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I've been thinking about doing this for a while, a "best of". I think I'll be doing this every year from here on out. Here are my picks from the past two years:


  • You have the music in your soul. You can't help but let it flow, love Verlie's - Suzy


  • Vickie, U Rock!! Haven't been here in years but I came in on jam nite & really loved the vibe. Get the word out, I will do my part, nice bartender too! Luv ya girl Jodi
  • I had a great time at the islands, but I missed this place because I can dance anywhere I please - Hank


  • Verlie's...Mmm...Mmm...The greatest place on earth! There ought to be one in Akron, but since there isn't, we'll keep coming to Cleveland. Thank you Vickie & Ken Crystal
  • I go between Storer Ave. & Lakewood, but I sure like Verlie's better. Better people, better fun, better music Jerry
  • I grew up in this neighborhood. There is no place with the musical talent, culture and spontaneity of this place. Returning to these mean streets of Cleveland to find this treasure of music was a blessing! - Skip Mann, St. Louis, Mo.


  • It's been a long time since my last visit to Verlie's...I feel like I was in another world! Good people, great music, and of course this place welcomes you. Not too many places like this left. I will be back! Thanks for the great time and excellent service. Lots of love - Ritchie Giachetti



  • Verlie's is one of Cleveland's best kept secrets. Vickie & Kenny are so hospitable. I feel like I am in their home. The crowd always welcomes me & for that I am so grateful. They set me up with all that I need, PA, mics, down to the guitar stand. What more could a girl want? Good crowd, cold Rolling Rock, good friends....I'm in heaven - Becky Boyd



  • It's Friday night. The atmosphere continues to enchant my soul. Thank you all for welcoming the neighbor into your sphere of friendliness - Declan


  • There's no place like Verlie's Cafe, The place to go to get away. Once you get here you'll want to stay, Listen to the awesome bands that play. Everyone is like family and waiting to say. Welcome to Verlie's and you'll have a nice day - Claudine



  • This has been a great jam! (and it's only a quarter to one) So many different faces, and so much original music! My head is reelin' If your not hooked on this place, you've never been here. Thank you Vickie & Kenny - Sleepy
  • I wanna drink my beer with my good buddies. We said come on down to Verlie's. Now I think the whole damn world's gonna show up here - Don Maynard Buffalo Creek


  • One of the most happening bars in Cleveland. Sitting in with the jammers brought me back to an earlier time when Cleveland was a music city. Very cool - Tony Petra



  • I love this place and always will. Because if you do not love something (and I do mean something) then f**k it. I love this place - Hank


  • Verlie's is magic. I don't know what it is about this cozy old bar. But it draws great musicians - Jamil


  • And she whispers and they all hush to hear. The lady she whispers and she says it so clear. The music is sweet, and friends are so dear - the chorus


  • Man, a whole plethera of players showed up. And I had the distinct pleasure of playing with Kristine Jackson. Such a great jam, I was honored to be in the room, let alone play with such talent. Good shit! - Jeremy


  • It's been a while and the magnetic force has brought me back to you. There is no substitute for the welcoming feeling you give me! - Love Declan
  • I don't drink so you won't catch me in a bar very often but Verlie's is different. I've never seen a place quite like it before. Not only are the people friendly but some of the best musicians I have ever seen will stop in there just to play a few tunes! Me? I am just some schmuck with a bass guitar and I am honored to have been asked to sit in on a few tunes with some awesome players. It's been an eye opening and enlightening experience for me to say the least! Verlie's is a place where anyone with music in their heart can come in and play or just listen without worrying about a few sour notes here and there. This is a place where anyone can realize the true power of music as long as they are courteous, respectful and can let their musical spirit fly free. Sunday night is jam (open mic ) night so bring yourself, your guitar, flute, bongos, bagpipes, didgeridoo or whatever you got that makes music and come on in and play !


  • Verlie's it's classic, maybe a secret. It's on the corner of 46th & Storer...wisdom hits you at the door, Real people are in store. I'll tell ya the silver city juke box will check you in...Joni Mitchell-hell yea! Verlie's check it out - Heather


  • I'm not much of a church goer, but I'll tell ya, the spirit is inside us all, and I've never felt my spirit vibrate like I do here at Verlie's! You can believe it if you wanna - Jeremy P. S. If you build it they will come


  • There's just no damn substitute for talent like we have here. Add that to more soul per square inch than anywhere else in town, and well, that just speaks for itself. By the way...I've NEVER even seen a heated argument, let alone a fight! Love, peace and (that's right) chicken grease - Sleepy


  • I want more places on this side of town to offer this type of live entertainment. Live music is dying, thank goodness for the holdout! - Cricket


  • Verlie's again proves it's the best kept secret on the west side. A unique watering hole this place hosts some of the best unknown talent in all of Cleveland. Check it out! - Pete
  • What a glad I stopped in...where else can I lay down some tasty blues, and share in some sorrow with Clevelands kindest people. No matter who you are, you can feel what you want in this joint. And tonight...well, we felt the blues - K. Jackson


  • Hanging at Verlie's, one of the last remaining real House of Blues. And rock and roll music in general.


