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Another week of music and mayhem @ Verlie's Cafe. Nothin Fancy on Tuesday, Hartwig on Friday, and the Sunday jams. Thanks to the jammers: Adam, Mello, Shawn, Poop, Andy, and Wyatt. Here's what you said:

  • I am gonna take my boys out, and eat some meat! - Mike
  • Maybe I should have been wearing a flower pot on my head back then, and who knows where I'd be today
  • Fear is just ignorance, and anger is just hurt -T
  • I don't care what the sign says, I'm standing here anyway - Adam
  • Do not believe what he says, it's only gossip that he's telling you down at the wise crackin lies - Woofa goofa with the green teeth
  • Mello is an amazing guitarist, and it is always a pleasure to jam with him. Maybe he can't be gotten to -Witchy Poo
  • I can remember where my glass is sometimes. I guess that's one advantage of drinking ginger ale - Bloggin and Loggin
  • I gotta get some sugar
  • Usually on Sunday, I am chillin. But tonight I'm a free roamin drunk -Wyatt
  • haven't been here for a while, Vickie keep goin - PR Joe
  • Dark skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face. When you're smiling the whole world smiles with you!
  • I can't do anything about any of the shit right now. I'm in the moment, in the music. That's what I love about Verlie's -Tree



Homegrown Wednesday with Derica, Jabb, Skinny Jack, and Unlikely Japan. Derica is one of the most diverse musicians in Cleveland today. He plays metal and bluegrass with equal ease, and is constantly changing and growing as an artist.
Friday was the debut of Smokin Mirrors who included my old buddie Terri from the Rockwell days. They delivered tight sets, and their energy was contagious. Everyone was parting and having a good time PLUS they did a kewl rendition of the Muffin Man.
Saturday saw the return of my favorite Cleveland metal band DOHM. I loved them from the moment I I heard them, and have had the pleasure of watching them grow over the past few years. They are one of the bands in Cleveland that I feel so honored to know. I am proud to be able to do my small part to help them along on their path. The show was to be taped for a "live from Verlie's" DVD. Unfortunatlely the video guy couldn't make it, but Danny Who aka inspector gadget showed up, so we were able to film the show after all.
Finally the Sunday Jams. Thanks to special guest Whammer Jammers Adam Constantine on bass, and last minute fill in Jeremy Piteo on guitar. Thanks to all the jammers: Mike, Roelondo, Steve, Al, Andy, Bucky, and Ernie. Heres what you said:

  • My yard is in Spring bloom, and everything is new
  • There's drunk driving, and then there's drunk dialing - T
  • Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! My Mom would love these guys! (Smokin Mirrors) - Grasshoppa
  • Had a beer and reflected on it all, but the mirror was fogged so I couldn't see. Musta been those Smokin Mirrors - Mr Emon
  • If a man were capable of having a baby or giving life he would be worth a crap - Mardi
  • 7 months late, but I finally got it. We were here first!!!
  • No woman no cry, everything's gonna be all right - Bob Marley
  • DOHM should release their version of "Never gonna Dance Again". I think it would be a really big hit - E Sullivan
  • Listening to DOHM revitalizes and inspires me to submerge myself in music
  • Exhausted! Skin falling off! Hands are shaking, nerves are rattled and my jaw is sore from 2 1/2 hours of Cleveland teeth and flying limbs. I hope it was good for you too! - with love -Brain
  • once again, one and only Verlie's is more of a family than any other place we play. The best times, best people, best relationships. Nothing but love - DOHM
  • I think Lavante is a little bit of a ham
  • Thanks soo much for having us again! I always have a great time playing here, and it's a pleasure to be in the company of such great people! you guys rock!!
  • What a delight. Always fun to jam @ the best Homegrown venue in Cleveland - Lavante
  • I got lots of hugs and kisses, and that's exactly what i needed
  • I feel like going home and pullin tubes. it's 420 afterall!! - Max
  • So you're all geared up for the big collaboration aye rockstar. If only you knew what he really thinks of you....I do
  • This ain't no disco, this is funk in the first class - Sly
  • A rolling stone gathers no moss, Verlie's keep on rollin!! - Grasshoppa
  • Steve was picking the strings with his tongue, like Hendrix - HF
  • Come here boy - Imogen Heap


April 13th 2007

Wednesday saw the return of 30.80. They are a lot of fun, AND they have those cool mic stand beer holders. Vel also played a solo set on Wednesday. Friday Hotmouth played, and Saturday was 2 metal bands: to Envy the Horrid, and Bloodwolf. And finally the Sunday jams. Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Mike, Al, and Andy. Here's what you said:

  • My baby's a shoplifter, I'm so afraid that the cops might get her - Vel
  • Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling - 30.80
  • Libby is someone you can trust and rely on. There's not too many people you can say that about in this life - Momma Bear
  • Life should be a magical journey, not something you have to suffer through - Sista B
  • 30.80 is the best Cleveland Homegrown band that we've heard in a long time
  • THere's alotta testosterone in here tonight - T
  • To Vickie, good luck, and god bless. Your future is yours - PR Joe
  • I fix cars, and I sing Rolling Stones - Lego
  • The aggressive combative vibe is heretofore banished from Verlie's forever. Long live creativity and love. So it shall be - Witchy Poo


April 6th 2008

The week in review

Wednesdays homegrown show saw the debut of Chris Castle. From his myspace page I thought he was on the country side, but as it turns out he was more on the folk side, reminescent of Simon and Garfunkle. Also on the bill was Tony Schaffer, Joe Lindstrum, and Alex Gardner.
Saturday our old buddys Nothin Fancy played, and finally the Sunday jams. Thanks to the jammers: Mello, Will, Kelly , Glenn, Andy, and Mike. Here's what you said:

  • The talent that's been through here is unbelievable. you never know who's gonna show up and play - Mello
  • Glenn's inner Sabbath freak finally emerged, it was inevitable. I'm having a flashback to the Bottom line days - Sista B
  • The dead is dead, long live rock!
  • If I don't meet you in this life, I'll see you in the next - Kelly
  • yunno... sometimes when people get drunk, they get stupid - your good friend
  • This part has to be right - Willow
  • Come and see the new poster boy in the ladies room!!! - Maggie
  • I'm not in jail, and I'm still living in my house. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it - Danny Who
  • I channeled a rap CD Friday night with two friends! - Yo Yo Skinny Jack!
  • Come and hear my new band "Beotch Crotch"
  • He could be a jammer, or maybe he's just lost and looking for the bus stop - Joe
  • Former drummer from the Blizzard of Ozz made and appearance @ Verlie's Cafe. The music was good and the crowd was great! Storm Rider are regrouping and will be playing out this summer. - Glenn


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