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Sunday February 24th 2008

Another fabulous week of music @ Verlie's. Friday was the return of former Tuesday night co-hosts Jack Charlton and Becky Boyd. Saturday brought the return of the uncanny Xela and the luv Mutha Bruthas. And Sunday the jams and Kimmy1's big 50th b-day!. Thanks to all the jammers : Declan, Georgeanne, Jeremy, Freddie "the cat in the hat" Lego, Rusty, and Roley.

  • Happy birthday Kimmy1 and Maggie too - Witchy Poo
  • If the only thing you want to hear is yourself, and never listen to anyone else, then you'll never grow as a musician or a person. Here's something the best players all know: there's always someone better than you
  • Happy b-day Kimmy! Hope it was the best one yet! how often do you get Stairway to Heaven and Mustang Sally?- HRS III
  • Kimmy your Birthday was a blast, I hope i am here for your 51st!! A rock jam with a flute! this is the best place on planet earth -PR Joe
  • Another super night @ Verlie's! it was great jammin with such talented musicians! the music was phenomenal! And happy birthday to Maggie! And to top it off, Cat in the Hat was in the house! See everyone again soon! - Georgeanne
  • If you never heard Jeremy so "stairway to heaven" or Evan play "whole lotta shakin goin on", it's your loss! - Maggie
  • Hello, best house, sweet smile, jam
  • Let's not have another Jerry Springer election! Oprah is not God, vote your interest!!
  • I feel as bad as a prom night dumpster baby - Stewy
  • This bar is 21 and over, no children allowed
  • It was one big pile of musical goo. Lego, what is hiding in your beard? you all rock!! - Sue
  • I need a stick of gum, have a case of locomotive breath. Who said what about a roman burger. Happy B-day Kimmy - Grasshoppa
  • Jam night is about taking turns, if you want to play all night you need to get a band and book a show. Jealousy is the green eyed monster -Sista B
  • He started rubbing me the wrong way, and I was tired of my blue skies turning grey - Becky Boyd


Sunday February 17 2008

Weekend recap

It seems the blog is turning into the weekly recap. Lots of happenings this weekend. Three bands on Friday. Including Faded Hope, one of my local favorites. You can see videos of some of Faded Hope's earlier performances on our you-tube channel. Also on Friday the debut of Splattertude from Dayton. Comprised of a bass player, drummer, and 2 chick vocalists. They looked like a goth Fleetwood Mac, and sounded like the B-52's. Saturday afternoon marked the first meeting of the Psychic Circle. The next meeting is on March 8th, so mark your calendar now. Later that night Lego's band Aphrodite's Hero played, which is always a lot of fun. And finally the Sunday jams. thanks to former whammer jammer Shawn Hapney for sitting in on drums, and all the jammers: Josey, Declan, Roelondo, Mike, Jeremy, Andy, John, and Russ. here's what you said:

  • F*ck the groundhog! The Indians are in Florida, Spring is on the way! - Reese
  • you have now entered the Verlie zone
  • Keep the pool tables of America clean, use a glove! - Amos the hustler
  • Aphrodite's Hero, what a joyful noise. I wish I'd have come earlier. Mercy, mercy me, it ain't like it used to be - Deacon Blue
  • Nancy is so crafty - Witchy Poo
  • Does anyone know what "angel Lock" is? If you do, then tell me how to get out of it!!!!! I'm trapped in an angel lock!!! It's dark down here damnit! - Russ
  • A flower grows on crack alley
  • My only request is Dio-Holy Diver played with the flying V -the turtle
  • We be jammin tonite. If you weren't here, you missed out. Verlie's Cafe servin up tasty tunes all week long - Grasshoppa


Sunday February 10th 2008


Another magical night of musical mayhem. Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Drummer Mike, Roelondo, Russ, amd Jeremy. here's what you said:

  • Can't wait fot the circle!
  • Thanks to Vickie and the rest of the Whammer Jammers, for ALWAYS coming out, and making so many great moments happen. Makes February worthwhile happen. much love - Lego
  • You go Momma bear - the Libonator
  • Those 2 things have a funny way of finding each other - Peg
  • You look like my council woman - Dude
  • Life...death...infinity - Ben Crazy
  • You take their money, you gotta take their shit - Olga Sue
  • Damn that dog - Mush mouth Mario Pachetti
  • I live behind a hooptie bar in the ghetto
  • She said it twas "ball me" outside, I didn't know she was talking about the weather
  • Kenny's whippin the wah on Papa was a rollin stone - Grasshoppa
  • ...never seen eyes so blue, you know I could not run away it seemed, we 'd seen eachother in a dream. Seemed like he knew me, he looked right through me - Ann Wilson


Sunday February 3rd 2008


Super bowl Sunday turned into a super jam night. Thanks to the jammers: Lego, Russ, Jonelle, Josey, Shawn, Rich, and Jeremy. Here's what you said:

  • I miss BLOGs, is that Ben Affleck? Verlie's for surely. Feeling splivey - Anon Blonde
  • I'm giving up canned beer for Lent - Deacon Blue
  • Verlie's Cafe, best free style musicians jams. best marshall sound in town. I love Ken and Vickie, thank you
  • The singer looks like Brian Adams
  • Pop-i-tus = something pops up between us : ) Peace, love, and music -Sue
  • Verlie's has officially gone international - HRS III
  • ...and on the drums, the boy in the bubble -Reese
  • Did you get lost? Yes and somehow I landed up at Verlie's on stupor-bowl Sunday. Kenny shreds my beard - Lego
  • If your right eye gets in the way, poke it out! "silent elk and singing horse say "ho"! pass the feather dick Cheney, it's about time! The buffalos are coming back!!! - Brent


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