  • Verlie's is and has always been like a second family to me. It doesn't matter when you go there, you always have a good time. Now they have music on the weekend, it couldn't get any better! Happy St. Pattys Day - Chris


  • Verlie's is an energy vortex for creativity - Kimo


  • This bar is a magnet, once you are here you can not break away - Taco Tina


  • This is one of the last traditional music gathering spots in Cleveland where good players come and hang out. And I am glad to be a part of it - Botchie


  • I love this place. These people dig right down into my soul and make me feel things I dare not cheapen with words. If there's no sex in heaven, there must be music! Shoulda been here! - Jeremy


  • Picture if you will...A bar, or is it a musical energy vortex tucked away in Cleveland Ohio. Next stop 46th & Storer...You've just entered the Verlie Zone


  • Music is spontaneous at it's best at Verlie's. Where area musicians gather for unique sound found nowhere else in Cleveland - Bear


  • There is NOWHERE else in Cleveland where you can go and see this much talent gathered in one place! There should be a line out the door on Sunday night! The stars shine bright at Verlie's - Georgeanne


  • Cleveland Homegrown stuff at Verlie's is the best stuff man. Come on in and smell what Vickie's cookin' - The Germ
  • Now I've reached the other side left myself behind Days have gone, tears been cried. Spent eternity in my mind. It's good to see you my friends, I shouldn't have been so blind to things that meant most to me, and wasted all my time - The Germ


  • Verlie's Cafe is where Rock N Roll resides, not just survives, but thrives. As real as meat and potatoes, hard as steel, the real deal - Mick
  • And then in the end we all ride toward the sky. Home to that place somewhere in space. Where we know the seeds we sow, will grow, row by row, high and low. Beyond that certain date. Still searching forever for that mate to vibrate @ our rate.


  • Verlie's felt like home. For a Cleveland bar, they were very accepting of original music. We had a good crowd and had a great time. Out of all of the Cleveland venues that we've played, Verlie's is the best time we've had in a while - Joe Weirdo
  • What can I say about Verlie's...the atmosphere here is very acepting to live music and they really care about building the Cleveland music scene back up...If you are in a band then you must play this venue. If you are a fan of local music then you must visit this most excellent place - Joe, Chase the Tale


  • As I sat on some real nice high back chairs, I felt "at home" Listening to some bluesy tunes. Smile on the bartender's face, and the owner Vickie celebrates her guests visit with a free jello shot. I'm home at last - Linda L
  • Verlie's...past souls remain shh sit quietly, you can hear the laughter from years past. Old pictures remain, reminders never forget those who sat before. Music plays bartenders serve. Round of drinks from one patron, glasses raise. A toast to eachother, another great night @ Verlie's


  • I never really heard of Verlie's before I played here, except from my friends' crazy step dad Joey, who is a huge metal head. I was a little intimidated at first, thinking it was a metal club. i was very surprised to find that the people here are amazing. Vickie and Libby welcomed the Morning After with open arms and treated us like family. That's something we have never experienced at other clubs. I would play here any day of the week. Besides, they have Pabst tall boys, who doesn't like those. Thank you Vickie and Verlie's, you have made my work week - Jake


  • Verlie's Cafe serves up good 'ol home made blues every Tuesday. It's comfort food for the soul and you guys get it cookin' for real. four stars!



