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Saturday March 31st 2007

DOHM, Last Six Days

Last night was the return of our favorite sons, DOHM. As always they broke out some new material, some only a few days old. They also played a few instrumentals, I think they are the most intense instrumental bands around. Don't miss the return of DOHm on May 5th. Next up the return of Last Six Days. It's been a while since I've heard them and they have improved by leaps and bound. Look for the return of Last Six Days in the near future. Here's what you said:

  • Always have a good time, all of the time - Andy Sorenoon
  • DOHM kicks 10x more ass than last six days - James (last six days)
  • Practice, practice, and more PRACTICE!! - Jim L6D
  • Happy B-day Big Lenny and Ba Ba too - the breakfast club
  • Vickie, this was meant to be, happy birthday big Lenny - Tammy
  • If original is your "flavor" then Verlie's was "the place to be" tonight - Maggie
  • There's something so majestic about bag pipes - son of a son of a sailor
  • Lovin' your venue is something for and in between for musicians playing out! Verlie's is that place for us! - Brian (DOHM)
  • Cool shit (DOHM) - Rhino
  • I'm in happy cookie land, with the keebler elves - Frankenberry
  • through the darkness of future's passed the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds. "Fire walk with me" We'll see you in the trees... Brian
  • Shhh! Don't tell anyone I was here! - Mrs. Hotmouth #1
  • I went fishing for trout today in Rocky River. I love fishing especially in the Cleveland metroparks. I hooked 2 fish, but they got away... Boo
  • The bands were cool - Garth


Sunday March 25th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

The weather's getting warmer, and the jams on Sunday are getting hotter. Thanks to all the jammers: Eugene, Luigi, Russ, Andy, Josey, Alberto, Bill, Kurt, Poop, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • If you weren't at Verlie's tonight, you missed the return of "Eugene". He was only here for one night, and now he's gone. Shame on U - Maggie
  • I love this bar! The bands are amazing! It drinks like it's supposed to - Luigi
  • My urine is so vitamin fortified that I could have sworn somebody was pulling my 3rd leg - Burns
  • She keeps trying to forget me, but I keep being there when she wakes up - Deacon Blue
  • Eugene's hat is gone...I think Kimmy has it in her panty drawer - Sista B
  • God Us Infinity Together Alive Recycle - Poop
  • Be a friendly Robot, Keyboard Mania! The keyborgs will assimilate you - Andy (Unimatrix 216)
  • I'm gonna make it to the top and be a Juke Box Hero. I've come alive - Burns
  • Verlie's the place to bem great music, cool layed back. Happy Jammers
  • Pepto Bismal and Niquil, my 2 best friends - Sleepy Joe
  • I think i'll have a Lake Erie high ball - Bonnie Vomit
  • Did you know that buzzards don't have sharp talons...they don't kill - Raven
  • I don't give a flyin frogs fat ass what's in California! Cleveland kicks ass! - Russ "Ezekiel" K


Saturday March 24th 2007

Asphalt Juke, Altered Ending

Twas a dank and foggy night but the music cut through the mist like a beacon of light in the night. There was another band scheduled to play that bailed at the last minute. So members from both bands went up and played solo, one at a time. Another awesome impromptu night @ Verlie's. Next up the debut of Altered Ending. They got everyone going with some high energy rock n roll. Everyone was dancing on the tables and the isles. next up the return of Asphalt Juke. They kept the party going with thier modern rock sound reminiscent of Soundgarden. A really fun night, here's what you said:

