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Wednesday January 31st 2007

Fireside Symphony, Evil Robot Kevin

Opening the show was Evil Robot Kevin. He was a singer songwriter and did some nice guitar work. He payed homage to Lennon and the Beatles. I could also hear hints of other 70's artists including James Taylor, Jim Croce, and even a little John Denver at times. A very entertaining set, look for Evil Robot Kevin to host a homegrown show on March 14th. Next up was the return of Fireside Symphony the interchanging trio. It is a truly unique experience, liken to a drum circle, but with a guitar, and vocals as well, they've got to be seen and heard to be appreciated. Verlie's love Fireside Symphony, what an experience. Here's what you said:

  • As an evil robot, I would say that Verlie's is an exceptional place to hear live music, intimate as it is. Much much love is desrved. please frequent - Evil Robot Kevin
  • And we lit the candles, and it was warm inside, and the magic happened - Witchy Poo
  • The meatball sub I had @ Verlie's was delicious. Not to mention the 2ply napkins were very durable. Great music and sound system - Jackie Chan
  • Only his hair dresser knows for sure - Toni twin
  • Shampipple?!? - laMonte
  • And she struts like the queen of the bowery. You can have that, I'm ready to soar - Double Elle
  • By far the best live music in Cleveland! Verlie's rocks! plus clean, nice ladies room, which is hard to find on the west side! -Genene from Willoughby
  • Don't drink the f*#k in it - JH
  • Purple pool table, budweiser can on fake wood, cold night warm music - Edward Munch
  • Verlie's! Nothin better. Booze and music at it's finest! Here's to Cleveland, here's to Verlie's! Props for jello shots! - Fireside Symphony



Sunday January 28th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

It was a cold and snowy night. Thanks to the few brave jammers that came out : Danny, Tina, and Josey. here's what you said:

  • Space Truckin was awesome. I don't t hink I ever heard the real version, so yours is the best. Now it's on the jukebox, andI still think your version was better - Kajoto eye
  • The music blew my mind already worse than it is blown by having fun. So go figure - Adam Crawford
  • Tina was on Fire while singing "Fire" - Burns
  • It was blustery outside, but it was warm and cozy @ Verlie's with great music, good friends, and an all around good time - Maggie


Saturday January 27th 2007

Asphalt Jukes, Rosella

Asphalt Jukes opened the show. They got everybody pumped with their modern rock sound, and unique double vocals. Look for the return of Asphalts Jukes on March 24th. Next was the debut of Rosella. They are another kick ass rock band on the rise in Cleveland. In addition to their regular set, the singer broke out some acoustic stuff and was joined by Georgeanne on flute. Another highlight of the night was the bass solo. This guy was whipping off some two handed Eddie Van Halen stuff on the bass! The whole band including cuzin Chris on drums were tremendous. Here's what you said:

  • Great place, good bands, love Rosella - Katie
  • We had a great time. Rosella is the greatest - Lisa
  • This place fuckin rocks! Lovin the cheap drinks and live music!!
  • Rosella, wow first time I heard them, what a pleasure - Maggie
  • Damn...that bass player was spankin that thang - Zazu Pitts
  • Fuck yeah Verlie's - Karen
  • I think #23 is really a keyboard player at heart - Sista B
  • I'm glad I stopped in. It's warm in here. These days it's good to see people who don't need a TV screen to sing! Long live music, long live Verlie's! - Grasshoppa
  • Chris is a cross between Stewart Copeland, and Neil Peart - Witchy Poo
  • What a night, Rosella - great. Awesome owner, The people are just different, one of a kind. They all treat you with friendliness and love. The bartender is the best. From one happy drunk to another - PR Joe
  • We came , we saw, we had a blast at Verlie's. this smokey little bar was the perfect setting for an up close and personal evening of rock, Rosella style. Can't thank Verlie's enough for offering us a place to play as warm and familiar as home - Ben



Friday January 26th 2007

Bill Hach

Another fun filled Friday with our old friend Bill Hach. Bill held the crowd captive with his unbelievable singing and playing ability, and his humor. From sing alongs to parodys, Bill brings a little bit of magic every time he plays. Verlie's loves Bill Hach. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's is the best in town, come down and join in the fun - Bea
  • Bill Hach is a music machine, Carol is a great bartender. Verlie's...better living through music - Kevin Mc
  • Bill Hach + Verlie's = laughs - John
  • First time being here. Nice place! Kevin mcCarthy is great!! Bill hach I know you from somewhere
  • Verlie's is the best, come and celebrate the best birthday - Deena
  • It's been a difficult few months. but it's nice to know a guy can still find a song, a smile, and a warm hug at Verlie's...(and the bartender...oo-la-la) - Bill


Thursday January 25th 2007

The Drone Machine

Last night was the first installment of The Drone Machine. I never heard of the Drone until Dead Letter Room introduced it to us after some of their shows. In fact the Drone was started by minimalist composer La Monte Young. It turns out that the Drone is becoming a world wide movement. As far as I know we are the only one doing it in Cleveland. The Drone is hard to describe, it's definitely avant guarde. It is mechanical yet spiritual, it's stream of consciousness, it is chaneling music in it's purest form. Thanks to Droners David, Corey, Mike, and Andy for coming out. See you next will be assimilated.