  • I was away too long. I had forgotten and my soul felt wrong Jamil


  • I love this place. Ive been coming to Verlie's for over a year, I've spent two birthdays here, and from good, to bad, to ugly to just plain awesome, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Consummate inspiration is the best way I can describe it. Tonite with Jack and Jason is no exception. Fukengruven! - Grasshoppa



  • Hello Verlie's, My first time here and I must say I am highly impressed. There are far too few bars in Cleveland that spread this kind of vibe! It's a true hometown bar...dig it - Matty D


  • We've been walkin each other home for 30 years...We've been around the block a few times - Steve


  • Expressions...Verlie's has quality. The artists that play here are entertaining. They have good sound, smooth, almost calling you away from your day. Atmosphere is relaxing. It's a pleasure to be a part of! - Linda
  • What is this...a secret place? Unbelievable vibe, and music, I'm blown away - Shou


  • Verlie's Rocks! I really enjoy performing here because it's like you're hanging out at a friend's party, rather than a bar. Great vibe, cool atmosphere. See you in December - JT


  • I've paid big bucks to see shows in big arenas that were lame compared to this - witchy poo


  • In the heart if the gritty city lies a bar with the most firendly open minded rockers on the west side of Cleveland. THe bartender is a doll and the music is rockin. I love Verlie's - Brandon


  • We're conjuring up some good energy tonight - Witchy Poo


  • Hey Vickie, they've been drinking Pabst here years before all the followers caught on. in five years they'll try and catch on to the tunes tonight - your pal John


  • Verlie's...first thought...maybe I better not order a mosito here! A classic shot and beer joint from before prohibition, that still serves fishbowls! The dark paneling makes me feel very comfortable, and the Zappa on the jukebox is a sure sign of hipness! The changing of the seasons somehow makes this place as good to walk into as my cable-knit sweater feel to pull on after a season of storage! Somehow bright lights and ferns would never survive here, but the last sweet signs of summer can be left behind with the ferns, the lights, and the yuppies as the fishbowls prepare for winter! - Dr. Dragonfly


  • Again, wrapped in the ambient glow of Verlie's. Embraced by it's inhabatants and somehow enveloped in it's very architecture. It's song calls with exquisite noise. Thanks - Brian (DOHM/Complex Mold)
  • I think this is the beginning of whats really gonna happen here. I can feel it starting, and it's exciting - Sista B


  • I love Verlie's Cafe. Anywhere that serves Bud in a can has my approval. Let alone the vibe you get with a couple shots and a beer. Verlie's Cafe lets you show what you have in a small, but intimate setting. Verlie's is the meeting place for bands, but more than that, good people - Matt from Watson 387


  • I came for sex, drugs, and rock and roll...I left with rock and roll. And that's OK with me - Damian James


  • Why walk the beaten path when you can make your own - Tom


  • When you live this life, you walk through a door with a mission, never knowing when it's going to be time. It's great to play a venue where it's always time! Thanks for the whiskey and ears - J


  • Completing the a boy in the neighborhood i would follow my father everywhere, he would bring me to Verlie's. He would hand me a handful of quarters, and I would bowl on the machine for hours. Now here I sit nearly 35 years later listening to my son and his band 'Midnight at the Savoy" again until the wee hours. Time and distance may have taken this boy from the neighborhood, however you can never take the neighborhood from the boy. Long live Verlie's, the circle completes - Bill Forester



Saturday December 30th 2006

Stark Hot Assassins

Opening the show was Louey Stixx performing solo. He played a great set as always. Next up the guys from Stark Hot Assasins. they had various friends sitting in throughout the night. Along with awesome vocal harmonies, they encouraged the crowd to sing along. We had alot of fun as usual. Here's what you said:

  • By the fire mouth of the naked wildibeast, we shall reign. Good luck in 07 - Louey Stixx
  • Regi was here, fabulous night - Reg
  • let's get drunk together tonight. The 31st is for light weights - John
  • Anybody that does spinal tap is OK by me - Nigel
  • A winter array of lights giving the feeling that it us actually snowing in this global warming town of Cleveland. Classy cover tunes come from the graceful guitars and voiced of Stark Hot Assassin. It's the day before New Years Eve, and it's great to be able to spend it with friends in wonderful Verlie's Cafe. - Eric Koncz
  • I always say this every time we play here but...Verlie's rocks! Set one was OK, but set 2 was killer. Drummer Mike and Louie Styxx really helped kicked things up a bit. Happy New Year to all @ Verlie's, here's to a great 07 - peace JT
  • It's time to get busy living, or get busy dying - Andy Duphrane
  • Wake up Regi!!!!
  • Yum Yum, Good Stuff! - DM of BC


Friday December 29th 2006

The Uncanny Xela, the Formula, E-dubs

Last night was the long overdue return of Xela, and E-dubs. E-dubs was missing his band and went solo. He won everybody over with his smooth soulful crooning. He threw in some covers, but not the same old songs that have been done to death. How often do you hear someone cover "watchin the detectives" by Elvis Costello? Outstanding! Next the formula played their bluesy set. Finally Xela finished off the night. Xela is a mix of swing, R&B, and funk. He definitely is a throw back to another era, which is cool because this bar originated in another era. I think that not only the people in the bar, but the spirits were digging the music as well. Whatever the case there was some good mojo goin on. Here's what you said:

  • A hidden gem in Cleveland, with great tunes inside!
  • The best hosts you could have, always a welcome step away above the bullshit. Watch out for the rum and cokes - Jason
  • Xela had a tight jam going - Joe
  • Music makes the world go round - K rock
  • Xela's music transcends time and space -Witchy Poo
  • Thank you, I love you all. My favorite spot Verlie's. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year - Me
  • My uncle Al Vargo loved Verlie's as much as I do - Tim Fry
  • Leroy's Frosted Rock is the best band that doesn't suck. And I'll tell you why. Do PB and J sandwiched get you in the mood? I thought so. Another reason is "sweet ass licks". Don't forget. I love this place. Fuckin straight up like Dick Tracy...Danger Will Robinson
  • What would we do without Nick, the sheriff of Storer Ave - Zazu Pitts
  • He he tee he he he .....wipeout!!
  • Swing heil Xela ya! - Swing Kid
  • From California to the west side, a great neighborhood bar!
  • Johnny Luchbox ate my baby
  • I am here @ glorious Verlie's to see Xela. He is an old time friend. And I am glad to meet so many new friends here, Rock On!. I will be back - Becka
  • It's always kewl meeting a fellow musical traveler stopping by in late 2006 to spread some luv. Lay it on me luvmutha - Sista B
  • Thanx Verlie's, you made a wonderfulishness of a good time - Xela


Wednesday December 27th 2006

Cleveland Homegrown with King Tut, Midnight at the Savoy, Magnum Opus

First up King Tut. They were a duo consisting of a Sax player, and a guitarist/drummer. They only played 2 songs, but they were really good. The first song showcased the guitarist doing some classical type picking that was really impressive. Next up the return of midnight at the Savoy. It's been a while since they've played, and they've gotten a lot tighter. They have definitely become better showmen, pulling the audience in. This is what I love to see. Bands progressing, and moving forward, perfecting their craft. It gives me great satisfaction that Verlie's maybe played some small part in it. Finally we had Magnum Opus finishing off the night. It was their first appearance, and it won't be the last. They had us all fooled when they opened the show with a Reggae tune. Next thing you know they're playing bluegrass, funk, and rock. They transitioned efffortlessly from one style to the next. Another awesome homegrown night! Here's what you said:

  • After a long night of work, what better place to chill out than Verlie's Cafe - K. Kringle
  • I love the snowflakes. This bar is so cool, it's frosty
  • Dosy Doe your partner - Dolly
  • There's only a few places that make me feel at home when I'm drinking, and Verlie's is one of them - Ishmael (Steve-O) Magnum Opus
  • Have a shiny thing. Squibaldy flap kid. My starfish feel squishy. Verlie's is the shit
  • Good bar, good people - John - O
  • Great venue. excellent sound and uniquely fun atmosphere. Love this place - Midnight at the Savoy
  • Before I came to Verlie's i was a strung out nobody searching for meaning. After seeing Cleveland's homegrown with Midnight at the Savoy, I turned my life around
  • Holy shit, we fuckin shred - Midnight at the Savoy
  • This is one of the coolest hang outs to listen to cool music that I've been to in a long time. Midnight at the Savoy rocked Verlie's - Lori Forester Bay Village
  • What is the cure for the Holiday blues? Come to Verlie's for a night of Cleveland's finest original music - Z Pitts
  • Completing the a boy in the neighborhood I would follow my father everywhere, he would bring me to Verlie's. He would hand me a handful of quarters, and I would bowl on the machine for hours. Now here I sit nearly 35 years later listening to my son and his band "Midnight at the Savoy" again until the wee hours. Time and distance may have taken this boy from the neighborhood, however you can never take the neighborhood from the boy. Long live Verlie's, the circle completes - Bill Forester


Monday December 25th 2006

Christmas B-day jams

Another year, another fabullous party. Thanks to all who attended. Special thanks to all the musicians: Donzo, Drummer Mike, Fred, Roelondo, Josey, Pedro, Jeff, KC, Dave, Poo p, Shawn, Frank, Annewah, Mello, Jeremy, Kimo, Bob, Mark, and fellow b-day buddies: Carlene, Kevin, and John. Here's what you said:

  • Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die - Witchy Poo
  • I submitted one juicy piece - Annewah
  • Merry Christmas everybody. Happy birthday Vickie, Kevin, Carlene, and whoever else was born today. It's always a pleasaure to be at Verlie's! - Grasshoppa
  • Great night, great music, I had a blast - Dave
  • Where Bosh Tomash? - Valkyreeeee!!!
  • Why do you need 2 beers?...I'm drinking one. Whats the other one for?...I drinking it too! - Car
  • Birth date- time is here, time for joy, and time for fear. Another year is in the books, the face in the mirror has a new look - Dougs brother
  • What a fantastic night, a night to remember - Jeff James
  • Merry x-mas, happy b-day Vickie. I'll always be here for the birthday bash and jam, felt good as always. May 2007 be good and prosperous for us all!! love - Frank "silk' Smith
  • Who was seen entering Kevins' jeep and exiting approx 15 minutes later? Kevin was heard shouting "I am about to remove all of my clothes" This was all taken out of context, but does make for a good story eh? - Annowrecksic
  • great music. Erica and Rachels mom rox - Crystal
  • Since Eugene hasn't been here, I am breaking alot less strings - Rhino
  • Dats right, dats right, it's Christmas night, and everybodys feeling all right - Santa Nix


Saturday December 23rd 2006

Smiley Baldazar, and Metaphysical Zoo

It was Metaphysical Zoo's 1st appearance at Verlie's, and they kicked ass. With former Whammer Jammer Shaun on drums these guys were playing some kewl Floydish jams that were most excellent dood. Next up Smiley Baldazar returned with their blend of Zappa and Grateful Dead inspired jams. They played more instrumentals, and added a touch of screamo vocals. Here's what you said:

  • Cleveland still rocks...if you know where to look - Scott
  • I came to see Smiley Baldazar, but not only did I see them, but also metaphysical Zoo too! - Maggie
  • Dude, I'm having a flashback monn - metaphysical zoo fan
  • Verlie's has the nicest ladies room, and the x-mas decorations are the bomb! - Yvonne
  • Mardi and Kimmy are the sparkle twins - Zazu Pitts
  • A dream doesn't have a specific face... it's the general feel or it comes now! - Yeehaw!
  • life is too sweet to live slow!! - SW
  • I want to leave here inspired, not with a massive headache - Sista B
  • Is that Barney Rubble playing guitar for Smiley Baldazar? - Wilma F
  • Good thing I always carry a can of OFF with me at all times - Witchy Poo
  • This place rocks! Great music and cool people - David
  • He is on my to do list, but I haven't done him yet - the girl
  • You are watching the mating dance of the drunken bufoon - Marlin Perkins
  • Smiley Baldazar has awakened deep memories of the Banana Splits exploding in the atmosphere of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom - Tony Void
  • This is a place to come and be happy. Meet old friends and new ones. We'll always come back and visit as long as we live - Bob and Karen
  • Been here twice, both times with bands. Atmosphere is friendly, better than we expected. Vibe is great! Whenever I get to rock and shoot some stick with the bartender (rematch) doesn't get any better than this -Rich Farrell
  • I love Verlie's - Corinne
  • Both bands rocked!! had a great time! Verlie's rocks. So glad I got to experience the energy. thank you - Erin
  • Rock n roll is alive and well in Cleveland. Verlie's Cafe has done well to bring Smiley Baldazar and Metaphysical Zoo to jam!!
  • If you have a hostile attitude..what do you expect? Why bother - TG
  • how come I never remember leaving Verlie's? - Steve
  • Don't eat that rye, don't eat that rye, don't eat that jewish rye - SB


Friday December 22nd 2006

Starloft presents: Big Brother's Brother, Fireside Symphony

Big Brother's Brother were missing their drummer. By the end of their set they had a drummer, and a couple of percussionists joining them. For the most part it was Sax and bass and a little sequenced stuff thrown in. Really cool, at times it was like a jazzy drone. Next up was fireside symphony. It was equally as cool. 3 guys, one guitar, various percussive instruments. They took turns playing all the instruments, and singing. Almost like a drum circle with guitars and vocals. if you weren't there, you can catch these guys when they return to host a Cleveland Homegrown show on January 31st. Here's what you said:

  • Big Brothers Brother, with surprise drummers. Entertaining the crowd with the smooth saxophone stylings and steady bass - Jay and Mike (prince of funk)
  • Everyone crawls out of the woodwork at Christmas time - Joyeux Noel
  • Cafe un Rock, great sounds, great crowd!
  • I think he's lore moaded than me! - loaded girl
  • Penn and Teller living under the same roof - Hoo ya!
  • Happy holidays everyone! Come to the Christmas/Birthday bash on the 25th. Starloft show, these guys are groovy. I love you Verlie's - Grasshoppa
  • That guys got a didgeridoo, thats freakin awesome! Verlie's jams never cease to blow me away! - Anon Blond
  •'s a bit strange right now to blog...maybe a clog or a log...Mr Amon
  • Had a great time, will come again. keep up the live entertainment - Londi
  • Back to a place where words can set you free in the form of a song at a place where creativity flows - way of love
  • A wise man once told me...every second you have is another chance to turn it all around - Mike
  • Verlie's Cafe! friendly folks, good drinks, great music!!! I will definitely be back again! Peace - Brandon, Fireside Symphony
  • Been here, been there, yet tonight here is the best Friday night I had today - thanx Cookie


Wednesday December 20th 2006

Abusive X, Formula, Dead Letter Room, The Drone Machine

First up the Gothfather Jeff James latest project Abusive X. It was actualy Abusive X lite, Jeff and KC, with their buddy Tom sitting in on a few. Next up was Formula. They were a blues based band with a female vocalist. Next up David Kay and Dead Letter Room. When they took the stage the place came to life. They had everyone boppin and dancing in the isles. Finally, the return of the Drone Machine. I joined the droners this time, as well as 3 drummers, and 3 guitarists. The Drone is definately growing on me, look for a regular drone night in 07. Here's what you said:

  • The bar at night was a pleasant delight - K
  • The Drone Machine...perfectly free of structure
  • All of my favorite bands in one night! - David Kay
  • Happy Hollydrones! to: the Verlie Machine from: the drone machine
  • Captian Winky and the foreskins rocked my world - Sigmond
  • Why walk the beaten path when you can make your own - Tom
  • When you live this life, you walk through a door with a mission, never knowing when it's going to be time. It's great to play a venue where it's always time! Thanks for the whiskey and ears - J
  • Playing at Verlie's was the bomb! i thoroughly enjoyed the frequencies of the bass guitar as they rolled the deepest core of my epididimus - MJG
  • Not only do we rock, but Verlie's rocks more - KC from Abusive X
  • "night at the improv" Abusive X - 2 practices...diverse, interesting. Some potential, better than EZRA. The Formula - Jam rock, lazy boys blues. Dead Letter Room - Glam, punk, rock, kick ass! Drome Machine - "Drone Kill Roy"
  • As an older musician I'd have to say it's so refreshing to see the younger ones jam so well! Great original repertoire - Mr Eman
  • We want more! - NL
  • A new Verlie's record! That last "cosmic' tune went about 45 minutes! Drone on guys! - Der Mulletmeister
  • drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone drone - 2006
  • Keepin the beat all night long, and then some - Sam O
  • Drone and they will come - Carlos
  • The drone sensation is sweeping the nation - Rhino
  • I lost track of all time and space - DD


Sunday December 17th 2006

Sunday Night jams + the Five Percent from PA

Opening the show was the 5 percent from PA. They played an oustanding set. Their sound was reminiscent of Dave Matthews, Steely Dan, and the Police they rawked. We followed it up with the Sunday night jams. Adam Constantine joined the Whammer jammers filling in on bass. He did an awesome job, and brought some new energy to our set. Thanks to all the jammers: Josey, John, Donzo, Jay, Poop, Shawn, Mello, Ernie, Mike, Roelondo, Megan, Jeremy, Terry, Ken O, Drummer Mike, and Don for coming out. Don't miss the jam/party of the year next week on Christmas night, see ya then! Here's what you said:

  • The Five percent is a band of young guys from PA. Normally PA symbolizes the Steelers, but not tonight - MAggie
  • We had a great time. great vibe and people, hope we'll be back through soon. thanks - the Five Percent
  • Verlie's jams are awesome, I saw a guy turn into a farret there - Birtha
  • I am surrounded by carnivores - Witchy Poo
  • Whose hand is on by back? - Donzo
  • I'm not gay, I just don't like to polinate - Ken
  • What a great way to kick off the holiday season! Good friends and good musicians. Fantastic - Mclay
  • Oooma Gooma, Hunky Dorie, Potato potato, tomato tomato - grisle
  • Verlie's is the place to be. It was great. Sunday at Verlie's, I got away from the issue at home and got to enjoy myself with good music and people - thanks Thorn
  • Good jam y'all. Led Zepelin cool dude - Mike
  • Tonight I walked in on a whole lotta love. I always bring a little love of my own to this musical mecca of magnificent measurement. I'll be back next week - Grasshoppa
  • I had a blast at Verlie's on jam night - Ernie
  • 9:15pm - sitting on the couch, scratching myself, watching the family guy. 9:17pm - phone call from Reese, he seems frantic, he requests my help. 9:22pm - finding my cleanest dirty clothes. where's my bass?? 9:28pm - watch the rest of the Family Guy, scratch myself again, complain about being hungry, search for car keys. 9:38pm - find bass, load amp into van, search for car keys. 9:40pm - Pull out of the driveway, aim the van towards Verie's. 9:52pm - Hurry to set up equipment, greet fellow musicians. 9:58pm - order tasty beverage from friendly barkeep. 10:00pm- show time. 10:01-present - get drunk, play rock and roll, have a blast with my friends, party on!!! Thanks for inviting me to play tonight - Adam C