  • "out of sight" barely describes the scene @ Verlie's tonight. Altered Ending was the bomb. An amazing begining to what was to be a real memorable experience - Maggie
  • We love you Verlie's - Kimmy thank you for fucking us up every Saturday Night - Kat and Brady
  • A great family like atmosphere that welcomes everyone to a good time - Cody of Altered Ending
  • Ah my nite @ Verlie's, probably the most fun I've ever had at a show. Good tunes, good brews, good buddies. We will return 4 sure!! And I will take my clothes off next time, yep - Bryan - Altered Ending, drums 'n' stuff
  • She gets more beautiful every time I see her (Sister Batryll) - Carlos
  • Pabst tall boys are the sheeet!!! - Screaming Bashies
  • lover, where are you!!! - the girl
  • The show tonight was far out and...solid!!!! Dynomite!!!! - JJ
  • Grave Tech burned down tonight! The universe will forever be is chaos, and the stars will collide with the nearest planet ASAP!!! If you have any problems please contact figment and nog at the shadow nearest to the second hand on the time clock located in the back of the cosmos - Willie
  • Phoebe finally met her match...she wore those young boys out - Sista B
  • He's got a pick, and he's not afraid to use it - Momma bear
  • Wow, what a night. Vickie w/altered ending was incredible. We had an incredible time, we'd love to do it again, any time. - Dave Asphalt Juke
  • Verlie's Cafe kicks ass! It is the best little bar in C-town, and Vickie is the queen of the Cleveland Scene - Bob (Asphalt Juke)
  • I am going to come back and whoop you ass in pool, you better believe it ! - Quentin
  • Let's all have a good time. Rock n rollem. Love it down @ Verlie's Cafe. Thanks sooooo much - Brady Kat


Wednesday March 21st 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Ryan "Guitar" Anderson, Below Jupiter, Corissa

Ryan "guitar" Anderson made his Verlie's debut. I thought he was another singer/songwriter but instead he is a guitar virtuoso. He was playing bass, rhythm, and lead, all at the same time! He was not using a sequencer, or loop, but doing all live. Pretty amazing, a must see. Next up, the debut of Josh "Below Jupiter". A really great piano player, and singer songwriter. Somewhat avante guarde, I could here hints of Supertramp, Billy Joel, Alex Harvey and more. Somewhere between Punk and Broadway musicals lies Below Jupiter. Finally the return of Corissa. It's been a while since she's performed solo, and she's gotten alot better. It was nice to showcase her voice, which is stronger than ever. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's rocks beyond the suburbs, beyond the woodlands, all the way to below jupiter baby yeah!!! That's BJ for all you
  • A little Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas, a little jazzy, a little blues. And there was our Corissa. What a night! you snooze, you loose - The Libonator
  • Everybody say - Zabba do da day
  • What of the Chorus Corner, it's turning into a love nest - Unibrow
  • Belinda is alive, Belinda has arrived
  • The music is adding to my psychedelic experience - high girl
  • Good thing there wasn't any liquid in that fishbowl! Oh miss Libby - Mr Emon
  • Thou shalt not worship false idols - the Sage
  • The plane, it's the plane boss - Tattoo
  • Where else can you be at home, but here at Verlie's
  • Cause he's an old fool, from the old school - Rappa
  • The cookies were delicious! I'll be back soon! - love Corrisa


Saturday March 17th 2007

St. Patricks Day - Buffalo Creek

After a day of corned beef, and green beer, Buffalo Creek played the St. Patty's day party for the second year in a row. It is appropriate because bluegrass, and country music in general has it's roots in Celtic/Irish folk music. And a fine time was had by all. Here's what you said:

  • Why can't you tell me you like my hat, ya corker!!!!! - Joseph the scrapper
  • What a great St. Patty's day @ McVerlie's. Had a fine Irish night - McGrasshoppa
  • You can't have my Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious - Leprechaun dude
  • The luck of the Irish be with you. It sure was with me. Great music with Buffalo Creek, food and fun. - The Libonator
  • Meatball man beware!!! The Libonator is ready 4U!!!
  • Is he a man, or an organ grinders monkey?
  • No matter where you go, there you are - Beasabub
  • You never know when you will meet someone who will become a life-long friend - Sista B
  • He learned to be a scum-bag from the best
  • Buffalo Creek is the smokin' Buffalo Creek tonight - Boryslwan Sadowsky
  • 'ow kin ee wryte a blog win ee played drooms? - Drummer Mike
  • I feel so green!! Happy St. Patty's day! - Georgeanne
  • Verlie's, what a place. Happy St. Patty's day - PR Joe


