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Friday November 30th 2007

It was Kenny's B-day and we had a little party. Thanks to Hartwig from Degameth for providing the entertainment. The Bar is finally fully decorated! If you haven't been down here during the Christmas holiday,you've got to stop down and check it out.

  • Happy Birthday to Rhino. May you enjoy many more. Your friend - PR Joe
  • Happy birthday Kenny! It was great to see you and Vickie tonight. I always feel comfortable and at ease when I'm in here, like no other place. We'll see you Sunday for the jam - Georgeanne
  • happy 18th Anniversary of your 29th Rhino - DM
  • meet me at the hotel Rhino. Always good times - Lego
  • Reese is definately NOT a lecherous perve - Witchy Poo
  • Only on Kenny's B-day can you hear a metal version of Genie in a bottle - Ostrich
  • Wanna hang some tinsel?


Sunday November 25th 2007

It's that time of year again.......we've embarked on our annual decorating extravaganza! Once again Verlie's will be transformed into a magical winter wonderland. Be sure to stop down at some point in the season. THanks to all the jammers who turned out: Mello, SHawn, Chuck, Sean, John, Lego, Louie, Josey, Whatt. Here's what you said:

  • Faces of Then rawk! - Chris
  • I was a teenage werewolf - Lego
  • Sometimes you feel like metal, sometimes you don't - Gary
  • There's a kind of hush...all over the world tonight, All over the world you can hear the sounds of lovers in love - Petula Clark
  • I've got a fever for cowbell, and the only prescription is more cowbell - Will
  • I am just a poor soul, I'm weak. But I've gotta stand tall. Tryin not to fell too deep
  • Your snowplake strand twinkles - Grand Ma Ma
  • Singing drummers are the sheet - Grlz
  • We put Grandma in a home because she made a boom on the rug!
  • I'll meet you at crack catans later - the crafty one
  • Just think the wave meets early red hot chilli peppers
  • Pucking is not fun - Evan
  • Then after they cast their bodies into the swamps by the ancient forest, they returned to their stolen city to set about their new existance. But the old gods were angered by the chosen children. They sought a way to define the forest of the people by the edge of the old world
  • one more reason to fall in love with American unlimited Denim - H Robert Stevenson III


Sunday November 18th 2007

Sunday Jams

Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Roelondo, Rusty, Jon, and Josey. Here's what you said:

  • Keep on Truckin - Rusty
  • i'm a Cancer...slash stupid - the Mobile One
  • Why fight when you can love? - H Robert Stevenson III
  • high life, RU stupid, kill yourself and fukin die!!!! - Jon Noble
  • I can't tell which is better, Jon's comedy or his bass playing - Lego
  • Let's play "win a Dego", brought to you by Bud Life - Taco Tina
  • I left the bacon frying, and fucked him right outside the kitchen door
  • Be a gypsy get around, pick your feet up of the ground, weedo weedo get around


Saturday November 17th 2007

Aphrodites hero

Last night was the return of Lego's band Aphrodites Hero. It seemed like a jam night, because half the bar was jammers. A really fun night. Here's what you said:

  • A great night at Verlie's as always. One Love - Dreadie Mamma
  • Un freakin believable! Aphrodites Hero and the mix was worth the price of admission. A memorable night! - George
  • The drinks and the bar staff were amazing! The band was awesome too! Thanks for a great time - Linda
  • I had the best red headed slut. The band was awesome!
  • The flute player was amazing. Aphrodites Hero is awesome - Kara
  • Everytime I end up here I hear the greatest jams! this place is seriously one of Clevelands best kept secrets - A
  • Aphrodites Hero and friends rocked it 2 nite. At one point there were 9 people on stage. Good shit! - Ostrich
  • Aphrodite is my hero - MJ
  • Dread it up Kenny
  • Wait....i thought it was tomorrow. i'm so confused
  • You're gonna have to serve somebody. It might as well be me. Can I have another shot please? - Blue


Sunday November 11th 2007

Sunday Jams

A stellar jam night indeed. Speacial thanks to Shawn Hapney for filling in on drums, and all the jammers: Lego, Christy, Shawn, Mello, Bob, and Rusty. Here's what you said:

  • Good people and good times. I love this place - Mello
  • the heart is what makes life- Ostrich
  • I always keep my bag of tricks up my ass - Sista B
  • a doughnut already - Marge
  • Great to be back @ Verlie's jammin with some of the best musicians in the land of Cleveland, One love - Christy
  • Chilly weather is upon us. time for a cup o' campbell noodle soup mmm mmm good
  • No matter what the circumstances, it's Verlie's Sunday Night - H. Robert Stevenson III


Wednesday November 7th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with: Sean Benjamin, The Woovs, Gabe Gott

Last night was one of the best homegrown shows in a while. Starting with the return of Sean Benjamin. Sean performed an acoustic set with superb vocals. You can see some video on out site from a previous performance. Next up the Woovs. Soulful, R and B, reggae mixed with some vintage sounds. They also switched instruments which added to the show. Finally Gabe Gott an up and coming singer songwriter finished the night. A very enjoyable night, here's what you said:

  • Warm room, thanks -the Woovs
  • Verlie's is like home away from home, except the pool table is purple. The place is classic
  • A great bar working on getting music out - Jason
  • I love Sean Benjamin. He is the best ever - Allie
  • Live music, and cold drinks. That's why we keep coming back - Me
  • Thanks for the nachos, even though we neede another chip, maybe next time - Tree
  • i love Verlie's because - Sean
  • An undiscovered gem awaiting discovery. Anyone who appreciates live music is missing a personal show every night. I can't believe I've found a small town venue in an overpopulated city. This is a publishers dream come tru, an artists dream come true - Julios Staxth


Sunday November 4th 2007

Jam Night

Another fabulous jam, thanks to the players: Lego, Josey, Donzo, BF, and Shawn. Here's what you said:

  • Drums, Evan is drums, drums are Evan. Evan rocks, Evan is hot - Maggie
  • James Brown aka Evan rocks - Ostrich
  • Another night @ Verlie's, the best! - T
  • Kesslers....smooth as silk
  • Kiss me, I'm stoned - Tree
  • It's the greatest love story that will never be told
  • Through time and space, moments occur that touch your soul, and spirit. Verlie's Sunday night - Lego
  • Soon the gypsy queen in a glaze of vaseline will perform on guillotine. What a scene, What a scene


Saturday November 3rd 2007

Faded Hope, Mourning Star

Last night was the debut of Mourning Star. A tight 90's inspired rock band, a real crowd pleaser. Next the return of Faded Hope. One of my favorite local bands. With outstanding vocals, and good songs, Faded Hope is a band to watch. here's what you said:

  • Mourning Star kicks ass - Ostrich
  • i really enjoyed the first band, they're great - Rose
  • When we walked in we were worried because it is small. But it rocked very hard, and we would love to play again - Tim Mourningstar
  • Cheap beers, band parking, great people. These are the things that make this bar great. Nice to see some rockers still banging their heads in this city. I'm definitely coming back - Chris from Mourningstar
  • This was the 1st time I've been to Verlie's Cafe. I was not sure what to expect. The staff was great and helped us to have a great night. The crowd was definitelyhin into the music and that was awesome. I think the crowd liked our original music more than the covers we played. Anyone looking for a cool club should check this place out - Don
  • MTV unplugged @ Verlie's Cafe with Faded Hope....great atmosphere - Ostrich
  • I am the master of the fake smile - Fake Smiler
  • Great band, hope to see and hear them again soom - Irma
  • They 're great, playes awesome music - Marge


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