sitting in on bass. Thanks to all the jammers: Josey, Andy, Mike, Lego, Christy, Roelondo, Russ, Rusty, and David. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's Rocks!!!
  • The Swiss eat chocolate and ski - Haley
  • Verlie's is for the real people of Cleveland!!! - David
  • Lego was bitchin on the strings - Christy
  • Wheelchair Pimps jammin @ Verlie's once again. Watch out for the new CD - "Uncle Daddy"
  • Tooooo many damn shots. Birthdays are hard on your h ead! i love you all - Deacon Blues
  • Do you believe in time travel? I may have been contacted by my future self...or is it a Government plot to control my brain? We'll see - Sista B
  • Beer doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean...against tables, chairs, walls, cars, people.... SW
  • Was it the aliens who told me to draw the picture? I dunno - Zazu Pitts
  • Roe, you r the bomb! keep on drummin brother - DM
  • It's either in G or E...nod, nod - Turtle
  • That's the oldest trick in the book - Wheelchair Pimp
  • Bartenders great! Vickie's great! Kenny rips. I have the time of my life jammin @ Verlie's. What else is there now? - Leg


Thursday May 3rd 2007

Open Mic Night with Corissa

Last night was the debut of our new open mic night hosted by Corissa. She is one a the many talented up and coming artists in this town, and she did a great job. If you are a singer/songwriter, or just want to hear some of Cleveland's finest stop down to Verlie's every Thursday. Thanks to all who participated: Keitha B, Shawn, Lenny, Parker, Sean, Lauren, Matty D, and Christopher for sitting in. Here's what you said:

  • I'm not a musician, I am a metaphysical poet - Lenny
  • Come to Corissa's open mic night on Thursdays! - Raven
  • Matty D. Rocks @ Verlie's!!!
  • Open mic night @ Verlie's was a great night. Good music, good people. And the number one lady in the house got up and did some of her own songs, from her early days. That's right, miss VIckie herself. It was great. I hope you can join us on Thursdays for open mic night, see ya there -the Libonator
  • Sweet music fills the air, to touch those who are really aware - Liquid Len
  • All know the way, but few walk the path - Liquid Len
  • You can't poop with a hard-one, unless you want to pee in the sink - Bill
  • No drama, all violators will be bitch smacked
  • We love Corissa - Parker and Sean
  • Weebols wabble but they don't fall down
  • ...that's right
  • I'd like to thank Tim Buckley for singing through me tonight - Parker
  • The performers @ the open mic of Corissa's design left me feeling re-adjusted on a sub-atomic level. Never is my life have I felt so in alignment with the true nature of the cosmos. The vibrations of one guitar shared amongst so many hands, never berated with my spine and soul in a manner with which no jewel in any lotus could equal. I am forever changed as a result of open mic nite at Verlie's on Thursdays with Corissa, may she shine on unto eternity - Christopher
  • The blue flicker will silence with it's numbing gaze, so press "off" on the remote, and come on down to Corissa's open mic night @ Verlie's


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