Wednesday March 14th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Chris Collins, Fireside Symphony, Evil Robot Kevin

Chris Collins from the band Muttering Retreats opened the show playing solo. He did some good singer/songwriter tunes on piano. He played with alot of feel. Next up the return of Fireside Symphony. They had 5 members this time. Another band I've watched grow and get better every time. As always they were trading off instruments and singing. They bring a good vibe with them every time they play.
Finally Evil Robot Kevin finished off the night. He is a great vocalist and guitarist. He debuted some new songs, and is throwing in alot more humor now. I can't get enough of Cleveland Homegrown. Here's what you said:

  • The essence of eternal night. The light of the sun. With love- Brandon, Fireside Symphony
  • One great atmosphere keeps getting warmer! Love, peace, happiness - Brandon Fireside Symphony
  • Thank you, you rock! Bring the music, bring in the fun at Verlie's Cafe! - Fireside Symphony
  • It is not my first time performing at your place, and hopefully will never stop. I love Verlie's, it feels like home to me, you can feel the warmth of family. It's comfortable like you're seated in the living room in front of the TV and chillin. Thank you very much for a pleasant and wonderful hosting. Peace and Love - Shai Roots
  • I love coming to Verlie's to watch Evil Robot Kevin and Fireside Symphony. Chris Collins was a great addition to the Wednesday night schedule. These are great bands (and people). Thanks you Verlie's for giving them a place to play. The staff is really great too, and very friendly people - Jackson
  • Who needs pants? Rhinos don't wear pants and they are very horny!
  • Everybody gets along, that's the rules - Rob
  • He used to be an Evil Robot , but now he has devoted hos life to love
  • I have Jello in my nose - Cirano
  • Verlie's - taste good drinks, feel good music, makes life good! Peace and sunshine - Hester


Sunday March 11th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

The Whammer Jammers have been trying out some new material, and we broke out a few more last night. Another outstanding jam night. Thanks to the jammers: Josey, Lonnie Reid, Danny, Andy, and Poop. Here's what you said:

  • Keyboard Mania is there or else...
  • When all else fails, make funny noises, feedback, and wail - Nigel Tufnel
  • Space Truckin is still better than the original when you guys do it - Ashtray-eyeball
  • Lazy was great! Keyboard mania is on! June 23rd!
  • And it's Murder by Numbers 1, 2, 3. It's as easy to learn as your A,B,C's - Deacon Blue
  • The classified ads tell you more about what's going on in the world than the front page does - Big Dan
  • Now you see me, now you don't - the great hou"dan"i
  • Bridgettes B-day was great @ Verlie's. THank you! - Bridgette
  • Some hot jams, in a cool bar, that's what Verlie's has got - Kojoto Face
  • You know you're a redneck if you have a satellite dish on your car - Uncle Bubby
  • Close your you feel it? No? Close your eyes, do you hear it? No? Where the hell are you? If you were @ Verlie's you would feel it, hear it, Talent! Jam night is one of my favorite nights here. You say Cleveland doesn't rock? If feel the rock, and hear the rock you are @ Verlie's Sunday Night Jam. - LL