Saturday December 16th 2006

Lost State of Franklin

The crowd was a little light last night, but LSoF put on a great show none the less. They were tighter than ever, and the harmonies were on the mark. One of the highlights of the show was guitarist Rob Muzick using everything in the house including various parts of the mic stand, and Scotts trumpet for a slide. A good time was had by all. Here's what you said:

  • Absolutely amazing is the only way to describe the music and sounds of Lost State of Franklin tonight at Verlie's. If you weren't here it was definitely your loss - Maggie
  • The band was good, the beer was cold, had a good time
  • Bluegrass sound rules! loved your jam! Great job! LSoF! - Drummer Mike of BC
  • Hope is even a better singer, than dancer - Zazu Pitts
  • We are gonna come into this bar and unleash some psychedelic fury - Sean Metaphysical Zoo
  • His drum set is a micro cosmic orchestra - S
  • Dude...they gave us a van
  • Happy holidays to everyone here - Linda Lou
  • Lock the doors, and put away the children. Wild woman is coming out - Martha O-Milla
  • Verlie's Rocks! I love this place. Hope we can get invited back to play again - Rob Muzick, Lost State of Franklin


Tuesday December 12th 2006

Tuesday Acoustic jams

Last nights jams were hosted by Jack and Steve Masek. Thanks to all the jammers: Kimo, Josey, Rhino, Georgeanne, Botchie, Miami Steve, Jeremy, and Reese. Here's what you said:

  • I missed this place and the people, it was good to be back, and the lights and tinsel were an awesome touch along with all my friends, to make the night extra special - Jeremy
  • The musicians were smokin' last night in Verlie's, try and put a ban on that - Grasshoppa
  • It's not a blue world max, where could we go?...Verlie's!
  • Don't eat the tinsle it gives you the shits on a string of tinsle - Steve
  • Soulful and like home - Botchie and Sue
  • If you want to have a great time go to Verlie's - joe
  • Let your freak flag fly - Wilson
  • The secret is out, cookie129 - Witchy Poo
  • Vickie, thanks for letting me play along on your Christmas song! What a great night! Awesome musicians! Thanks jack for calling me out to play - Georgeanne
  • Mele Kaleke Maka- Merry Christmas - Kimo
  • A Hui Ho ake kawela kaua! Hei makae kai hehe lawei - pumana hete makae kai, Hey! come over what;s gone on What are you going to do. My sista stay with me - Kimo
  • Tuesday night, no where to go. Stop at Verlie's, it's the only place to be. Jam, jam, jam. Libby is the bomb, and Vickie and Kenny the best host -PR Joe


Sunday December 10th 2006

Sunday Night Jams

Ahhh the Sunday night jams. The end of a long week spent doing what I love to do. Makin music with some of Clevelands finest. Thanks to all the jammers: Sebastian, Whyatt, Josey, Keith, Roelondo, Song Bird, Byron, Brandon, and Donzo. Here's what you said:

  • Everyone come to Verlie's if you want to hear some real jammin - Rh
  • It looks like the stars are falling out of the sky in here, or are they rising? - Deena
  • Where is Possum up a gum stump anyway? - Dougs brother
  • John Harlan...the white Fred Sanford
  • Do it, do it, do it on the pavement - C H
  • Seven Mary 3 and 4, respond to a possible one eight seven in progress - Donzo
  • We 3 kings of orient are, trying to smoke a rubber cigar. It was loaded and exploded, blowing us to yonder star! ok that was cheesy, love the lights. Merry Christmas and a happy bob weir! I like beer!! - your sista from another mista
  • Put it in your pocket, and don't let anybody hock it - Security
  • Tonight is a fuckin wild party on Sunday night jam - Evan
  • Verlie's, thanks alot for the great time! I definitely appreciate all the musical talent tonight - Roelondo


