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Wednesday's homegrown show brought the return of 30.80. They brought their usual brand of rock mixed with humor. Also on the bill was Ed Crann who played some acoustic folk music. He was joined by Sarah on vocals for a couple of tunes.
Saturday we had a hard rock/metal double bill featuring Midnight @ the Savoy, and Olio. Both bands have played before, and both have really grown musically since their last appearance.
Finally the Sunday jams. Thanks to the jammers: Shawn, Eugene, Kurt, Luigi, Buddy, and Roelondo. Here's what you said:

  • These jello shots pack a punch!
  • Wow look at the size of that shot glass!! - mr Emon
  • What am I going to say? They're fighting over a frito - Bunny
  • I'm bloggin, and loggin
  • Hear my call from miles away - Galaxia


The Gathering Stateside

Every year around this time I start thinking about Europe and yearning to go back there. This year Europe came to me in the form of "the Gathering" (stateside). Organized by northeastern Ohio-er Jo Robinson this event brought people from all over the world to play acoustic music. They've been doing this is Europe for a while, but this is the first time in the US. Artists from all over North America as well as Germany, England, Scotland, and Czechoslovakia descended on Verlie's for this all day event. The musical styles were as varied as the countries they came from, everything from folk to old standards, to country, to classical, and more. There was alot of singing and jammin going on all day and night, I even had the pleasure of jammin a little later in the evening. It was great to meet and talk to everyone as well. I found out the correct German pronounciation of our name is " Fairly", and that "verlies" pronounced "fairlies" does in fact mean dungeon. The whole event was filmed by Tyler from Red Window Pictures for an upcoming documentary. Interviews from this event are to be airing on Chesire FM broadcasting out of England. A partial list of the artists that performed inculdes: BTE, Vrath, Vee, Allen, Francis, Brawth, Virginia, Heather, Chris, Postcards, Jay, John, and Picard. Thanks to all who participated, here's what you said:

  • To be able to see so many talented musicians in one place was fantastic. The atmosphere @ Verlie's was perfect and the staff was great. Raging Red hot Momma
  • The Gathering @ Verlie's was nothing short of incredible. Great people, great music, great host. Thank you so very much for making this a wonderful evening - Jay Cox
  • The Gathering stateside allowed me to meet in person the friends I had to look worldwide to find - Allen
  • What a great night, and a great D minor jam with awesome Verlie - Stephan Picard
  • Verlie's Cafe hosts a gathering of acoustic musicians Saturday. The musicians came from the United states, Britian, and Europe. These musicians met at an on-line forum for acoustic musicians. They played together in person for the first time here - Allen J Smith
  • 4 or 5 green bottles, a tipple, and a topple. They often call me the bar steward behind my back side which will probably come off when I party at the "oddies". Open-mic-eoke is really oke-dokey. I like a pig-in-a-poke, and a tokey with the folky! - Scottish John
  • This is a love song for a woman that I hated - Jay
  • An unrepeatable weekend of joyous musical celebration. We came from all 4 corners of a very strange triangle. It was beyonf a parallelogram - Drawler
  • Thanks for a great night @ Verlie's with the Gathering crew. Cleveland Rocks! - David
  • Fantastic weekend with great friends, great music, and something we hope to duplicate next year!
  • It's so appropriate to have a Hank look alike playing and singing like I think Hank always wanted to do. I feel he's dancing along - Witchy Poo
  • This show was the bests! I am grateful to have been here to experience such an incredibly talented artists! Thanks Verlie's for making this possible! - Heather K
  • Verlie's is the American "hive"
  • I'm just getiing started, I should be able to last 15 minutes or least - Mardi
  • Maybe a hoe is just what I'm lookin foe - Mary Hoze
  • If you don't stop that dancing, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave - Music Police
  • Those vodka jellies really work! I'm a nasty boy! - sexy beast
  • I don't like the games that you play, when you're twistin my brain, and I won't play that game with you - Vrawth
  • Maybe it's the Solstice that makes the veil so thin. Boo Boo, Hanky Panky, Lenny, and more, I love you all, and I miss you - Witchy Poo
  • What a great weekend. I got to expand my own horizons and met lots of great people who happen to be very talented musicians
  • Unbelievable weekend filled with the most talented musicians willing to share their music. Like Joni said..."playing real good music for free"
  • Had a great time at the Gathering stateside. Thanks Vickie for hosting us @ Verlie's Cafe. Huzzah! - Vrginia Evans
  • "The Gathering" today @ Verlie's was a multitide of artists with amazing talent. Variety was definitely the spice of today's event - Maggie



The highlight of this week had to be Wednesday's homegrown performance by Heidi Longauer. She openend with an istrumental guitar piece that was a cross between Nancy Wilson and Steve Howe. Her guitar playing ability was only surpassed by her voice, as she performed with elegance and grace. Heidi did a cover of Alice in Chains "nut shell" which blew me away. This girl belongs playing Lillith fair, and I have no doubt she will reach that, and beyond. I shot some video of her performance, as well as the others on the bill: Tom Evanchuck, and Istvan Medgyesi. You can check them out on our YouTube chanel within the next couple days. Saturday brought the return of Smokin Mirrors. These guys are a great party band, and everybody had a rockin good time. Finally the Sunday jams featuring our new line up with Walt Blaze on guitar. Thanks to the jammers: Buddy, Derek, Roelondo, and Andy. Here's what you said:

  • Heidi spends alot of time with her music...and it shows - Sista B
  • Buddha has a ghost penis in your cereal - Istvan
  • I try so hard to be a model citizen, but it's so hard in a city full of sin. I'm sick of the horse shit, or should I say bull shit - Heidi
  • It only took me 2 days to manifest another $25.00 TV! I can do anything!
  • Not from here...can't wait to come back!!! - 40 years old and impressed!
  • First time @ Verlie's and it jammed! Band was sweet, service was the best, and more fun and friends than I've had in months!!! - Pattie
  • Another night @ Verlie's and I love it! - T
  • Now youz can't leave - Sonny
  • I wasn't coming out, but I'm really glad I did. Great band - Rose
  • Rock n Roll ain't noise pollution - AC/DC
  • We'll be playing Muffin Man and Maggot brain all night long - Smokin Mirrors
  • You Reeka! I'm catching a buzz from your breath - Stoner Chick
  • Where are you!!!! Right @ Verlie's - Crazy Alice
  • Things are interesting to say the least. Always good music and camaraderie. Evan is absolutly the best - Maggie



Wednesday homegrown kicked off with 3 bands. Appalachia, and acoustic folk emo singer. Mossy Chops a 3 piece diverse modern pop band. Their set included marching drummers, and a spoon player. Finally Hobo Monk. They had a heavy Doors influence. It was groove rock with some extended jams. The vocals were on the rap side, but more like Lou Reed than Hip Hop.
Saturday My Sky Tomorrow rolled back into town, and brought a great vibe which I really needed. One of the best bands in Cleveland with strong vocals, good songs, and dynamic playing. MST broke out some new material that was outstanding. Finally the Sunday jams. Thanks to the jammers: JP, Andy, Jon, and Tiny Bird. Here's what you said:

  • Yea you caught us! We're promoting the arts in this urban cesspool. Take a look at what's going on outside the door! A flower grows on crack alley, don't stomp it out, let it bloom and flourish - Sista B
  • I think that Mossy Chops is delightful - Mrs Peabody
  • Verlie's is always great! Vickie rocks on keys and it's always a good time. Chris is the best - Jen
  • Progressive pop, or 80's Japanese if you please
  • Hate destroys the hater
  • Cissy looks pretty in pink tonight - Ron
  • Chris is a kick ass bartender and I love all the purple decor, it's just beautiful. The drinks are delish and the atmosphere is enjoyable
  • Cecil the turtle says, hey we were on Candid camera tonight
  • Whoo Hoo what a night at Verlie's. Great music and friends. Great time - the Libonator
  • Derek was funkin out wit his bad self - the dancer
  • I've got my dander up because Hillary is resigning - the feminist
  • Discretion is the better part of valor - Bill Shakespear
  • We waited til the midnight hour to jam with Moses. Under the warm lights we kicked some cool blues and some hot grooves. Vickie laid into No Quarter and I had no choice but to comply. Verlie's on Sunday night always starts my week right. I look forward to filling in on the skins any time - Eat Drums
  • If I had ever been here before i would probably know just what to do, don't you?
  • The butterfly got through unscathed
  • NO ONE is going to make me be afraid to be in my own place, NO ONE! I've got the spirit of my ancestors on my side - Witchy Poo
  • There's no place like Verlie's to get your live music fix. Your feet start stompin, your head starts boppin, and oh yeah....the beer is ice cold!!!!



Homegrown Wednesday showcased a night of experimental music featuring Tony Void, Fras Accolades, and Thursday Club. It was stream of conscienceness, not far removed from the Drone. I think Tony summed it up when he said "we are going to challenge your perception of what is, and is not music".
Friday Nothin Fancy did a SHORT set. Saturday - Joe Brunetti, and Sunday the jams. Thanks to the jammers: JP, Josey, Bob, Andy, Frank, and Rick. Here's what you said:

  • If you need a place to express your art, come to Verlie's. Vickie is here to let you work out your art vision - Mike Zelenka
  • No Cretans please - Sista B
  • Has the mother ship landed yet? - Big Al
  • Welcome to Verlie's Cafe #1 atmosphere, drink specials all day, get drunk
  • Who makes more sense than the rat shit, in other words - where's my sense of direction - Fras Accolades
  • I have a sense of direction because I am your first responder - C. Randolph
  • Who is she when she isn't seen, anything even when she is not wearing anything? - Nick
  • Polka is huge down in Texas, look at the awesome psychedelic accord ian revival - Craig
  • dancing is forbidden - Ken -O
  • Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do when they cut your tune? a large accumulation of equine feces if you ask me - Mr Emon
  • If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet. If you want to sit, I'll tax your seat. Hey why don't you go bust some bad guys!! - Ken O
  • There's no law against playing music in a meat market! - Deacon Blues
  • Take down the war machine - Jeremy
  • I'm as innocent as I've ever been
  • everyone has the right to suck, but some people abuse the privilege - DP
  • leave it to a Sag to tell you the brutal truth - Witchy Poo
  • Sunday is Fun Day - Rhonda



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