Sunday January 21st 2007

Sunday Night Jams

We were a little light on jammers last night, but I didn't mind because the girls from Valkyrie were there. Since we didn't have a full reunion at the Birthday bash, we ended up playing most of the night. What a great time, it felt great to play with my rock-n-roll sisters again. Some of those songs we haven't played in 20 years or more. Thanks also to Don, Josey, and Roelondo for coming down. Here's what you said:

  • The girls jammin blew me away! Holy Cow, you never know what you're gonna see and hear @ Verlie's - CJ
  • verlie's rocks - Carlos
  • I had a good time jammin, even though I am very rusty - Denise
  • Fun, fun, fun, jam, jam, jam - the bosch
  • Tonight was definitely ladies night out, musicians and all - Maggie
  • Anne really holds down the groove. I think the girls should strike up the band for a reunion show - Burns
  • I hope my vulva doesn't atrophy - Vasclitia Bunsenlickem
  • Cipro fo ma hole - Boogarita Douchee
  • I'm only here cuz I get to play - Annwah
  • Valkyrie needs to practice and play more often here - Innocent bystander


Saturday January 20th 2007

The Square Casanovas, Doc's Ferment

What a line up! Doc's Ferment kicked things off with their unique brand of progressive stylings. I love Doc's Ferment not only because they're Yes freaks, and so am I, or because of Justin's purple drum kit (my favorite color), but because they are awesome musicians, and really cool people too. Next up: the Square Casanovas. This band is really coming into their own. They were alot tighter, and more relaxed on stage. They debuted some acoustic stuff with harmonies, adding yet another element to their sound. We got to see it live, in it's infancy, in a raw state. I love Wednesdays and Saturdays because it is like having my own private concert. The stuff that's going on here is not some garage band bullshit, but better than alot of national acts I've seen. Come and see the rock stars of tomorrow, come out and support local talent...come to Verlie's. Here's what you said:

  • I love Verlie's Cafe! Doc's Ferment is sweet! Thanks for letting us hang out and play here! - Ethan
  • Once again, a great time at Verlie's, Vickie and Ken rock! Best service and atmosphere in Cleveland, nothing beats this place. Doc's Ferment loves Verlie's - Pipino DF
  • Hell of a time at Verlie's, as usual the best place to play in Cleveland!!! - DF
  • The drummer of Doc's Ferment was absolutely fantabulous - Maggie
  • I think Hanky Panky likes this band - Z Pitts
  • Doc's Ferment was awesome!!! Crazy ass drums and keyboards. I will always come to see them. New set from the Square Casanovas and vocal set. Tres bien! Hope they go far.
  • Roeella don't take your love to town - the Gambler
  • I came here to get hammered, and now I have to leave
  • The music was great, i couldn't stop rockin - Bob
  • The Square Casanovas: you guys sound awesome, you rock! Doc's ferment: awesome as ever!
  • U guys kick ass!!! Boys with eyeliner is a winner! The kilt is hot!!! - Gena A
  • It's your favorite cross dresser folk singer weirdo from cleeb-land. We just did a big long set of 15 songs. (7 on dobro, 5 on tele, the rest acoustic) plus 2 or 3 encores including Girlfriend in a Coma by the Smiths. I always enjoy playing here @ Verlie's. Everybody's been real accepting here. We've gotten better and better here. 1st as the Derek Deprator band, then as Square Casanovas with Steve on keys. We intend to kick ass in '07, and I'm certain we can make some more progressive music for U in the coming year. Thanx for listening - Derek Deprator


Wednesday January 17th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with Phestur, and Tony Schultz

Last night was the debut of Phestur. They played unplugged which was cool. They are a rock band with pop undertones. Worth checking out. Tony Schultz from the Green finished off the night with an acoustic set. Here's what you said:

  • Thanks Verlie's! had a great time! great people! great place! Can't wait to come back! Adam sucks but it was fun as always! Just jokin...Adam rocks - TJ phester
  • Phestur Hones Extremely Sensitive Tones Under Resonance - Burns
  • Verlie's showed me what it is to love
  • I'm Blonde, stoned and stupid, but free beer rocks! Love ya verlie's! - Weedge Phestur
  • This is Adam from Phestur sittin at the bar @ Verlie's after our set. I have to admit I hate weekday gigs because of the "work thing". But the gang @ Verlie's welcomed us and made us feel at home. I hope we gained some more "Phans" of Phestur. Thanks Verlies!