Wednesday December 6th 2006

Power Head Kids, Doc's Ferment

Opening the show was the Power Head Kids. They were some dudes in funky hats playing some punky tunes. Reminiscent of the Ramones with a little humor thrown in, these guys killed. Headlining the show was one of my favorite local bands - Doc's Ferment. Once again I had a front row seat to them working themselves into a musical frenzy! If you love progressive music, Doc's Ferment is a must see. At the end of the night we had a little jam. I had the pleasure of sitting in, as well as members of the Square Casanovas, and Irreality. What a night! This is the stuff dreams are made of. Here's what you said:

  • Power Head Kids, i wanna have your baby!!! - the Hustler
  • I eat fruity pebbles every day too dood! - Count Chockula
  • Doc's Ferment ripped it like no other. So much talent in so little surface area. The highlight, Vic Wakeman improving with members of Doc's Ferment and the Square Casanovas. Verlie's rocks harder than any club in the area. That's the honest truth - Austin Powerhead
  • I know you're f*ckin someone else...I, I, I, I, I'm not your steppin stone.
  • I love this place, more than I hate myself
  • Libby makes the best shots, she is the shiznat
  • Where is Drummer Mike? Your tinsel awaits!
  • It doesn't suck here - Grand Ma Ma
  • "She" likes to giggle disturbingly
  • Power head kids + Doc's Ferment, absolute comedic nightmare becomes "the progressive science of nature" followed by a ridiculous jam session. I love it - N8 of irreality


Tuesday December 5th 2006

Acoustic Jams

Christmas blew into Verlie's last night, and the jams were hosted by Jack Frost and Mr Jing-a-ling (aka Jack Charlton and Kevin McCarthy). After spending all day putting up decorations the place looks like a winter wonderland. I love the Christmas season, and I think everyone was full of Holiday cheer last night. Thanks to all the jammers: Josey, Rhino, Roelondo, Miami Steve, Reese,and Donzo. Here's what you said:

  • Happy B-day Libby! - Witchy Poo
  • Happy B-day Libby, I wish you joy 4-ever. PS - thank you KMac - Jack
  • The Christmas decorations look very nice at Verlie's. They make you feel welcome along with the customs and owner at Verlie's. They have the Christmas Spirit which we all need. Happy Birthday Libby!
  • i've been coming here since 1998. I've met wonderful people. I love coming here!! - Mike the glassblower
  • Those who will tell, don't know, and those who know, won't tell - the Mayor
  • Verlie's @ Christmas makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - Zzu
  • Merry X-mas to all of Verlie's friends and family. And have a happy hangover - Sandra
  • The bar owner reminds me of my Mother, that's great. The atmosphere is wonderful. The band rocks and plays requests. Couldn't be better, I always have a good time when I come here. Libby is great, she is always a plpeasure, can't wait til Tuesday. Pretty much the only time I come here, but that will change because it's too fun. Thank you Verlie's. - Bob
  • Every Holiday is a wonderful holiday at Verlie's - Linda Lou
  • I smoke, you smoke, you know it's a joke, everybody must get smoked - Steve
  • Peace on earth - Kmac
  • Peace of ass - JC
  • Rhino becomes...instant big daddy
  • And that's how I've maintained all night...stick with one item - the Libonator


Friday December 1st 2006

Chase the Tale

It's been a while since Chase the Tale has played. They have added some new players since then, including Andy on keys, and Zach on mandolin. They rocked out as always with their mix of originals and covers. Look for the return of Chase the Tale next year. Here's what you said:

  • Chase the Tale rocks out with their cock out - Jackie
  • That was tout sweet - Sandra
  • I wanna ride the tiger again - The girl
  • The music brought back some old memories, good music - Bill
  • The flame that burned out long ago - Chase the Tale
  • Carol is the note queen - Zazu Pitts
  • I like bar! It is good! My woman says it is! - Josh
  • Wow!!! Vickie you rocked those keys - Steve (Chase the Tale)
  • Unbelievable dood! We just discovered the key of H! - John, Josey, and Chris
  • Shake that laffy taffy - Stacy
  • Good time @ Verlie's again. Thanks for having us - Steve (Chase the Tale)
  • Poop's the evil emperor from Star Wars - Andy
  • We love playing at Verlie's. the people are great. the atmosphere is wonderful and it's always a good time. We'll see y'all in the New Year!! - Joe (Chase the Tale)
  • I want to hear some heavy shit - Mike
  • Andy, you are such a band hoe - Witchy Poo
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