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Sunday January 27th 2007


Another music filled week @ Verlie's. Nothin Fancy on Tuesday, Brendan Kelly and Brandon Oliver on Wednesday Homegrown, Bill Hach on Friday, Hayshaker Jones on Saturday, and Sunday jams. Thanks to the jammers: Poop, Russ, Andy, Tiffany, Mark, and Jess. Here's what you said:

  • Derek is a chick magnet - Witchy Poo
  • Tiffany Shea, wow! I know i not supposed to say "wow", but wow! I was gonna go out and smoke long ago, but I can't leave while she's playing. Andy's rockin, and Russ is pimpin, what the f#ck! - DB
  • Another night at Verlie's and I'm soo happy!!! It's hard to fit Sunday nights in, but so well worth it!!! I decompress, relax, enjoy, and then it starts all over again - UT
  • We coulda been on the prowl for boys together - the girl
  • Did you ever feel like death is following you around? That's what Pluto on the moon has been like.
  • I always loved the wucka chuckas, and the cowbell too!
  • What would chef Ramsey say about that? - Bullox
  • Come and see my new band "Metal Nipple"
  • PBR me ASAP - Hercules
  • Fun Sunday. Verlie's and the Whammer Jammers!!! - Andy
  • Elvis has left the building! - Declan mcManhus
  • Tried to blog, ran into a clog, the voice from Texas was fun to hear, but much fun also from the cookies and beer - rock n roll junkie
  • I showed up from out of town. everybody was really cool, nice, and fun, and could REALLY PLAY! this place is a hidden treasure of the west side - Tiffany Shea


Sunday January 20th 2007

Sunday Jams

It was a cold and frigid but the jams were inside were hot. Thanks to the jammers: Rick, Shawn, Rusty, Danny, Mike, Roelondo, and John. Here's what you said:

  • I drove that suckaup that hill - Evil Boweavil
  • Stop playing, i have to pee, Fuck it, i'll wait. Oh great, now I'm wet, whatever - DB
  • Shawn is as good of a drummer as he is a singer, and Evan can play anything
  • First in last out the heads up. Local crew packs em in. No body lost we hear you, we are always everywhere - UBAT


Sunday January 13th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Thanks to all the Jammers: Lego, Dono, Shawn, Josey, Kristine Jackson and friends, Scott, Rusty, and Jack. Here's what you said:

  • Like jumping back to the beginning. Like playing in the living room that helped me get to where I am! Verlie's is another home! -KJ
  • Happy Birthday Shawn! - Witchy Poo
  • First comes the random chords, then a solo. watch it happen - Lego
  • I closed my eyes and thought Joe Cocker was in the room - Lee Wood
  • This place reminds me of the swing in on W. 25th street - Bruce
  • We can't go on without the number 6!!! - HRS3
  • Are you gonna play some music or what?
  • Ru PIu? L hand over R, I breath into hand. Practice! - Ranon
  • The Dog Days of winter are upon us. It's time to hunker down and bundle up


January 2-6th 2008

So another musical year begins @ Verlie's. Although no one wrote BLogs during the week, there were some noteworthy performances starting with Nathan Corsi and Rachel Roberts on Wednesday. Both were amazing vocalist and fine examples of local Cleveland talent that we showcase every Wednesday. Stop down any Wednesday to see and support up and coming local original artist.
We had a very special show on Thursday, when America's Sweethearts came to town. hailing from NYC the girls (and one guy) stopped in to play @ Verlie's on their way to Chicago. Backed up by local bands: Hot Ham and Cheese, and Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins, it turned into an awesome night. You can see some video on our youtube page.
Another out of town band from Chicago - Feton played a couple of sets on Friday.
Faces of then made their Verlie's debut and rocked the house on Saturday.
Finally the piece de resistance of the week, the Sunday jams. And apparently the only day of the week that people seem to write blogs. It was the first jam of the year, and the first jam with new Whammer Jammer bass player Derek Poindexter. I love playing with Derek and he is a marvelous addition to our Sunday night jam. Thanks to all the jammers: Lego, Rusty, Bob, Terry, Gary, and Brenden. Here's what you said:

  • you are in the pressence of La Beotch!!! Step off!!
  • I have the best radio - Grasshoppa
  • You were "smokin up" weren't you!!!!! - John Law
  • My anger management class pisses me off!- bassman
  • New year bringin back the hooey. See ya next week - Lego
  • This is my first blog...I guess let me start with how fully blessed I am. If it is possible to have a "wonderful life" i need no angel to show me - Danielle
  • I had to get to Verlie's before the Christmas bills came. Another great night, talented and beautiful people to meet
  • This bar rocks. mardi is the best bartender
  • I've been playing at this bar for 3 years. My only regret is that it hasn't been 30! - Deacon Blues


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