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Sunday December 30th 2007

Jam Night

The last jam of the year. THanks to Shawn Hapney for filling in on drums, and Derek P. for filling in on bass. THanks to all the jammers: Lego, Christy, Rusty , Jeremy, Roelondo, Josey, Jon, and Georgeanne. here's what you said:

  • Kimmy 1 is the best, Vickie is the bomb. Come to Verlie's and see what it's about. Happy New Year - PR Joe
  • Jose on vocals, what a jam! Happy New Year Verlie's & Co. One Love - Dreadie Mamma
  • I was off in Tiger cookie land - the Beast Mistress
  • Ooops up side your head - MJ
  • So this is what happens when the bass player shows up @ 12:00 - H Robert Stevenson
  • Christmas Spirit carries still @ Verlie's Cafe. Excuse me, are those Christmas cookies? - Grasshoppa
  • Kimmy AKA Brian private booty call code name
  • Another year and another 365 days to drink - Big Tim
  • Happy New Year to everyone! It's always great to play with such dynamic musicians! Sunday night @ Verlie's is the bomb - Georgeanne
  • My God, I love the way that girl plays
  • God gave people gifts of music. So there must be music in heaven. In these four walls of Verlie's is a spirit of music that is shared by each person - Sop


Tuesday December 25th 2007

Christmas Night

Another Year, another spiffy Christmas Jam. Along with it being my birthday on the 26th, 2 of my fellow Cap buddies, Carlene (25th) and Kevin (26th) were celebrating the big 50. Thanks to all the jammers: Bob, Lego, Christy, Davidione, Rusty, Kevin, Shawn, Jessie, Roelondo, Drummer Mike, Jesus Jones, Car, and Anne. Here's what you said:

  • We were like two ships passing in the night - Bubbles
  • Merry Christmas to all....happy Birthday to Vickie...another sweet jam @ Verlie's - One love Christy
  • So is that all there is my friend? - Watusha Wangbender
  • Maggie in the house as a spectator. Music was out of this world as usual. Merry X-mas and Happy Birthday to Vickie = Maggie
  • This bar rocks! - Spaceman Santa and the non color believers
  • Everything is good!! - Mike
  • Bite a dread - H Robert Stevenson III
  • Birthdays of Vickie, Car, Jon, Kevin, and Jesus. I'd say that's a good group to be in - Lego
  • It was the macaroni incident - Buggareata Douche
  • Happy Birthday Vickie from your friends and family - PR Joe and Georgeanne
  • Americans will never embrace soccer! - Amber
  • One night, many jammers, much fun - Dreadic Mamma
  • My asshole is expulcarating - Rhinestone Codpiece
  • Happy Birthday Vickie! Band night rocks Michael
  • Chocolate Labs are so damn cute. That's my seasons thought this Xmas - Russ


Sunday December 23rd 2007

Last night was the warm up for the big party on Christmas night. Thanks to the jammers: Frank 'Silk" Smith, Christy, Jose, Lego, Jose, Poop, and John. Here's what you said:

  • Unexpectedly Kimmy1 was in the house and the music was better than ever. merry X-mas - Maggie
  • God, that felt good, I haven't played with the Summit for ages. I LOVE YOU ALL, the Clan is in the house. The roof is on fire! hey Poop!! - Deacon
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all! May 2008 be a great year for each and every one of us. Always happy to come home and play with all of the gang @ Verlie's. Love you, God Bliss - Frank "Silk" Smith


Sunday December 16th 2007

Jam night

thanks to jammers Rusty, Roelondo, Danny, and Jesus Jones for braving the winter weather last night. Here's what you said:

  • 2+2=4 no matter where you went to school - Gila
  • We have a very good shew for you tonite. Everyone have a manual margurita, and count your blessings. Feel the power, let us play - Deacon Blues
  • In from the snow, that's where Mr Jesus Jones Romes. A beer to the dome will condone before everyone goes home - Jesus Jones
  • Let's blow gas! - Ostrich
  • you are small but mighty Verlie's - Jon
  • Not a brave soul, just an alcoholic - Tim
  • Or a true music lover - Witchy Poo


Sunday December 9th 2007

Sunday Jams

We had a blevy of birthdays going on this week. Happy B-day to: Lego, Cookie, Nanci, Tina. Thanks to the jammers: Derek, Lego, Roelondo, Shawn, and Jeremy. Here's what you said:

  • Happy Birthday to Cookie, Lego, and Nanci. Welcome Taketa Clan - Reese
  • What the Fonk?
  • I had a really nice day, because I scheduled it that way - Cookie
  • To the animal totems "teen wolf too" and min ostrich aka alpaka kracka
  • Rat shit, bat shit, dirty old tw@t. 69 asshole tied in a knot. Horay lizard shit f#ck! Don't cry for me, I hate you - Jon
  • Alternate blog: Jon Noble chops Kenny's head @ the jam!
  • Home is where your heart is, life is what you make it. Enjoy every moment as if it was your last. You all rock, thanks Vickie - Sue
  • Little Wings eventually become huge wings, after that, the sky's the limit...hang on. I'm in Guitar heaven - Grasshoppa


Wednesday December 5th 2007

Cleveland Homegrown with The Formula, Redwater Rojo, Bliss, Cinamon Girl, KC

Another Cleveland Homegrown night brought to you by the Gothfather featuring the artists listed above. Redwater Rojo made their Verlie's debut. A really good rock n roll band. it was like the Romantics meets the black Crows, or country meets progressive. Hard to describe, which is always a good thing. Cinamon girl delivered her set accompanied by alot of "sexy dancing" Later in the night Jeff aka the Gothfather sat in with KC. A really fun night. Here's what you said:

  • I love Redwater Rojo and Verlie's - Crystal
  • We're F*ckin drinkin! - J and J
  • The best place for rock n roll - Jon Cowen
  • The music, period. Great, great goodness, and for free! We'll be back hopefully many times
  • Cleveland Homegrown is the best! And it ain't illegal either - Grasshoppa
  • Verlie's, the place to be, it's the best - PR Joe
  • I am writing to ask what the hell Grimace from McDonalds is? I work for the corporation and I still don't know what the hell he is. Such shady characterss don' t belong in a child friendly place.THey should let us know what his species/ business is, or get him to go away! What the hell is he??? - Nickey Cotonehe
  • Jeff James hit us up @ 10:30am, and asked the formula to play. So I made the calls, got the necessary supplies, and got psyched to play @ Verlie's. Who's bar is way cooler than the Sachsenheim. The bartenders unique ability to read lips kept the lovely people satisfied - Tim/the Formula
  • A lover with nobody to love - Cinamon girl


Sunday December 02, 2007

Even though there were only 2 jammers, it was one of the best jam nights in a while. Thanks to cousin Georgeanne, and brutha Lego for sitting in. Here's what you said:

  • You don't want to piss me off, I know everything - Mardi
  • What a night, to hear the people that played you think you're at a concert. Hats off to Vickie on the drums - PR Joe
  • Either this guy is drunk, or retarded, no offense - H Robert Stevenson
  • Geed owda hee yew cauwk sucka
  • Another awesome night of musical bliss! What a drummer VIckie is! We had another great feeling night. Thanks to Reese for letting me wear his magic hat! This place keeps me smiling - Georgeanne
  • Happy Birthday Nancy...where ever you are - Mrs Calabash


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