Saturday March 10th 2007

Stab-O-Matic, Baby Shaker, Trainwreck Radio

It was a power trio triple header last night. Stab-O-matic kicked things off. A high energy punk/power pop trio with a chick drummer. Thier energy was infectious, and they had the whole bar tappin thier toes and boppin thier heads. Next up Baby Shakers. Another punk inspired power trio, but a touch more melodic. I could hear hints of the British Invasion, yet also progressive, and psychedelic at the same time. Look for the return of the Baby Shakers in May. Finally Trainwreck Radio took the stage. They had a fierce energy, Bordering on screamo at times, they were probably the punkiest of the bunch. Overall an awesome show. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's and Baby Shaker a great combination, come back for more - Ed (baby shaker)
  • Tina, Liz, and Mark were here...stay tuned until next time
  • The Moby Dick Stabbers rawked!! - Innocent bystander
  • Mardi says Gaylord was here from NY on Friday, and they were great
  • Best music in the area, good service, and good people - Rob Bootler
  • I am afraid of no man, but I am afraid of vaginitis - Johnny O
  • Tranwreck Radio is a cool band, Dustin is Goms Hoggin
  • Verlie's Cafe is freakin awesome. Just relaxing, hanging, watching the bands in a cool atmosphere, enjoying a cold one. I love it. my friends love it. It's just cool - Chip - Baby Shaker



Sunday March 4th 2007

Sunday Night Jam

It has been a week of jam night reunions. Last night we had almost all the members of our original jam band: Box of Blues. With Poop and Evan on guitar, and Sebastian on bass, it was almost the full line-up. Thanks to Roelondo for sitting in on drums. Here's what you said:

  • Marty, you go girl...shake what Momma gave you - Bubbles
  • There is no acid in the green orbit...If there were, I wouldn't give it away - Deacon Blue
  • Beer on ice is mighty nice!!! - Zazu Pitts
  • Folsom prison blues? Nanci will never believe it. I hope this was recorded. Poop, is that you? - Sleepy
  • So touched by the music, Jason Burns applauded...the jukebox. He belongs here with us - Deacon Blues
  • I am so high, I can touch the sky. Don't want to come down, just want to fly. Fly into the burning sun. Mercury, Venus, Mars, just want to see the stars - Erin
  • I really liked the music tonight - Burns


Saturday March 2nd 2007

Xela, Magnum Opus

Xela and his band opened the night to a receptive crowd. They use alot of vintage equipment which gives them a warm, full sound, paired with Xela's smooth sensual crooning gives them a sound that is unparalleled. What other band covers "What a Day for a Day Dream"? Next up Magnum Opus, the band of a thousand faces. They went from Bluegrass, to Reggae, to punk, to Pink Floyd in thier first 3 songs. Look for the return of Magnum Opus on May 18th, here's what you said:

  • Xela rocked the house. Wow!! - Maggie
  • Xela and Verlie's are both hidden jewels. Only those who venture into Clevelands' deepest soul will find the treasure - C & S
  • I stopped in for one drink on my way home to watch "House on Haunted Hill" Then Xela started playing. That was 3 hours ago, and I'm still here - Rose
  • What happened to Johnny Lunch bucket? - Noah 'Frcho"
  • Danke, shizzle my nizzle - Xela
  • I can't wait until the 21st when "Blow" Jupiter plays - Witchy Poo
  • Kimmy is the greatest bartender in Ohio. Thank u, we always have a great time - Kat and Brady
  • What song is it you (don't) wanna hear?...I have a list! - Sista B
  • Music is like Star Wars. Good old Rock n Roll
  • Love the Magnum! - Phil and Amy
  • The Winepress in Painseville was a cool gig - Corn Toast Girl
  • Magnum Poor Puss Rocked!!!!
  • This is a cool bar. I had a great time. I really like this place - Jan-O the bass player Magnum Opus
  • You'll never have a bad time @ Verlie's - Scott (Magnum Opus)
  • I peed my pants!!! - Shizzle
  • On the night of the eclipse, there was a funky feeling @ Verlie's. I love this place with all of my large Hungarian heart - Steve-O (Magnum Opus)
  • Magnum Opus is genuine hardcore American working class rock. While embracing all musical styles (Reggae, Punk, and Metal) they delivered a bold musical experience. Xela is the guitar diamond in the ruff of Cleveland - JG
  • All the young dudes, carry the news, boogaloo too, carry the news - Mott the Hoople


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