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Sunday October 29th 2007

Sunday Jams

Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Roelondo, John, Bear, Bob, Derek. Here's what you said:

  • Jam nite was great tonite!- Ostrich
  • Verlie's rocks as usual. Anyone who has not experienced this place is just a lost soul. Waiting for the inevitable -Maggie
  • I'm so glad for Sunday at Verlie's. After the full moon it seems like everyone is re-energized, and something special happens - Lego
  • Kristle's got on her high heeled sneeker, and we're gonna rock tonight - Deacon
  • It's alright.... When Sunday comes, it's alright, time to come to the club were ideas rome free
  • There on the edge of the old forest, they found the city of the old gods. From the world before their written words. They saw rock with old writing, barely legible, covered in moss ans debris. Left from generations of vermin that frightened men from the forest for hundreds of years. The city was gray and decrepid. But still they went in and found the reason for their nomadic existance. The old Gods were not Gods, but men who had cursed the very existance of their children. Their descendants were damned not to know of their forebearers to wander and scrape their lives from under the rocks from the rivers outside the forest. more next week - Jon


Sunday October 21st 2007

Sunday Jams

Although it wasn't a good night for the Indians, it was a good night for rock and roll. Thanks to all the jammers: Pat, John, Lego, Roelondo, Brittany, Shawn, Andy, Rusty, Poop, Josey, and Chris. Here's what you said:

  • Cookie said: let there be light, and there was
  • Call the powers that be, and make the music - Andy
  • Jam night was fun and unexpected! 2 nite was a sad night for the indians - Ostrich
  • Oh Cleveland! the smell of victory was so close to the smell of defeat! sounds like a genital kind deal, one slip and it's "the peeper" savor the poop
  • This chicken egg rolls are delicious and awesome - Evan
  • The hooey can work miracles, thank you for my healing - Sista B


Sunday October 13th 2007

Sunday Jams

Sunday Jams are the best. Thanks to the jammers: Drummer Mike, Poop, Kimo, Dono, Roelondo, jeremy, Josey, Ken O, Rusty, Jeff, Dave, Shawn, and Robert. Here's what you said:

  • Evan is my sunshine - Cocktail wench Ostrich
  • My God, this jam was one of the best in a long time. i love this joint. Thanks Pebbles - Reese
  • Verlie's doesn't have any f*ckin Champagne room, and we wouldn't have it any other way
  • Ah haaaa! wipeout! or maybe wiped out? - Mr Emon
  • Dude that was awesome. I'm speechless, overcome by the cream of human goodness. Warm and fuzzy feelings to all. Happy Brithday Sue! - Grashoppa
  • Thank you Verlie's for helping me celebrate my birthday. You all rock. i love you Jeremy. - Sue
  • Jon Noble's bass is the next best thing to heaven. There is no better around - Deacon
  • I f*ckin love Verlie's. It's the shit, good time - Jimmy
  • The seventh angels trumpet was blown! It's time for "grateful Thursdays, hosted by Russ K. he promises to change your life or maybe more!!! open Mic and free love


Sunday October 6th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Poop, KC, Dave, Steve, Jeff, John, Josey, Rusty, Shawn, Drummer Mike, Here's what you said:

  • I love jam night! it's my favorite day of the week! - Ostrich
  • I am happy I came to Verlie's. It helped me come out of the basement. I love music and I will never leave again - Josey
  • You know sometimes I feel like blog is my friend, i mean one time I was sitting around thinking about blog and I says "hey ya know blog?, yeah I do!'
  • Unity through diversity. We love each other because we're different. this only happens in one place...Verlie's - Deacon
  • I'm baked - Even
  • I'm almost 2 depressed to blog. however...Anarchy must overcome the planet prison!!! fuck corporations and fuck shit up!! - Voltaire
  • Push me, make me play some crazy shit! Strech me out, I f#@kin dare you - Splifless
  • I was drawn back to Verlie's, my hood, to expected pleasures of "out of this world tunes" the talent is limetless - Maggie


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