Sunday January 14th 2007

Sunday Night Jams

Frank "Silk" Smith joined the Whammer Jammers for the first set. I used to hate playing with two guitarists. But last night was cool. It forces you to take a different approach, which was refreshing. Thanks to allthe players who showed up: Frank, Roelondo, Donzo, Johnny O, Teddy, Eddie, Ken O, Jeremy, Drummer Mike, and Don. Here's what you said:

  • I haven't been here in a while, and I couldn't believe the jams @ Verlie's. Wow! - Teddy
  • I was wasted but I made it to Verlie's - Charlie
  • An eventful collection of music at it's raw roots. A time to relax and drink a cold one with a friend.
  • Turn the bottles and the volume up on Sunday @ Verlie's - Burns
  • Happy New Year from BV. Rock on! - Vic Dog
  • I am the bartender @ Verlie's on Saturday and Sunday night. I experience things that people only dream of and I get paid to do it. Plus I have contacts that some people only hope to meet in a lifetime - Kimmy
  • I had the opportunity to fly first class to vegas with 6 playboy bunnies, 2 oz of coke, 1lb of hydro, unlimited spending money, and stay in a deluxe royal suite at the Belagio. I declined the offer and came to Verlie's instead - Burns
  • Everything comes and goes, marked by lovers and styles of clothes - Joni Mitchell


Saturday January 13th 2007

30 Seconds Out, Mallory

Opening the show was singer songwriter Mallory performing some upbeat happy tunes. Next up the return of 30 seconds out. They broke out a couple a new tunes to a enthusiastic crowd. 30 seconds out are another band on my ever expanding list of artists to watch. There is so much talent in the City, I think that Cleveland could be the next break out music City. I am honored to play whatever small part it in I can. Here's what you said:

  • Verlie's Cafe is amazing! The crowd was so welcoming and friendly. They even cheered when I forgot the words! i definitely plan on coming back! And the drinks are the best deal around! - Mallory St. Marco
  • Mallory St. Maraco you're the greatest. Thanks for the great time!
  • Verlie's - the music school where the music's cool - John, Chris, and Pete
  • This way to the highlife...this place looks good to me - Miss Miller
  • It's been a while, but I can still remember just the way you taste - the girl
  • I'm not a "Hard Luck Woman", I'm a "Witchy Woman" - the Poo
  • I would've been here, but I had to go to DUI school - JGK
  • 3SO is the shit! - Stinky Boy
  • Wow, always a great time at Verlie's. I evoke thee to visit Verlie's - Rob-O
  • Come to Verlie's to hang out and party with future rockstart - the pit
  • I love this bar - Maggie
  • I love it, it rocks, no better place to go. I will be back - Robin Schrimshan
  • My experience was excellent! From the second I set foot inside the joint was giving off that "feel good vibe". The night was started off by Mal. She had the most incredible acoustic set I've ever witnessed! Not to mention her jokes were hilarious! 3SO also put on a wicked show! overall the night made me want to come back in the near future. 5 stars!


January 6th 2007

Pork Records Show

Humphry Clinker, Stump, Christian Suburbanites, Colouring Book, Xela

We are kicking off the New Year with a new format. We will now be featuring original music on Saturdays as well as Wednesdays. If the Pork Records show is any indication of things to come, then I think we're on the right track. 1st up was Humphry Clinker. They were sorta punk, new wave with a Grace Slickish female vocalist. They were like the Ramones meets the Tubes, but without the outrageous stage show. Look for Humphry Clinker to host an upcoming homegrown show. Next up was Stump. It was actually Dave from Pork records playing an acoustic and singing. He had a 12 string with only some of the strings double strung. He wipped out some tasty singer/songwriter originals as did Christian Suburbanites, who also threw in a few covers. Colouring Book followed. Even though they were drumless, they kicked ass with some "happy music" and we could all use some of that. Finally was my little brotha luv motha, aka Xela. He brought his whole band which was a real treat. Here's what you had to say:

  • The Frank Zappa on the juke box is the shit! - Pujam aka Bryan
  • Are you kidding...I am a big fan of Jesus Lizard dude!!! - Octapussys
  • Fishbowls and Kesslers go together like peanut butter and jelly - Sista B
  • It's the tonight show at verlie's with Xela - John and Chris
  • Playing at Verlie's is a great reminder of how lucky Cleveland is to have such a place to see a lot of local talent. One of my favorites - Ryan "the lion" Mitiska
  • Leroy sae: now I remember why I hate you. Xela has throat herpes
  • Verlie's tapestry of pool playing dogs have no rival. i consider it a treat to reside in their splendor, awash in the fantastic sounds provided tonight - C
  • Still listening to Xela with backing band play. i am quite sincerely impressed. I must admit the whole line-up tonight has been impressive really. Verlie's has been a remarkably warm and receptive venue to play. Between the circa 1987 beer ephemera and the somewhat surprizingly large crowd, there's something about it that feel like home, feels like Cleveland - Mitch, the colouring books
  • I lost my memory in a freak monkey attack and ended up at verlie's. I had the best time in recent memory -the one eyed man
  • Any way, here's this story about Ronnie Jocko... Bubbles
  • So Whaaatt!! I just wanna get loadeder - Belinda
  • This is my first Verlie's experience visiting, performing. My band had a great time playing here. I really enjoyed the intimate (but still high energy) atmosphere. I'm going to get back to drinking and listening to Xela's wonderful music. Thanks for having us. See you soon. - Patrick/the colouring books
  • Uncanny Xela, another cosmic kreame fuzzed out dubtacular music filled evening. Faces were melted and then solidified. Smiles for realion - Penrod Stillwell



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